Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 681

Chapter 681: Cruel and Decisive

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo didn't seem to notice the man laughing. He scanned the four people and said, "Answer two of my questions and I will give you the stones."

The moment he had walked inside, he had already seen that there were at least three cameras in the room. They were the latest high-tech cameras, Sha had showed them to him before. However, he was sure that even if someone watched the screen, they wouldn't be able to see his face clearly.

The man suddenly stopped laughing. He studied Ye Mo before lighting up a cigarrete and saying, "I really want to know why you're so calm. And how did you get the other stones, those that didn't come from Meng Kui?"

Ye Mo frowned, "So, you didn't callbme here ) to do business? If you're wiling to answer my questions, I'll tell you."

This middle-aged man was the strongest. He was at black level middle stage, whereas the other three men weren't even yellow level. Although he could capture them and control their minds, it was more complicated with stronger people. Moreover, a slight mistake could result in the destruction of their souls, which would mean the loss of a source of information.

The middle-aged man also had a wooden box on his table. As Ye Mo spoke, his spirit sense scanned the box. When he saw the two dark things in it, he was immediately overjoyed.

At the same time, in the main meeting room of Northern Sand, a man suddenly got up and said in coarse voice, "Blow up 043 boat now!"

Everyone looked at the man in shock. They really didn't understand, their boat had already found the lost chi stones in Canada, and the recordings showed that the man had gone onto the ship. Had he gone mad? Why would they blow up the ship now?

Even ignoring the chi stones' matter, killing their own men was crazy.

The coarse-voiced man quickly said, "I'm not crazy! The man who got on the ship looks blurry, but I can tell from his voice that he's definitely Ye Mo. He's the Ye Mo we tried to blow up at the Ice Helm Island. He's not dead. If we don't blow up the ship now, he will know where we get our chi stones from and use the boat to trace it back to our base. Hence, if you don't blow it up in three seconds, I'm requesting to leave here."

The leading man also said with a low voice, "I trust Brother Dongfang. Blow up ship 043 immediately!"


On the boat, everyone looked at Ye Mo in contempt.

The middle-aged man smiled. He thought that Ye Mo was a goat ready for slaughter. Perhaps that young man had a few moves, so he thought he could do whatever he wanted there.

The middle-aged man stood up and got a fee steps closer to Ye Mo as he said in a sardonic tone, "Of course, I'm in a good mood today. I can tell you where they come from. You'll be very happy after hearing me."

Ye Mo kept his spirit sense on the boat. Despite the fact that he didn't think these people were a threat to him, after experiencing this much, he wouldn't underestimate anyone.

Suddenly, he got a sense of uneasiness in his heart. He could sense danger. He even caught some motion at the bottom of the ship. It was the same kind of motion he had perceived on the Ice Helm Island. Without thinking, Ye Mo grabbed the wooden box and darted out of the window.

"You're trying to run away!" The black level man reacted rapidly. He tried to grab Ye Mo. He had even taken his box when escaping.

But he was much slower, Ye Mo had already disappeared. Before he could react, the fishing boat exploded into flames turning the water nearby red.

Ye Mo stood in the air with a calm face. He knew that they were Northern Sand's people. They were cruel, and not only to their enemies, but to their own men too.

What a pity. If they had been a few minutes slower, he would have been able to find out from the middle-aged man where the spirit stones came from. If he had been lucky, he would have even been able to know where Northern Sand's base was.

He was sure that the people attacking him were from Northern Sand. The reason they had blown up the ship was because they had recognized him from the cameras.

Still, they shouldn't have been able to see him since he had covered his face with chi, so it must have been due to his voice. Not many people in Northern Sand had heard his voice before. Ye Mo was beginning to suspect Dongfang Tang more and more.


The explosion made a huge sound and covered half of the sky with fire. The people from the cruiser saw this and all stood on the deck watching the flames.

Sister Yan had seen where Ye Mo was going to. It had only been a while and the ship was burning. She felt as if her heart had been struck by a hammer. Her body was cold and her hands were shaking.

Was Ye Mo gone like that?

"Sister Yan," Ye Mo's voice sounded.

Sister Yan saw Ye Mo standing beside her. She immediately ran into his arms and started crying. But soon, she kept a distance and wiped her eyes, "You scared me just now. I thought you were-"

Ye Mo felt a little guilty that he always did things without considering other people's feelings. In order to stop her from thinking about that more, Ye Mo took her to the restaurant. Sister Yan hadn't eaten for a long time. She was quite hungry and forgot to ask Ye Mo about the artefact he was forging.

But it was only temporary. After eating something, Sister Yan quickly remembered it. She thought about how Ye Mo could take things out nowhere and put them away.

"Tell me, do you have the ability to hide something and other people wouldn't' know?" Sister Yan finally asked.

Ye Mo rubbed his head, "Yes, Sister Ya-"

"Give it to me," Sister Yan reached out her hand. Looking at Ye Mo's innocent look, she immediately said, "Stop pretending. Give me the diary."

Ye Mo took it and gave it to her helplessly: "Sister Yan, I only read the first part, I didn't get time to read the rest. You're really stingy, you shouldn't ask to return something you already gave away"

Sister Yan ignored his words. She also strangely didn't ask about anything that happened on the boat or about Ye Mo's special abilities.

After she had the diary back, she seemed a lot less talkative.
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