Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 687

Chapter 687: Most Fortunate to be Together

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Luo Yue Lake.

It was the most peaceful and beautiful lake in Luo Yue and it was connected to a mountain.

A bright green patch of grass surrounded lake and behind it, there was a very beautiful-looking mansion. This was the place Ye Mo lived at. He had built a simple spirit-gathering formation there so the spirit chiwas much denser than other places.

Ye Mo was never at home, so this was where Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue lived at. Tang Beiwei and Ye Ling also frequently came over to play.

There was a very large garden before the mansion - it was Ye Mo's herb garden. It didn't have many spirit herbs though.

Because the Luo Yue war had ended, most of the things to take care of had to do with compensation, immigration and rebuilding, so Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue had a lot of free time. They spent their time mostly gardening during the day, but today they weren't in the mood for that because Ye Mo was coming back.

They were waiting for Ye Mo on the top of the grass mountain. They were very worried for him. After the Ice Helm Island exploding and now that they knew he was fine, they wanted to see him even more.

Before Ye Mo landed, he saw Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue looking for him expectantly and a well of emotions surged up. No matter how things were outside, Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue were always waiting for him to come back.

When Ye Mo approached the two women, they ran to hug him. The sense of happiness and bliss almost drowned him and melted him. A big bird also saw this and also flew to them.

No one wanted to talk at that moment - sometimes silence speaks more than a thousand words. Tang Beiwei and Ye Ling saw this from a distance. Tang Beiwei pulled Ye Ling, who didn't want to leave, in order to give Ye Mo some space.

"Beiwei, I haven't seen brother for a long time," Ye Ling didn't want to leave.

Tang Beiwei whispered something to Ye Ling and Ye Ling's face got red. She pinched Tang Beiwei. "I didn't think you were this dirty! I'm telling brother!"

Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo saw the two girls play-fighting but they didn't want to move or say anything.

After a long while, Ye Mo said, "Let's go back."

Before they replied, he carried the two women and flew to the door.

Although she knew what Ye Mo and Luo Ying were going to do, Ning Qingxue didn't want to leave.

Looking at how Ye Mo was scratching his face, Luo Ying laughed to herself. She knew Ye Mo was embarrassed, so she whispered something to Ning Qingxue.

Eventually, Ning Qingxue left unwillingly. Yet she still went back to her room.

"What did you say to Qingxue?" Ye Mo asked strangely.

Luo Ying smiled and didn't say anything. Ye Mo could no longer resist his yearning for Luo Ying and carried her onto the bed.

As his wife, of course Luo Ying knew what Ye Mo was going to do. It wasn't her first time, she could tell from Ye Mo's eyes.

Ye Mo stripped Luo Ying's clothes off and threw them on the ground. A soft moan sounded as he squeezed Luo Ying into his arms. Her eyes were dreamy as she held onto Ye Mo's waist - as if not wanting for him to keep moving, yet also asking Ye Mo to keep moving.

The panting became louder. Although her eyes were shiny and dream-like, Luo Ying still wanted to wipe Ye Mo's non-sweating forehead. But before she could raise her hand, her lips were covered by Ye Mo's lips.

Time went by and the rustling gradually calmed down. Although he hadn't wasted much stamina, Ye Mo still hugged Luo Ying tightly and didn't want to move. Luo Ying didn't want to move as well. If possible, she wanted to stay like this forever. There was that happiness that one achieved when being in the arms of the person you love.

Ning Qingxue carefully opened the door and walked inside. Seeing Luo Ying and Ye Mo on the bed together, her face blushed. She was a little unhappy with Ye Mo. When he had been with her, he had told her that she needed to reach foundation establishment state first. Why hadn't he said that to Sister Luo Ying?

However, she knew that Ye Mo had seen her for sure. Hence, before he could say anything, she took off her shoes and squished into the blanket.

Ye Mo did know that Ning Qingxue had come inside the room, but just when he was about to get up, he realized he had no clothes on him. He didn't expect Ning Qingxue to get in the bed - he even had a crazy thought.

Ning Qingxue's body was also soft and warm. When she pressed herself against Ye Mo, he felt this searing fire again.

When Ning Qingxue put her arms around him, he was so comfortable that he almost moaned. Ye Mo also put his arm around Ning Qingxue and looked apologetically at Luo Ying.

Luo Ying smiled. When she was about to speak, Ning Qingxue said, "Brother Mo, you lied to me. You and Sister Luo Ying were doing that. Why don't you do it with me? I'm also-"

Ye Mo quickly blocked her mouth with his until she was panting, and then said, "We-"

Ning Qingxue suddenly smiled and also blocked Ye Mo's mouth with hers. After a while, she said, "I know, Sister Luo Ying already told me. At that time, she thought you were going to die. I don't need that foundation establishment state. I just want to be with you and Sister Luo Ying forever."

Ye Mo could feel the softness and inseverable love at the bottom of his heart were so real. He hugged them until he squeezed both of them into his arms, making sure it wasn't a dream.

Ning Qingxue's voice seemed to come from the edge of heaven, "I'm already very satisfied with the fact that Sister Luo Ying could leave me a spot. I heard about your wedding, I envy it - it's a shame I wasn't there. Sister Luo Ying is very brave. If it had been before, I believe I wouldn't have had the courage Sister Luo Ying had, but now I do. Brother Mo, I also want to be your real wife, like Sister Luo Ying."

Luo Ying heard this and nodded in agreement.

Ye Mo rubbed Ning Qingxue's hair and said softly, "Don't worry, we can reach foundation establishment state for sure. I'll breakthrough to stage 6, and as soon as I do, we will have our wedding. After our wedding, I might need to leave for a long time. When I come back, perhaps we can all reach foundation establishment state. Believe me, we will be together forever. A few decades isn't enough time for me to love you guys."

Hearing this, Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying's eyes were sparkling, and they got turned on again. It was very easy to love someone, but it was hard for the person you love to love you as much.

Ye Mo whispered to Ning Qingxue's ear, "When I reach stage 6 and have our wedding, I will take you. You and Luo Ying are both my greatest loves." Ye Mo didn't want to take Ning Qingxue's virginity before having a proper wedding, like he did with Luo Ying.
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