Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 680

Chapter 680: The Chasing Fishing Boat

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Soon, a bunch of countries started communications with Luo Yue in hopes of getting their forgiveness.

Contrary to everyone's expectations, Luo Yue was very easy to talk to and only asked them to pay 30 billion Luo Yue dollars as compensation, and it would be fine. Although that was still a huge amount, Luo Yue was willing to give them a loan. Moreover, to a country, 30 billion Luo Yue dollars was an acceptable amount.

Once one country paid it, the other countries too felt that this much was nothing. If Luo Yue fired any missile onto their land, they would end up losing more than 30 billion. So what if all the countries in the world could join together to annihilate Luo Yue - their losses would be gone forever.

Other than the US, almost all 30 countries which participated in the second invasion agreed to Luo Yue's compensation plan.

The Union didn't expect that while it was still coming up with a plan, most of the consequences of the war would have already been resolved through private negotiation.

Seeing this, everyone knew that Luo Yue wasn't really crazy and didn't really want a third world war, they just wanted money. As for the US, it was impossible to mediate anything with just some money.

Its current president became another tragedy, as although he wasn't impeached by the people, he did have to resign after the second failed war.

The US had to cope with mass protests and riots once again. Some people disagreed with the second invasion of Luo Yue, while others asked for a third one.

Negotiations between Luo Yue and the new US President, President Darcy, soon began. Darcy didn't want to meddle around with the issue, as he had just come to power and wanted to recover the US economy and its stability.

So the two reached a consensus. The US would compensate Luo Yue 200 billion Luo Yue dollars for the losses caused by the war, 50 billion Luo Yue dollars for the negative impact it had had on their civilians' mental health, and another 100 billion to get back all the captives. Altogether, the US compensated Luo Yue with 350 billion Luo Yue dollars.

With such a huge compensation, even if spread over multiple payments, the US sunk into a huge economic downwards spiral. Furthermore, the US had actually lost much more than that. Their pacific fleet had been crippled, and the losses to their ground and air forces were immeasurable.

Although they could recover with time, the Pacific was a place where power mattered. Now that their pacific fleet had been 80% destroyed in the war, the UK, France, and even Japan started advancing their fleets all over the Pacific. Perhaps this was America's biggest loss.

Because of Luo Yue's power, the Southeast Asian Alliance could do nothing about it either, and so Luo Yue started stationing power at the Malacca Strait.

Sister Yan didn't feel that watching Ye Mo forge artefacts was boring at all. In fact, she was dazed by it. She didn't understand how Ye Mo could pull out a sword and colorful stone out of nowhere.

Then suddenly, Ye Mo shot out fire from his palm, and the sword floated in the air.

She cultivated ancient martial arts, sure, but what Ye Mo was doing now exceeded the limits of ancient martial arts. She really wanted to know what Ye Mo must have gone through.

Because he had gotten stronger and thanks to the Five Element Stone, Ye Mo managed to refine a damaged top grade flying sword into an upper top grade flying sword. Although it hadn't reached the extreme grade, that wasn't due to the materials, but due to the fact that Ye Mo wasn't a blacksmith and that his power was a little low.

The flying sword made a crisp howl and Ye Mo got up with satisfaction.

"You-" Sister Yan said one word when Ye Mo suddenly pulled her behind him.

Sister Yan was shook and also realized how hungry she was - she didn't even know how long she had been watching Ye Mo refine the weapon.

The room darkened, and Ye Mo questioned, "Who are you?"

Hearing this, Sister Yan realized that two more people had appeared in the room. If Ye Mo hadn't said anything though, she wouldn't have noticed them at all, even though they were standing under the window.

"You have no right to ask who we are, did you take the three stones from Meng Kui?" the tall and skinny person suddenly asked, his voice sounding very cold.

Sister Yan subconsciously grabbed Ye Mo's clothes as she began to worry. She was already at the yellow level middle stage, yet she didn't even know when those two had come in. No wonder Ye Mo said she was too weak.

Ye Mo spread his spirit sense out and saw that one of them was was East Asian, while the other guy was white. One of them was also a mutant. Based on the energy waves, he was at least a level 3 mutant.

But level 3 was way too puny in front of Ye Mo, who didn't understand how they had come chasing him so quickly.

As Ye Mo spread his spirit sense out even further, he didn't find Meng Kui. It seemed the man was dead. Soon, Ye Mo found a small fishing boat on the side of the cruiser, and he figured they must have come from there.

A white stone suddenly appeared in Ye Mo's hand as he asked, "Do you mean this stone?"

"How many did you take?" the black shadowy figure went on to ask, and a gun appeared in its hand.

Sister Yan saw the gun under the moonlight and nervously pulled Ye Mo back, saying, "They have guns."

Ye Mo patted her, signaling her to not worry, and replied to the men, "I took three, and I have quite a few more of these myself, you know?"

Hearing this, the man put his hand back down.

Ye Mo sneered. If it wasn't for him wanting to find out how they knew about the spirit stones, he would've already killed them both.

"Where did you get the extra stones? Amd where are they now?" the tall, skinny man asked.

"I'm a businessman, so if you take me to see your boss, perhaps I will trade them with him," Ye Mo said.

Ye Mo being so calm made the two suspicious. They didn't know what the reason for Ye Mo staying so calm was, but it was better for them to take him to their boss for now.

"Okay, follow us," the two men opened the door and said. The reason why Ye Mo didn't just kill the two and go to their boss himself was because he didn't want to alert him.

Sister Yan wanted to attack seeing that the two were going to take Ye Mo away, but Ye Mo signaled her not to worry. Sister Yan seemed to understand what Ye Mo was doing, and she had seen Ye Mo's means, so she believed that he had a reason for playing along.

Ye Mo gave her a bracelet and said, "Wear this, I will be back soon."

Although she was really very hungry, she wasn't really of the mind to go eat anything after seeing Ye Mo get taken away by two strangers.

The cruiser having let those people come up from the fishing boat meant that they were connected, but Ye Mo wasn't worried about Sister Yan. He had scanned the entire ship, and there was no one who could threaten her.

When Ye Mo came to the 'fishing boat', he realized that it wasn't a mere fishing boat but a modified one for military use. There were about 30 to 40 people on board, all armed with guns.

The two took Ye Mo to a simple room, where they pointed at Ye Mo and said, "The thing is on him, we saw it. However, he says he still has a lot of them and wants to do business, so I brought him over."

Then, the two positioned themselves by the door to block Ye Mo's exit path.

There were four people in the room, and when the yellow-skinned middle-aged man among them heard this, he laughed.
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