Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 690

Chapter 690: Drunk Girl

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo had a sudden heartache when he heard a kid cry in the crowd. He scanned his spirit sense out and saw a woman carrying a child, but they quickly disappeared from his spirit sense range. He felt that figure seemed familiar, but he couldn't remember from where.

"What happened?" Luo Ying's whole heart was on Ye Mo, so she immediately notice his emotions.

Ning Qingxue also felt it and grasped Ye Mo's hand, staring at him worriedly.

Ye Mo looked at them and smiled, "We're at Luo Yue Lake. The wedding ceremony is about to begin, perhaps I'm a little nervous."

"Sister, his status is so high in Luo Yue!" An Zhiqi had come with another girl near her age to see Luo Yue's biggest wedding. She recognized Ye Mo immediately.

An Ning sighed. She finally understood how Ye Mo could get her into Luo Yue so easily and how he could get Yu Miaodan to take her there. She also finally realized why the young master of the Qiu family and Han Dan were that scared when they saw him.

The only thing she didn't get was why wasn't Su Jingwen there. Both of his wives were pretty, but Su Jingwen wasn't bad either.

If she wasn't wrong, Ye Mo definitely was not just simply the founder of the company. She could tell that Xu Yuehua's attitude to Ye Mo was that of an inferior to a superior. Ye Mo might be the real master of Luo Yue City.

Thinking about this, An Ning breathed heavily. Was Ye Mo the owner of Luo Yue? It sounded crazy.

If he didn't go around with so many girls, Ye Mo, who had his own country, was on a whole different level to those young high-class men she knew.

Luo Cang.

Chi Wanqing had returned there. She had left a few years ago and just came back. Her mother told her that the Chi family would be living there now.

She was planning to come back from England after two years, but her parents insisted that she finished a double bachelor degree before she returning.

She had lost contact with Ning Qingxue in England and she couldn't contact her when she got back. She couldn't contact Ye Mo either.

Chi Wanqing had gone to the army. Guo Qi, Lu Lin and even Fang Wei were gone. She couldn't even find out where they had gone after from the army.

"Perhaps I've been gone for too long." Chi Wanqing felt disappointed. She only had the little wolf that Ye Mo gave her for company. It hadn't grown a lot bigger, but it could communicate with her telepathically.

"Has Brother Ye married Sister Qingxue or his aunty, that girl that looks like a goddess?" Chi Wanqing sighed again. She felt that she had been very lonely, both before and after she went abroad.

She laughed at herself. She was supposed to be there for an arranged date, but all she could do is think about Brother Ye and whether or not he was married. Chi Wanqing rubbed her head. She knew that no matter if Ye Mo was married or not, her family would not allow her to be with him. He was an abandoned son, kicked out of the family.

"I have the courage to run with you, but I don't know where to," Chi Wanqing said to herself as she shook her head. She walked into a luxurious bar.

As she went inside, she realized she didn't know why the arranged date was at a bar, it was strange. Although the mood in the bar was right, she still didn't really like it.

When it was dinner time, there weren't many people in the establishment. There were only a few people sitting at the bar drinking.

The only thing Chi Wanqing noticed was that there was a woman drinking at a corner of the bar by herself. She seemed to be thinking a lot - her eyes were also dilated.

What shook Chi Wanqing was that she was a very pretty girl. Chi Wanqing was very confident in her looks, only against Ning Qingxue and that goddess-like woman she felt diminished. However, this girl was better than her in both looks and temperament.

She got an indescribable feeling - as though that girl was about to ascend into the immortal realm. Why was a girl like her drinking alone in a bar? If someone had broken her heart, then what kind of cruel-hearted man could do that to such a girl?

"Wanqing, this way," just when Chi Wanqing was confused, someone called her from another table.

Chi Wanqing turned around to see a tall handsome young man smiling at her from another table. She immediately realized that he was her arranged date, Gu Yinsheng.

The Luo Cang Gu family was the biggest family in Luo Cang right now. They were still nothing compared to the five big families of China, but in Luo Gang they were the local power. Even in the Jiang Nan province, they were a well-known family.

Chi Wanqing knew why her family wanted her to go on arranged date with Gu Yinshen. After leaving the army, the Chi family's power had declined greatly. And in order to develop their ties in Luo Cang, they needed someone to get married into the Gu family to maximize their profit.

Honestly, Gu Yinsheng wasn't bad. At least, she didn't hate him. Yet she hated how her family used her as a commodity. Due to this decision, her relationship with her parents hadn't been going well.

Gu Yinsheng was contemptuous about his arranged date. He had never thought he needed an arranged date to get married, so he had chosen a not so serious place to meet up, a bar. He wanted to show that he wasn't very serious about this.

He had come without even looking at Chi Wanqing's photo. To him, it was just a job to do.

But when he saw Chi Wanqing walk into the bar, his eyes lit up immediately. He had seen many girls before, but never one as youthful and pretty as Chi Wanqing. She was the epitome of innocence and beauty.

She was around 1.68 m and didn't wear high-heels. Her skin was white and her eyebrows were perfect. Her curves were clearly defined.

'I want this girl,' that was the only thought Gu Yinsheng had. He had never thought he could meet such a pretty girl through an arranged date.

As the next in line to the family leader, Gu Yinsheng had seen plenty of women and been with too many. However, for the first time, he saw one that he wanted to marry.

"Hello, I'm Gu Yinsheng. I'm studying a bachelor of finance and management in Luo Cang University." Gu Yinsheng reached out his hand.

He knew what to say depending on the woman. For a girl as pure and innocent as Chi Wanqing, it was obvious she hadn't been in a relationship yet.

Chi Wanqing had an apologetic smile, "I'm not used to shaking hands with strangers, sorry."

Gu Yinsheng's mouth shook, but he reacted quickly and pulled his hand back.

"What do you want to drink?" he controlled the mood quickly. He was confident that with his experience he could make her fall for him easily.

"I'll have a cup of juice."

Right after Chi Wanqing replied, she heard a voice say, "I don't want you to give that to me! You're not Ye Mo."

Ye Mo? Chi Wanqing looked back and saw the woman again, who seemed to be completely drunk now. She had an empty cup in her hand and was saying something to the man sitting opposite to her.
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