Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 685

Chapter 685: Fish Jumping Through The Dragon Gate

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo waved his hand and destroyed the camera. Then, he made a gesture with his hand to An Zhiqi. "Let's go."

Suddenly, there was a furious roar, "Ye, if you dare touch her, I will destroy your corpse into a million pieces and vanish your land from existence."

Ye Mo stopped walking and sneered, "Dongfang Wang, I wasn't planning to kill you before, but now you're dead for sure. No one can threaten me. No one from the Dongfang family can threaten me. I could kill Dongfang Xi and I can also kill you, no matter where you hide."

That voice fell silent for a while before saying slowly, "As long as you don't touch Zhiqi, I swear I won't do anything against you. What Dongfang Tang is doing has nothing to do with me."

"Haha!" Ye Mo laughed, "You have no right to tell me which girl I can or cannot touch. You overestimate yourself! No matter how strong your net is, one day I will be able to easily grab you and kill you."

Meanwhile, An Zhiqi was furious on the side. She yelled, "Dongfang Wang, who do you think you are?! How can you be so shameless! I will sleep with Brother Ye tonight, what are you going to do about it?! You scum! Animal!"

"Arghhhh!!!" he roared loudly again. Ye Mo sneered and walked out of the room.

"Sorry, Brother Ye," An Zhiqi felt very bad. She couldn't believe something like this had happened. Someone had made her his woman without her knowing or agreeing.

Ye Mo waved his hand. He was speechless about finding out the truth about Dongfang Wang too.

"I didn't ask for your permission. That man is so incredibly disgusting. I'm scared just thinking about it now, he can kill innocent people so casually. In his eyes, people's lives are worth nothing." An Zhiqi was in a very bad mood.

She thought about the two suicides that had taken place in the university. They all seemed to be people she was related to. Now she knew they were all connected to Dongfang Wang. Luckily, Chen Guang already had a girlfriend who he was together with everyday. Otherwise, Chen Guang might've been killed too.

Ye Mo waved his hand trying to downplay it, "It's fine, it's not like I lost anything." An Zhiqi's young soft lips with aroma hadn't been unpleasant. As for sleeping together tonight, Ye Mo didn't take it seriously.

An Zhiqi blushed and said, "I don't dare stay in Beijing anymore. I'm going to leave to my grandfather's place tomorrow. I told my sister that I would go to her place next month, but after this happened I need to leave as quickly as possible. Brother Ye, you need to watch out with Dongfang Wang too."

"What's your sister called?" Ye Mo suddenly asked.

An Zhiqi smiled, "Her name is An Ning, she's in Luo Yue right now."

So it was someone he knew! He had gotten the yin yang eight-trigram fish eye from An Ning. According to her, her grandfather had given it to her. This meant that An Zhiqi's grandfather was also An Ning's. Ye Mo really wanted to visit that old man.

The reason he hadn't mentioned it to An Ning was because he really didn't like the feeling she gave him.

Although An Ning was prettier than her sister, Ye Mo felt that An Zhiqi was much easier to talk to than her. Ye Mo suddenly smiled, "Can I stay for a while at your house?"

'Huh', An Zhiqi blushed. After a long while she said stuttering, "Brother Ye, sorry about before. Don't misunderstand, I just wanted to anger Dongfang Wang. That's why I- i-"

Ye Mo knew what she meant and waved his hand, "An Zhiqi, you're mistaken. I seem to know your grandpa, so I want to visit him. Moreover, I'm already married, you're thinking too much."

Even after hearing this, An Zhiqi was still a little nervous, but she felt a lot more at ease.


Her grandfather was called An Zaishan. An Zhiqi's parents had been doing business in Korea, so they had left their daughters in Beijing.

Seeing his granddaughter come back, An Zaishan was very surprised. Although she had a lot of friends, she had never brought back a boyfriend.

"An-Qianbei, sorry for disturbing you," Ye Mo's greeting made An Zaishan feel weird. An Zhiqi almost laughed out loud.

He was missing two pieces of the yin yang fish.

Before An Zaishan asked anything, Ye Mo took out the eye he had gotten from An Ning and asked, "An-Qianbei, I came for this."

"The fish eye? So you were the person who made the deal with my granddaughter?" An Zaishan grabbed the fish eye and asked in shock.

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, An-Qianbei, I have a yin yang eight-trigram fish. I have five pieces for now, and it seems to be missing two fish tails. So I came here to ask you where you got the eye from."

"Huh- Brother Ye, you know my sister?" An Zhiqi had been a little scared before about Ye Mo coming to her house. But she finally understood why.

Ye Mo took out the pieces he had collected.

An Zaishan picked them up and looked at them carefully for a long while before putting them down. He sighed, "So that's it. I didn't think one day someone would be able to gather this many pieces. Sigh-"

An Zaishan sounded like he knew about it.

Ye Mo quickly got up and saluted with his fist, "An-Qianbei, please tell wanbei what this is."

An Zaishan signaled Ye Mo to sit down and then said, "Decades ago, an old friend of mine gave me the fish eye. His name is Zhang Zhihui, he's from the Zhang family. However, he left the Zhang family to seek dao and I haven't seen him for decades."

Ye Mo felt a little sad. Zhang Zihui had died doing things for him, but he didn't even know who killed him.

An Zaishan continued, "More than 50 years ago, we were still in the army. After he completed a mission and returned, he gave me the fish and a top grade jade. Something happened after that mission and he left the army. Sigh- wait a second."

An Zaishan went into the room and took the jade out for Ye Mo to see.

He scanned the jade. Ye Mo saw a small inscription that read, "When seven pieces are formed, a fish jumps through the dragon gate"

An Zaishan saw that Ye Mo wasn't speaking and said, "Here it says 'when seven pieces are formed, fish jumps through the dragon gate.' I don't know what that means, but seeing you bring five pieces here, there must be seven pieces to it. So indeed, you are missing two pieces."

He then said, "I have no use for this jade, I'll give it to you."

Ye Mo had been thinking about how he was going to ask for it, but An Zaishan had offered first to give it to him. He immediately got up and saluted with his fist, "Then thank you, An-Qianbei! I still wish to ask another question. Did Zhang-Qianbei ever tell you where he found this?"

An Zaishan shook his head, "I don't know either. The mission he was working on was confidential. I never met him again afterwards."

Ye Mo took out for An Zaishan two bracelets he had made and said, "These are two magic artefact bracelets. They can keep evil away from you while keeping you healthy. I don't have much to give you, so I can only offer you this."

An Zaishan was very happy with what Ye Mo had given him, so he got up to thank him. An Zhiqi really liked the bracelet too. She didn't care about keeping evil away, but the bracelet was really pretty.

Although Ye Mo really wanted to go to Luo Yue right away, An Zaishan was too hospitable. Hence, he decided to stay that night.

He spent the night studying the pieces. In the middle of the night, just when he was about to go to bed, he felt a bleak chi.
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