Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 692

Chapter 692: Coming to Duan Heng Seven Stars Again

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
When Su Jingwen woke up, she found herself laying on a bed without her jacket. She was shock. Her head buzzed as she fell into a hell of horror.

She remembered she had been drinking for the whole afternoon and someone tried to send her home. Then- Su Jingwen calmed down. She had never drunk outside. However, because it had been Ye Mo's wedding yesterday and she hadn't been one of the brides, she drunk to ease the pain.

She immediately uncovered the blanket and found her body was fine. Had she not been raped?

"You're awake," Chi Wanqing walked inside and quickly said.

"And you are?" Su Jingwen looked strangely at Chi Wanqing. She understood that probably this girl had brought her back.

Thinking about this, she asked, "Did you bring me back last night?"

"Yes, I happened to be at the bar and saw you were drunk, so I took you to my house. I'm Chi Wanqing, what's your name?" Chi Wanqing smiled and asked.

Su Jingwen immediately calmed down and heaved a sigh of relief. She replied, "Sorry for casuing you trouble yesterday, I'm Su Jingwen-"

"What?! You're Su Jingwen?!" Chi Wanqing claimed with surprise.

"Do you know me?" Su Jingwen looked at Chi Wanqing. She didn't know her.

Chi Wanqing waved her hand, "I heard Qingxue talk about you, I lived with her for a while. When it was your birthday, Ye Mo danced the first dance with you."

"So, you know Qingxue?" Su Jingwen also got happy. Yet, after hearing about Ye Mo, her expression seemed a little melancholic.

"What's wrong?" she asked shakily, "Sister Jingwen, did Ye Mo get married?"

Su Jingwen nodded, but she soon noticed Chi Wanqing's mood. She stared at Chi Wanqing in surprise. Was this girl connected to Ye Mo too? How come he knew every pretty girl out there?

Chi Wanqing laughed at herself and quickly said, "Brother Ye saved me and gave me a little wolf. He- I like him, but I know my family wouldn't let us be together. Also, he has someone he likes, so- so- Sister JIngwen, don't think too much about it. I went on an arranged date yesterday and then I saw you-"

So that was it, Su Jingwen finally understood. She was quite like Chi Wanqing.

Sometimes, if you don't pursue what you want, it won't belong to you. Su Jingwen sighed, but soon she became a little grump. Had she not tried her best? Ye Mo never even gave her a chance.

The night before, while Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying were lying in his arms, she was getting drunk in a bar. Su Jingwen laughed at herself.

"What's wrong, Sister Jingwen?" Chi Wanqing repeated the question.

Su Jingwen shook her head and didn't reply.

"By the way, Sister Jingwen, do you know who Brother Ye married? Is it Qingxue?" Chi Wanqing really wanted to know who had managed to marry brother Ye.

Su Jingwen nodded, "Yes, but he took two brides at the same time, Qingxue and Luo Ying. His sister Ye ling told me, so-"

"He married two women? This- this-" Chi Wanqing's eyes were wide open in shock. How could that be?

Su Jingwen smiled bitterly and said after a long while, "Because Luo Yue is his, the country is also his."

"What?" Chi Wanqing was completely astonished. She hadn't expected that Luo Yue, which dominated world politics and caught the attention of the world, was Ye Mo's.

After their wedding, Ye Mo stayed with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue everyday. They also knew that he was leaving soon, so they clung onto him even more.

The last few months, they had been to a lot of places and been to Mei Nei more than once, but they never saw the snow fox again. Ning Qingxue was at stage 3 now and although she couldn't fly on the flying sword yet, she could control it to attack.

Tang Beiwei had become a lot quieter after getting the flying sword. She had gotten more hard-working when it came to cultivation. Ye Ling however couldn't cultivate as Tang Beiwei did, so she could only practice ancient martial arts.

Luo Ying also reached stage 2.

When Ye Mo asked her about the diary, she always smiled, but she didn't bring up anything about it.

Three months later, Luo Yue was on the right track and all the jobs were on-going without any interruptions. Ye Mo bid farewell to Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue and left Luo Yue himself.

He knew that if he stayed in Luo Yue, he would only age and die like an ordinary person.

His fortune had decided that if he didn't look for fortune, his path of cultivation would be much harder than Ning Qingxue or Luo Ying's. Ye Mo could even imagine that if he stayed in Luo Yue, one day he would be old, but Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue might have reached foundation establishment state. In this case, they could only watch him die slowly without being able to do anything. They might even try to follow him. That wasn't what he wanted.

Luo Fei was looking at the three newlyweds from afar. Ye Mo was married and her little martial sister didn't know for sure, but so what if she did. If she went into the small realm, she wouldn't be able to come out and Ye Mo wouldn't be able to go in.

Luo Fei sighed and left.

Ye Mo searched in the Antarctica for a long time, but he still didn't find the blue bag An Zhiqi had talked about. According to her, Dongfang Wang had put some things in there.

The reason he had come to find what Dongfang Wang had left there was because Ye Mo felt that he was a threat. If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't have a way to find where Xi Tang was, he would've already killed Dongfang Wang.

But Ye Mo didn't mind that much. Dongfang Wang's current power was unable to do anything to Luo Yue. Moreover, Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue were already at stage 3 chi gathering.

Ye Mo then went to Duan Heng Ranges. Although he wanted to go to the small world at once, without seven spirit stones or people with spirit root, the only thing he could do was to try with his three spirit stones.

Since An Li Village was also at the Duan Heng Ranges and he had met Luo Ying there, he went back to visit the place. He wanted to see if that house was still here.

But when Ye Mo arrived, the place was deadly silent. Although there were still a few women washing clothes, it was no longer boisterous like before.

He walked around and found that there was quite a lot of yin chi there. There were no longer kids playing around. The yin chi was invisible, but it had affected people significantly.

Although he didn't know what was going on, he wouldn't let the yin chi stay there and harm them. He took out his yin sha bead and sucked all the yin chi in the place with it. Just when Ye Mo was about to ask what was going on, a red line flashed across his eyes and dashed into the depth of the Duan Heng Ranges.

Ye Mo started chasing it without thinking. It was a ghost that had almost materialized. It wasn't the first time Ye Mo encountered one of them.

The ghost seemed to fear him greatly and ran faster when it saw Ye Mo was after him.

Ye Mo followed the red line and realized that he had arrived at where he wanted to go in the first place - the valley of the Duan Heng Seven Stars.

"Dao friend, save me!" the ghost shrieked.

"Is it you!?" Ye Mo saw that the nun Jie Xun was standing on the Tian Kou position. He didn't expect the nun to still be there - her blood and essence were strong. It was obvious she had recovered her powers. Her face was also ruder and seemed younger.
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