Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 688

Chapter 688: Young Woman Carrying a Kid

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With Ye Mo's return, everyone of Luo Yue's upper management felt assured, and since they had gotten such large sums of compensation and so many captives from the war, Luo Yue rapidly started building once again. And although the new wave of immigration hadn't begun yet, it was a fact that many people were planning on coming to Luo Yue.

What caught everyone's attention the most was the news that three months later, on the first day of the new year, the founder of Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals, Ye Mo, would have his wedding. The day would be made a public holiday.

Not many people knew about Ye Mo's identity before, but now everyone knew that he was the founder of Luo Yue. Even Xu Yuehua had to come to his wedding.

Although Ye Mo knew that quite some people already knew who he really was, he actually didn't want the whole world to know that he was the ultimate boss.

Ye Mo didn't seek fame. He preferred a peaceful and free life. And of course, if that life could last forever that would be even better. If it wasn't for him wanting to give Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue a big wedding, he wouldn't have even wanted Xu Yuehua and co. to make it known to the world like that. But Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue had been suffering quite a lot because of being with him, so even though they didn't care, Ye Mo didn't want them to marry him without anyone knowing. Now that he had built Luo Yue, he would make everyone there know that Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue were his wives.

The entire city soon got into a festive spirit.

Because Ye Mo didn't like bothering himself with miscellaneous matters, he left everything to Xu Yuehua and co., except for the city planning. Ning Qingxue did help out with some of the financial matters, but Luo Ying didn't do anything in the Luo Yue government. She just looked after the herbs in the garden everyday.

Before Ye Mo went into his solitary training in order to break through to stage six, he took Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying to the Mei Nei Snow Mountains. However, he wasn't able to find the snow fox. Ye Mo had wanted to find it so that he could take it with him to the small dimension, because it had the ability to find spiritual objects.

Ye Mo, Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue played outside for another month before going back to Luo Yue for Ye Mo's solitary training. Ye Mo knew how powerful great heaven masters were, and he knew that there were ancient cultivator homes in the small world, so he absolutely had to reach stage six before he could leave.

If he died in the small world then what would Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue do?

If Ye Mo could choose, he would rather just reach the tertiary stage of chi gathering, but Ye Mo knew that that would be impossible with the mere three spirit stones he had.

Although he was at the tertiary stage of stage five already, Ye Mo wasn't even sure if he would be able to reach stage six at all, so he didn't dare use the three spirit stones yet. He just used the ordinary way of gathering spirit chi. If he had hopes of breaking through, he would use the stones to help him break through, otherwise it would be a waste to use them.

He still needed seven spirit stones to enter the small world too, and he didn't have enough. So Ye Mo was thinking that if he couldn't find seven, he would cut the three into smaller pieces and see if he could get in with that.

A month flew by, and it became clear once again that the spirit chi on earth was really not good enough. He had only consolidated his strength a little, and he didn't even reach the peak of stage five, much less stage six.

Ye Mo rejoiced that he hadn't used the spirit stones. If he had, he would have reached the peak of stage five at most, but stage six would still be impossible.

He was about to have his big wedding with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue, so he didn't want to keep cultivating anymore. He used the extra time he had to make three flying swords and spend time with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue.

After another month passed, Ye Mo had used the materials he had to make three flying swords. One was for Luo Ying, one for Ning Qingxue, and one for Tang Beiwei. He would be leaving Luo Yue and the people he loved with the necessary self defense capabilities. Even for Ye Ling, Ye Zifeng and Ye Xing, he made a set of ancient martial arts cultivation methods.

Luo Yue was very busy at the moment. Although the new immigrants hadn't arrived yet, many who wanted to make the move were surveying the island. All those tourists heard that an important figure was going to have a wedding and that the wedding was going to be held by the City Lord, so they all wanted to stay for the wedding. Luo Yue's hotels ran out of space so much that normal citizens began renting out their places to tourists.

The newly built Luo Yue had attracted many foreigners, and everyone who came felt like Luo Yue was grandiose, beautiful and had all the facilities needed. They called it heaven, the most ideal place to live.

The people who came to check the city out all wanted to immigrate as soon as possible when they heard that the immigration restrictions had been getting tighter since the last war.

On a certain street in Luo Yue in front of the door of a shopping mall, a young woman was carrying a small child who was looking around everywhere. Although the woman looked drowned in stress, her face was pretty.

Perhaps she was too pretty, and having a certain royal temperament to her, people soon started asking her if she needed help.

Just when she wanted to ask where Ye Mo lived, she saw two girls walking past the street. She shook her head and quickly followed after them.

She knew one of the girls - it was Ye Mo's sister, Ye Ling.

"Brother is marrying Sisters Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue tomorrow. Can you tell me what you're going to give them already?" Ye Ling had been asking Tang Beiwei what she would be giving them, but she just wouldn't tell her.

The young woman who was about to stop Ye Ling almost tripped, and the little girl in her arms started crying. Her face went pale, and she quickly patted the girl to comfort her.

Hearing the girl cry, Ye Ling turned around, looked strangely at the girl in the woman's arms, and she quickly said to Tang Beiwei, "Beiwei, look at that girl, she's so pretty! She's only about one year old, how can she be so pretty already?"

The woman saw this and became nervous. When she heard that Ye Mo hadn't died, she took the child all the way from Flowing Snake to Luo Yue to find Ye Mo.

But she didn't expect Ye Mo to be about to get married with his fiance Ning Qingxue. In that case, what would she become? The Song family had enmity with Ye Mo, yet she had Ye Mo's child from when Ye Mo saved her.

At this moment, the young woman felt powerless. She looked down in fear of getting identified by Ye Ling as Song Yangzhu.


One year ago, she had been saved by someone at the E Mei Snow Mountains, and she had stayed there.

She gave birth to Ye Mo's child and thought about the Song family and Ye Mo, and her heart melted. As the child came into this world, there was no longer hatred in her heart. She no longer had the motivation to cultivate anymore, and all her focus was on the child. Her cultivation level also halted at the black level and was even about to go down.

So the only person she thought about other than her child was Ye Mo. She didn't want the child to not have a father, so she took the child with her in search of Ye Mo. When she heard that Ye Mo didn't come out of that cave, however, she didn't dare search for Ye Mo anymore.

Yet when the child got a little older, she couldn't resist it anymore, took her daughter and left E Mei Mountain.

Two months ago, she came to Beijing and tried to find news of Ye Mo. The news that Ye Mo was alive almost made her cry. The moment she heard the news, she completely forgot that Ye Mo was the person she had once set out to kill.
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