Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 684

Chapter 684: Pitiful Motive

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
An Zhiqi nodded seriously, "Yes, I'm sure it's him now. Other than that, I still have a strong feeling that it is him. I feel like he suspects me. Since he's close to Chen Guang, we're also familiar, but he would have never actively tried to socialize with us. However, ever since the teacher died, he often hangs out with us. He also wanted to join us to Antarctica this time."

Ye Mo fell into silence. He hadn't expected Dongfang Wang's computer skills to be this good. If he hacked Luo Yue's net, the consequences would be unfathomable. Although he had told Xu Yuehua to warn Ye Xing last time, he wasn't too sure about it. The good thing was that Luo Yue's military base and its governmental network wasn't connected to the outside net.

After a while, An Zhiqi said, "I'm sure that this matter is related to Dongfang Wang because once at the dining hall, he suddenly asked me what I thought about the Swiss bank robbery. I was shook at the time, but I was prepared so I said casually, 'It's not my country's money, I don't care.'"

"What was he like at the time?" Ye Mo suddenly asked.

An Zhiqi said after thinking for a while, "He just smiled and said he wanted to take me out for dinner. Because I was afraid of him, I agreed. Luckily after dinner, he just sent me back and didn't say much. Just the thought of it makes me shiver. I really don't want to be around him, but I am still acting like nothing is going on when he's with Chen Guang and the others."

Ye Mo smiled, "An Zhiqi I believe you, but I don't understand why Dongfang Wang didn't kill you."

"What?" An Zhiqi looked at Ye Mo in confusion.

Ye Mo said plainly, "If I'm not wrong, Dongfang Wang has been long suspecting you. He killed that student who found your notebook to give you a warning."

"What?" An Zhiqi's mouth was wide open in shock. She thought she had done very well hiding it and Dongfang Wang had acted normal, how could he tell?

Ye Mo said, "Although I don't know why he didn't kill you, I'm sure that he knows you suspect him. I'm more and more interested in Dongfang Wang now. This is the Yan River, but you've never been to his house, how are you going to find him?" Ye Mo waved his hand and asked.

"Wait. There's one more thing I haven't told you," An Zhiqi suddenly said.

"Oh, what is it?" Ye Mo asked.

An Zhiqi said, "When we went to Antarctica, last time I met you, the first one to start climbing was Dongfang Wang. He was carrying a blue bag up the mountain. After he came down, the blue bag was gone and we never heard him talk about what happened. I even suspect that he put the bag up there intentionally."

Ye Mo nodded. He decided to go again to that mountain after he returned to Luo Yue.

An Zhiqi thought of something and suddenly felt uneasy. Ye Mo could feel her tension and worry.

"Are you worried that Dongfang Wang will come back for you?" Ye Mo asked.

An Zhiqi nodded, "Although I don't think that he doubts me, you're also right, what if he does?"

Before Ye Mo could reply to her, his spirit sense scanned a normal brick house. Inside there were two bedrooms and in one of the rooms, Ye Mo found a big bag - he had seen it before. It was the one Dongfang Wang had brought to Antarctica.

Dongfang Wang and his mom weren't at home, and the room was very clean.

Ye Mo took An Zhiqi into Dongfang Wang's room and as soon as he stepped in, his spirit sense scanned a small camera in the room. Dongfang Wang was no ordinary person indeed. No matter what his relationship with his two brothers was, he was very ambitious. He liked the feeling of having everything under his control.

When An Zhiqi walked into this room, she felt uneasy again. Just when she was about to say that Dongfang Wang wasn't there and suggest to leave, a voice suddenly sounded in the room, "You wouldn't let me go indeed. I know who you are and I have no intentions of becoming your enemy. I can't beat you. But An Zhiqi, you actually brought someone else into my room! You- you-"

Dongfang Wang was very calm in the beginning, but when he spoke to An Zhiqi, his tone was very emotional.

An Zhiqi got goosebumps. She looked around subconsciously and moved closer to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn't speak. He realized that Dongfang Wang had indeed figured out that he would be coming for him and had hidden. It seemed that also he knew who he was. He was a dangerous man - a dangerous guy who had predicted everything.

"What's me bringing Brother Ye here got to do with you?" An Zhiqi replied shakily.

"An Zhiqi, I know you suspect me, but I didn't kill you. I thought you had good feelings towards me since I like you and you never hated me. That day I invited you to dinner, you didn't even think twice about it before agreeing. Whenever I was with Chen Guang and the others, you never avoided me. Why did you have to bring someone to my home today? Why? Why?" Dongfang Wang's voice was shaking, it was full of disappointment.

Ye Mo just realized that An Zhiqi was Dongfang Wang's dream woman. Dongfang Wang was so smart, yet he couldn't see through this. If he had better EQ, he would know that An Zhiqi was scared of him, not that she liked him.

Hearing Dongfang Wang's confession, An Zhiqi shivered. She hadn't expected that maniac to fell in love with her. Ye Mo was right, he really knew about everything.

Ye Mo patted her shoulder and said,, You don't"D need to be afraid of this sort of maniac."

As though she felt empowered by Ye Mo's words, she suddenly pointed at the speaker and cursed, ,"Dongfang Wang, you scum! You have such great computer skills, I believe you could have done it without the teacher finding out, but you still killed him. Do you still dare say you didn't kill him?"

"Yes, I killed him, but not because of what you think. I did use his computer as a zombie computer, but he didn't know about it at all. No one could know. His computer is just one of the countless zombie computers I use. I didn't kill him because of that, but because I love you. And he- he was just an ugly frog! He spent all day asking you this and that. I've wanted to kill him for a long time. I knew you suspected me, and that's right, you're correct! I didn't kill you because I love you. Although I've never confessed my feelings, I want you to be a queen!" Dongfang Wang continued. His tone was getting more and more excited. It was as though he wanted to show his heart to An Zhiqi.

Don't make me throw up!" An Zhiqi cursed and just thought of something. She suddenly hugged Ye Mo and kissed him on the lips.

Ye Mo wanted to say something, but An Zhiqi let go of Ye Mo and said, "I like you, please don't reject me."

There was a furious roar on the speaker. Ye Mo even heard something getting smashed. He couldn't help to shake his head. Dongfang Wang really liked An Zhiqi, but her move completely crushed him. This way, Dongfang Wang would only hate him more.
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