Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 693

Chapter 693: Rematch with Jie Xun

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The nun also noticed Ye Mo, but she never got to see how he had gotten there.

"Haha," the nun laughed. "Just when I was about to go after you, you came here yourself. Kid, if I didn't teach you a good lesson, I would've lived all these decades for nothing."

Ye Mo didn't expect that old woman to still be there. It seemed like she had a way to leave. If she really could enter the small world, perhaps he could use it too.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo laughed, "Do you think you can teach me a lesson? You're old and ugly. Even if you strip naked, I would puke!"

Ye Mo suddenly stopped speaking. He saw more than ten bodies, they had all been dried up - some had even been dried to the bone.

"You're asking to die!" The moment Jie Xun heard this, her face got crooked. She stood up on the stone and was about to attack.

The ghost suddenly flew to her side and shrieked, "I have unquenchable enmity with this person. My master was killed by him at the foot of the Broken Top Mountain and my brother was also burned by him."

Ye Mo immediately understood what the ghost meant. He stared coldly at it, "So you're the other ghost pet of that old hag. You were lucky that I didn't find you that time, but today you won't be so lucky."

Then, Ye Mo looked coldly at Jie Xun. He said in a freezing tone, "No wonder so many people from the An Li Village have gone missing. It was your doing, you scum! You joined forces with ghosts to kill innocent people."

The ghost had used yin chi to help Jie Xun find those with spiritual root. Then, they would take them there, to the Tian Kou position, to suck their blood and essence out of the person. Afterwards, the dead person's soul would be devoured by the ghost.

Although the ghost had formed a red line, it meant no threat to Ye Mo at all. Meanwhile, Jie Xun was at half step great heaven according to Luo Yin. Still, he had no pressure dealing with that at all.

Ye Mo estimated that he was about as strong as Ren Pingchuan right now. And with his flying sword, he could beat a fully powered Ren Pingchuan.

Jie Xun's expression was very dark. She seemed to have realized that she was no good in a swearing contest against Ye Mo. However, in her eyes he was just an insect.

She raised her hand and a horsetail whisk appeared in it. She just took one step forward, but the horse tail whisk reached over 10 meters and smashed down on Ye Mo's head.

The ghost also shrieked and flew toward his forehead.

So fast! Was this the power of a half step great heaven martial artist? Ye Mo focused. He threw a fireball at the ghost while punching the horsetail whisk.

Crack- Sizzle- Ye Mo was struck by the whisk and thrown many meters away.

Ye Mo took a lotus life pill without hesitation. He was sure that the nun wasn't at half step great heaven. His fist bone had been cracked from the attack.

Jie Xun flew even further away and stumbled before spitting blood.

She looked at Ye Mo in shock for a few seconds. She said very carefully, "You reached great heaven too and you can even use inner fire. I underestimated you."

Despite so, Jie Xun was very surprised. How old was Ye Mo even? Still, he was already at great heaven and he seemed even stronger than her. If he hadn't had to also deal with the ghost, she wouldn't just be spitting blood now.

She wanted to leave there now, the Seven Star Formation could be opened. If she suddenly ran to the Tian Kou position and used her qi, would she be able to leave?

Yet, she was unsatisfied. There were two golden pages of the Ni Luo Sutra on him. That was her main purpose. Luckily, she had reached great heaven there but after that, she realized the importance of the Ni Luo Sutra.

Had she also reached great heaven? Ye Mo immediately realized that the nun had broken through great heaven there. Luckily, he had had some fortune recently too and had reached stage 5 tertiary level from stage 4 middle level. Otherwise, he would be no match for this nun.

The ghost got burned by Ye Mo's fireball and it became even dimmer. It no longer dared to approach Ye Mo and retreated into the valley. It had decided to run as soon as it got the opportunity.

Ye Mo didn't bother with the ghost either. He gave Jie Xun a deadly stare . No matter what, he wasn't going to let her go today. She had killed so many innocent from the village and she still had the golden page. Ye Mo had to capture her.

He also could see that the horsetail whisk was no ordinary weapon. He actually hadn't broken it.

When Jie Xun saw a sword suddenly appear in Ye Mo's hand, her eyes twitched. She didn't even see how Ye Mo had taken it out. Now, she had less confidence in defeating Ye Mo.

"I want to make a deal with you. If you're willing, I can-" Jie Xun truly wanted to kill him immediately, but she held back after thinking about the golden pages. She believed that if Ye Mo could give her the pages, she would kill the ghost and give him a near heaven stage ancient martial arts' cultivation method.

But before Jie Xun could finish, Ye Mo started laughing. "Old nun, I said I'm not interested in an old woman like you! Stop trying to seduce me with this rotten business, don't disgust me."

Ye Mo wanted to enrage the nun and make her lose control. Although he was sure he could kill her, he didn't want any accidents to happen.

"You're asking to die!" Jie Xun was so angry that she didn't care about the deal anymore. Her horsetail whisk with thousands of strands was thrown towards Ye Mo. She had used almost all of her power in this attack.

At the same time, the ghost suddenly came out from a corner and ran into the valley. He had chosen the perfect timing.

Ye Mo knew this and threw another fire ball. Even if it meant him suffering a little, he wouldn't let this ghost run away.

A petrified howl sounded. Ye Mo didn't have the time to check if the ghost was gone. His flying sword clashed with the horsetail whisk.

The flying sword cut the front part of the horsetail whisk, but Jie Xun's inner qi also stopped the flying sword's momentum.

However, Jie Xun didn't seem perplexed or shocked that her horsetail whisk was broken. She just kept attacking Ye Mo like a maniac.

Another part of the horsetail whisk was cut off, but the broken part turned into needles and attacked Ye Mo's vitals.

Ye Mo watched his flying sword pierce Jie Xun's waist, which started bleeding. But she didn't seem to notice this and just kept attacking him.

Had his words really made the nun lose her mind? Did she not see that if she continued, her horsetail whisk would be cut down to nothing?

Countless broken segments flew towards Ye Mo, but they couldn't harm him.

Splash- Ye Mo's flying sword pierced Jie Xun's waist again. Ye Mo realized that the nun hadn't lost her mind; she would avoid her vitals every time the flying sword struck her.

Ye Mo sneered. Just when he was about to control the flying sword to attack again, the countless horsetails whisk suddenly exploded.

Ye Mo hadn't expected that such a small horsetail whisk could have that kind of feature. No wonder she didn't care if they were sliced off.

Bang- bang- bang-! Ye Mo felt pain all over his body.

He grabbed the flying sword. He was about to jump when a black object struck him in the chest in the middle of the explosion.

Ye Mo spat blood. He knew that was Jie Xun's final move - she was giving up her horsetail whisk. In his rage, Ye Mo sent out his flying sword to kill the nun, but he found her already standing on the stone.

Not good, she was running away. Without thinking, Ye Mo charged and grabbed her chest.

Rip- The clothes in front of her were ripped off by Ye Mo, unveiling a shocking whiteness. Two fat buns broke free, dazzling Ye Mo's eyes.

"Argh!!!" Jie Xun screamed and immediately disappeared from Ye Mo's sight.

He subconsciously looked at the clothes in his hands. But before he could think, a huge suction came from the ground and he couldn't resist it at all.
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