Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 691

Chapter 691: Night of the Wedding

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Chi Wanqing got up immediately, walked up to the girl and said to that man, "What's going on?"

The man showed his hands innocently and said, "This girl had been drinking from noon 'till now. I asked her where she lived so I can send her home, but she's not moving."

"Who are you to her?" Chi Wanqing studied the man. Her detective experience made her feel that the man didn't know the girl.

The man said casually, "I saw her here at noon, and she's been drinking until now. She still wanted to keep drinking, so I was worried about her and offered to send her back."

Chi Wanqing sneered. Anyone could see how pretty this girl was. She had been drinking from noon 'till now, so this man having been waiting from noon 'till now meant that he clearly wanted to send her back after she was drunk."

Thinking about this, she said to the man, "Then thank you, but now that I'm here, your help is no longer required. I can send her back."

The man just wanted to say something when Gu Yinsheng walked over and asked, "What's wrong, Wanqing?"

Gu Yinsheng also saw the drunk girl, and a sliver of shock flashed across his eyes. It was already a huge fortune to be able to see Chi Wanqing, but now he saw a girl perhaps even a little better than Chi Wanqing!

What day was today?

Gu Yinsheng was wondering about what would be happening next.

"Nothing, my friend is drunk, so I'll be sending her back." Chi Wanqing was going to drag the drunken girl home.

The girl saw Chi Wanqing and looked surprised, "Qingxue, how come you're here? Aren't you getting married today?"

Chi Wanqing confirmed now that this girl knew Ye Mo for sure.

But soon, she thought of the latter half of her words, and Chi Wanqing grabbed her hand and asked, "You're saying Ning Qingxue is getting married? With whom? With Brother Ye?"

"Brother Ye Mmm... pour me another cup, I need to celebrate!" the girl was acting more and more drunk.

The man heard the two's words and realized that the girl didn't lie to him, they really knew each other. But he then noticed Gu Yinsheng and said in horror, "CEO Gu!"

Gu Yinsheng nodded and ignored the man. He looked at Chi Wanqing and said, "The hotel across the street belongs to me, so how about you bring your friend there and stay for a night?"

Chi Wanqing pulled the girl and smiled, "No need, my home is closeby, so I don't need to stay in a hotel, goodbye!"

As this happened, Gu Yinsheng's face turned bleak. He stared at the man and asked, "What's your name?"

"CEO GU, I'm Zheng Xun, Gu Mingnan's classmate. I have seen you once," the man quickly replied.

"Tell me about that girl." Gu Yinsheng pointed at the opposite chair and sat down himself.

"Yes, CEO Gu!" Zheng Xun quickly sat down opposite Gu Yinsheng.

Luo Yue Lake was extra beautiful today, but even without decorations, it was already the most beautiful place in Luo Yue.

Ye Mo didn't invite the Beijing Ye family, so the only family members who came were Ning Zhongfei, Lan Yu, Ye Ling, Tang Beiwei, and Ye Zifeng.

Although she cared a lot about her daughter, Lan Yu could still accept Ye Mo marrying her daughter and Susu at the same time. After all, Ye Mo was no ordinary person.

To Ning Zhongfei, it didn't matter as long as his daughter was happy. If it wasn't for Ye Mo, his daughter would be a concubine now. He was 120% satisfied about Ye Mo. Ye Mo was a capable person and had saved both his wife and daughter in America.

As for his company, it had already joined Luo Yue. He was very satisfied with Luo Yue too. It was the place he and his wife wanted to live.

After a while, all the people left and only Ye Mo, Luo Ying, and Ning Qingxue were left in the mansion.

Luo Ying pushed Ning Qingxue into the bedroom and planned on leaving, but Ning Qingxue grabbed Luo Ying's hand and said, "Sister Luo Ying, don't leave, stay here."

Luo Ying smiled and said, "We said that I'll come later, right? It's your first time-"

"Luo Ying," Ye Mo couldn't help but call out to her too. Although he knew that it was Ning Qingxue's first time and that Luo Ying wanted them to be alone, he was still a little anxious.

He knew what he wanted to say, but he didn't know how to explain it to Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue.

Luo Ying walked up to Ye Mo, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Then, she smiled and left. Ye Mo knew that she was assuring him.

With that kiss, Ye Mo felt strong. No matter what happened in the future, he would never leave Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue behind. They were his life.

Cultivation was important, but there were some things more important than cultivation. Without Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue, so what if he lived for thousands of years?

As though feeling what Ye Mo was thinking, Ning Qingxue walked up and rested on Ye Mo's chest.

Looking at Ning Qingxue, a fire rose in Ye Mo's heart. He thought about the scene when Ning Qingxue went to save him under the Shen Nong Jia cliff and how she slept in his arms and he almost reached his hands into her chest.

Thinking about this, he couldn't help but reach his hand into Ning Qingxue's collar.

When Ye Mo's warm hands grabbed her sturdy chest, Ning Qingxue moaned. Her face burst red like the leaves of autumn, and her eyes became dreamy as she was barely able to mutter the words, "Carry me to the bed."

When Ning Qingxue felt all her clothes be taken off by Ye Mo, she felt like she was on fire.

She squeezed herself into Ye Mo's arms as a certain wet feeling rose from her stomach. When Ye Mo's hands completely surrounded her, she could feel her heart beating rapidly.

She had thought of this scene more than once and had even dreamed about it, but when it really came, she found it hard to control herself.

Ye Mo's broad, sturdy chest and his masculine smell made her lose herself.

As Ning Qingxue moaned happily, Ye Mo felt an indescribable satisfaction. He didn't think that the famous cold-looking prettiest girl of Beijing, Ning Qingxue, would be so sensitive. Her body was soft like the clouds, while her temperature could melt him.

A piercing pain suddenly came, and Ning Qingxue knew what it was. She subconsciously tightly hugged Ye Mo's shoulders and suddenly remembered when she had Luo Ying asked about this a few days before.

"Sister Luo Yue, was the first time painful? Do I need to bite him or clasp his shoulders like the books say? Were you like that?"

Luo Ying said, "By the time I felt the pain, he had already imprinted himself in my heart, and I knew I was always in his heart too. I didn't want him to feel pain like me, so I just wanted him to hug me tightly."

Pain was temporary, while the stunning joy and satisfaction lasted longer. Ning Qingxue could no longer resist the love in her heart and grabbed Ye Mo's neck, sticking her tongue into Ye Mo's mouth.


When the morning sun rose, Ning Qingxue opened her eyes to find Luo Ying already laying on the other side of Ye Mo.

She reached her hand across Ye Mo's chest and grabbed Luo Ying's hand, "Sister Luo Ying."
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