Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 679

Chapter 679: Face Slapping Provocation

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"Sister Yan, I really need to take care of things. You can watch me on the side, but you can't disturb me. If you do, my chi will react and hurt me." Ye Mo was quite close with Sister Yan, so he didn't plan on hiding it from her. When he finished making the flying sword, he would take her out of there. After all, he had been staying on the ship for too long. However, the chi going wrong part was fake, he just didn't want her to disturb him.

"Are you for real? Is it that serious?" Sister Yan looked at Ye Mo in disbelief.

Ye Mo nodded, "Sister Yan, you've taken the pill I made. What do you think of the face preserving pill I gave you? It's really good, isn't it? And about the chi increasing pill, just look at the fact that you reached yellow level middle stage. You know that I didn't lie to you."

"Hmmm- You can see my power?" Sister Yan looked at Ye Mo in confusion. The pills Ye Mo had given her were absurdly powerful. The face preserving pill turned her back to a young girl, and the chi increasing pill helped her go from below yellow level to yellow level middle stage.

Now, she started to believe Ye Mo's words. Thinking about this, she got up, "How about I go outside and you can call me when you're done? If I did interrupt you, I would really regret it."

Ye Mo felt a little touched and smiled, "Sister Yan, you only need to keep quiet. It is fine."

Sister Yan nodded after hesitating for a while. She really wanted to see what Ye Mo was making.

Ye Mo took out a chi increasing pill. He gave it to Sister Yan and said, "Although you're at yellow level middle stage, you like running around too much. I feel your power is too low. I got this book from an old nun, it should be a decent ancient martial arts cultivation method, have a look. Forging artifacts is very boring, but you can watch if you want."

The book didn't have a cover. It was the cultivation method of the Ci Hang Jing Temple, it shouldn't be bad.

Seeing Sister Yan accept these things, Ye Mo could rest assured. He started to refine his flying sword.

It had been a few days after the war, but the incident wasn't over yet. Luo Yue had forced the Union Army to retreat with dominating power.

The moment that the war ended, Luo Yue didn't talk about war. Instead, they announced that Luo Yue's new intercontinental missiles were ready. They had Luo Yue's strongest interference system on them. On that same day, they tested these missiles on a deserted island in Antarctica. These new missiles accurately sunk the entire island.

This was pure cockiness. Although Luo Yue hadn't detonated a nuke, they had still turned the island into nothing.

Luo Yue's actions were like a slap in the US government's face. It was so bad that theoretically they should urge for a third invasion.

But this time, the US stayed silent. The US' reaction finally let everyone know that Luo Yue wasn't a country easy to mess with. If even the US ignored it, no other country would dare make any comment about it.

After realizing that they had lost their entire army again, the US President almost flipped the White House. When he heard that the first thing Luo Yue had done was launch an intercontinental missile to the Antarctica, he was so angry that he wanted to declare a third war.

But he didn't dare do anything. He still had common sense. He knew that last missiles had been to provoke the US, but he couldn't do anything about it.

Not only that, but he also feared them. Luo Yue was too powerful, their technology was the world's most advanced.

An intercontinental missile was nothing, many countries had it and their own could reach anywhere in the world. But Luo Yue's missiles were different to other countries'.

Other ones could be intercepted, but Luo Yue's radar system and interference system was so powerful that no country had the ability to intercept it.

The President could also imagine that if Luo Yue got too angry and launched countless of these new missiles at them, the US would experience massive collateral damages. So he knew now wasn't the time to condemn Luo Yue, but the time to think about how to resolve issues.

The president knew from the last war that if Luo Yue didn't get any benefit out of it, they would be merciless.

Although they held daily conferences at the Union, they had no way to calm Luo Yue's anger. What worried them the most was Luo Yue had sunk a deserted island right afterwards.

Their intentions were clear: if Luo Yue wasn't happy, then their next missile wouldn't be sent to a deserted place.

The second day, Xu Yuehua announced on live TV, "I hope that the Union is an organization that seeks keeping world peace, not one that looks for wars. I don't want people to use the Union as an excuse to invade other countries' land and rights.

The World War I and World War II have already very harsh on the people. It seems like some people are restless if they don't cause World War III. Luo Yue's rights are its people's. If any person or country wants to invade us, we won't tolerate it at all. We will fight until the end. We detest war, but we don't fear it either. If you want to invade us, if you want the third world war to happen, then come.

As a new government, we didn't understand the specifics of the Antarctica Treaty, so we're willing to compensate the Antarctica. But we don't want this to be used by bad-hearted people. Luo Yue had just finished building infrastructures, yet it has been heavily damaged by the war. I'm very hurt to see the Union being used to disrupt peace and invade rights.

Just as I said last time, the war has just begun."

Many countries felt speechless after hearing this, Luo Yue was heavily damaged by the war? Not a single missile had even touched Luo Yue, meanwhile the Union Army had been decimated and hundreds of thousands of soldiers lost their lives there. Moreover, countless jets and ships had been sunk.

Luo Yue's words implied that if they weren't satisfied, they wouldn't mind starting World War III or the third war with the Union.

Although the Union was still holding meetings, those countries who had participated in Luo Yue's invasion began to worry, especially those near Luo Yue.
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