Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 686

Chapter 686: Xi Tang Wang

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Feeling this bleak chi, Ye Mo immediately sent his spirit sense out. What he saw shocked him - he saw two paper men floating over the wall, slowly approaching him!

Ye Mo knew that paper couldn't walk itself, though, and his spirit sense immediately scanned that the two paper men were indeed not walking by themselves. Instead, they were being controlled by two ghosts, while those two ghosts were being controlled by a human.

The reason why the two paper men were suitable for ghosts to attach themselves to them was because they seemed to contain some sort of formation. Ye Mo had honestly never seen low level formations like that before.

Dongfang Wang knew that Ye Mo was with An Zhiqi since the morning, and An Zhiqi had said that she would be sleeping with him that night. In his rage, Dongfang Wang was most likely set on killing Ye Mo. Thus, these two ghosts must be his doing.

Ye Mo didn't expect Dongfang Wang to have such methods. Who was that guy really? Before the two paper men got to the window, Ye Mo walked out and went to stand in the yard.

Seeing this, the two paper men dazed around for a moment as though being surprised at their target not being afraid of ghosts and coming out. But soon, they went on to charge at Ye Mo with those scary faces of theirs.

Ye Mo sneered - two mere ghosts dared attack him. They underestimated him too much. He stood there without moving, while the faint moonlight shone on the two paper men and made them seem quite frightening.

The two paper men soon floated in front of Ye Mo, and he sensed the bleak chi get stronger and stronger. Normal people wouldn't be able to resist such bleak chi. Usually, the people attacked by these ghosts would be scared easily, and if they became scared, it would make it easy for the ghosts to invade their victim's body.

But Ye Mo was no ordinary person, and when he flung out a fireball, one of the paper men was instantaneously burned to dust.

There was a sharp shriek, and as the other paper man realized that Ye Mo was strong, he turned to run.

Ye Mo didn't stop the second paper man. He quickly followed after it and left the An family house. If Dongfang Wang had made it, then he only needed to follow it to find Dongfang Wang.

An Zhiqi had been unable to fall asleep due to her worries, so when she heard the sharp shriek, she immediately opened her curtains to look at the yard. There was nothing there. A few moments later, her grandpa came out, and seeing her grandpa standing at the door of the yard, she also came out.

"Grandpa, what was that shriek? It sounded so bleak and eerie!" An Zhiqi asked. The only reason why she wasn't overly scared was because she was with her grandpa.

An Zaishan looked into the yard and said, "Go inside first and check if Mr Ye is alright."

It didn't take long for An Zhiqi to rush back out, "Grandpa, Brother Ye isn't in his room. He didn't open when I knocked, so I pushed the door open and went in, and he wasn't there."

An Zaishan nodded, "I asked Ning Ning, and apparently he's no simple man. He is highly influential even in the upper levels of Beijing. How do you know him?"

An Zhiqi quickly told her grandpa how they had met Ye Mo in Antarctica.

"Okay, Qiqi, go to bed for now. Someone like Mr Ye will be fine for sure." An Zaishan himself, however, couldn't go to sleep anymore.


The paper man was like the wind and travelled very rapidly.

Ye Mo kept following the paper man, and it didn't float too far away. After travelling about 4 km, it went into a hotel and into a room. Ye Mo followed right after.

Inside the room was an old man in his 60s who seemed very bony, and his face had black chi circulating all over it. Ye Mo knew that this old man was just an ordinary person and had never cultivated ancient martial arts, but the bleak and deathlike chi around him was due to long term contact with ghosts.

When the old man saw that only one of his paper man floated in, he immediately slammed the table and yelled, "Who dared kill my pet ghost! If swear that if I don't make you my new pet ghost, I'm an animal!"

Ye Mo's figure suddenly appeared in the room, and he said coldly, "I burned your first paper man, and now I'll burn this one too. What will you do about it?"

Then, Ye Mo burned the other paper man to ashes as well, accompanied by another sharp shriek.

This made the old man take a few steps back as he stared at Ye Mo in shock, "You, you can turn invisible and shoot fireballs?! Y- You-"

Ye Mo ignored the old man's shock and asked, "Dongfang Wang sent you, right? Just tell me where he is."

"Don't even think about it!" the old man knew that he was no match for his opponent at all. His greatest weapons were his ghosts, yet his ghosts were nothing to this man. How was he going to fight him?

But it really was impossible for him to betray Dongfang Wang, so the old man decided to commit suicide.

However, Ye Mo noticed that the old man's eyes didn't seem right, so he immediately pointed at the man's forehead. Immediately, the old man's eyes became dreamy. Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief - he had almost let the old man commit suicide. How was Dongfang Wang able to make someone like this man do work for him and even be willing to die for him?

"What is your name? Where do you come from?" Ye Mo started his interrogation.

"Dongfang Chong, I came from Xi Tang."

XI Tang again. Ye Mo wanted to know where this place was more and more.

"Where is Xi Tang? And who is Dongfang Wang to you?" Ye Mo asked.

"Xi Tang is in Xi Tang, and Dongfang Wang is the Young Master."

"I want to know Xi Tang's general area and how Dongfang Wang is your Young Master."

"Xi Tang is in the South West direction, while Dongfang Wang is the 19th Xi Tang King-" a hint of struggle appeared in the old man's eyes, but Ye Mo was deep in thought and didn't notice it.

"Where is Dongfang Wang now?" Ye Mo asked again.

But then black blood started seeping out of the man's mouth, and it was clear that he had committed suicide. Ye Mo looked at the black smoke and putrid smell and knew that the old man hadn't committed suicide through poison but that his death was caused by a secret technique.

The smell was so bad that Ye Mo burned the old man away before the process had even ended.

What shook Ye Mo the most was how the old man had woken up from his technique. His mental power had to have been very strong. Ordinary yellow levels wouldn't even be able to struggle when he used his mind control, yet this old man had woken up from it.

In the house there was nothing but a wooden crate, and the house looked very old. Ye Mo sent his spirit sense inside the crate, and saw a bunch of charms, low level magic artefacts and even a few skulls. Other than that, there were some books, and as Ye Mo gave them a look, he saw that they were all about raising ghosts.

Ye Mo wasn't interested in all that and burnt it all away.

When Ye Mo came back to the An family house, he knew that someone had been in his room from the aroma that was left behind. It was probably An Zhiqi.

The second morning, as Ye Mo was thinking about what to say when they would ask him questions, neither of his two hosts mentioned anything about last night. Ye Mo felt strange, but he wouldn't bring it up if he didn't have to.

Dongfang Chong was dead, Ye Mo thought that Dongfang Wang probably wouldn't dare do anything to the An family anymore, so he left the next morning on his way back to Luo Yue.
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