Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 696

Chapter 696: Mo Babe

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo didn't care much about the soldiers. However, if he caused trouble and Jie Xun found out where he was and sent some great heaven masters after him, he wouldn't be able to get away in his current state. Even at his best, he wouldn't be able to defeat a few great heaven masters together before he reached the tertiary stage of chi gathering.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo couldn't stay calm anymore. He wanted to go back to the Yu estate but he knew that if Jie Xun was searching for him, he would be found even if he went back there.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo immediately wanted to go into the restaurant hotel. Instead of going back to the Yu family, he might as well run away like this. Luckily, he had gone out today, or he wouldn't even know how he died otherwise.

Ye Mo just wanted to go into the restaurant when a woman with hair covering her face ran towards him. He was shook and was about to use his flying sword, but he immediately noticed that the woman didn't have any killing intent. And there were soldiers around, so if he attacked, people would notice him immediately.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo stopped and let the woman grab his arm. At the same time, Ye Mo scanned the woman with his spirit sense. She was younger than thirty, and there was some ash covering her face and neck. This was an ordinary woman, who was weak due to malnutrition.

Her hands were coarse, and it was obvious she was a farmer. However, despite her clothes being covered in dirt, she didn't have any bad smell. Instead, he could feel a faint body aroma. She might've put the ash on herself on purpose.

"Mo, babe, don't you want me? Why don't you com back? Mo, babe!" The woman grabbed Ye Mo and started crying.

Her face looked truly sad and soon, her tears wet her clothes.

Ye Mo's face didn't change at all. Did this woman recognize the wrong person? That was impossible, his face was all ruined - there was no way some random "Mo babe's" face would also be ruined.

How did this woman know his name was Mo? Only the Yu family cart squad knew his name was Mo.

Did someone send this woman to test him or was there some scheme? That wasn't it, right? He had just been there for three days, he didn't have any enemies other than Jie Xun. As for Jie Xun, she wouldn't do this, she would just attack him.

Most importantly, from her tone, Ye Mo knew that she was really anguished to the extreme.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out, he wanted to know who set this up. He didn't believe that he looked exactly the same as this woman's Mo babe.

The people on the streets quickly guessed what was going on. That man must've looked down on his wife after entering the Yu estate, and so he abandoned her. Now, his wife came to find him in Ci Xi Town.

Being a servant of the Yu estate was much better than a farmer.

Everyone shook their heads. Although they disapproved of Ye Mo's actions, no one would say anything to a servant of the Yu family.

Ye Mo scanned around and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. But when he saw the soldiers, he suddenly had a good idea.

He patted the woman pulling his shoulders, "Is there no more rice in the family?"

"En." The woman nodded as her stomach grumbled. It was obvious she hadn't eaten for a long time.

"I just joined the Yu estate, so let's go in and eat something and then talk when we get back." Then, Ye Mo pulled the woman into the restaurant.

The onlookers saw Ye Mo get back with his wife, and they all clapped. But in one corner of the street, a triangular-eyed man looked hatefully at Ye Mo and sneered.

"Big Brother," the waiter saw Ye Mo bring his wife in and quickly came to greet them.

Ye Mo said, "Get me a quiet room, we haven't seen each other for a long time. We need to talk, bring your best food and wine."

"No problem!" The waiter was quick to act.

But Ye Mo noticed that the woman's eyes were a little worried, and he began to suspect her. Did she knew that he wasn't that Mo babe of hers or not?

After the waiter left, Ye Mo looked at the girl and asked, "Something happened to me, so I lost a lot of memories. Am I really your Mo babe? Or did you remember wrongly?"

The woman looked worried, and just when she wanted to talk, the doors were opened, and the waiter brought in a jug of tea. The triangular-eyed man looked into the door. When he saw Ye Mo and that woman, he left casually.

The woman saw the man and was clearly shook. She immediately said, "Yes, I wouldn't remember wrongly. You're my Mo babe. Three years ago, you said you were going out to do business, but you never came back. Today I came to the town and happened to meet you. I wouldn't, wouldn't have looked-"

The woman couldn't even keep talking anymore as her teeth started chattering.

Ye Mo understood that that should be related to that man. But at least now, he had gotten another identity. If this woman firmly stood by him as his wife, then he would be able to leave the town with her.

Ye Mo nodded calmly, "I said I lost my memories, so I can't remember a lot of things from before. Tell me a bit more. I feel you're right too, but my memories are really a blur."

Ye Mo's tone was calm, and the woman gradually calmed down. She cleared her thoughts and recounted.

She was called Mu Xiaoyun. Three years ago, her home town experienced a big calamity. Starvation and chaos separated her from all her family. But before she was about to die, she was taken in by an aunty from her husband's side. Their family also fell victim to the calamity, so the family left their town and came to Huang Ping Village.

By the time they did, due to the spreading of starvation and plagues, only her grandma and husband Mo Youshen remained. Mo Youshen was a scholar, but due to the hunger and destitution, he could no longer stay in the family, so he left three years ago.

Ye Mo found out about this man who had abandoned even his mom, much less his fiance.

She was left to take care of the mother, but her mother-in-law always said her son must have died, and that it was due to her holding him back, so she always beat and cursed at Mu Xiaoyun. However, since Mu Xiaoyun felt that her life had been saved by the in-law family, she kept looking after her mother-in-law until she died not too long ago.

Looking at the crying Mu Xiaoyun, although he wasn't too sure if she had really recognized him as her husband, he could feel how bitter her life had been and that she didn't even long after this husband too much.

Probably, when she left the village after her mother-in-law died, she must have been hunted by that man.

She came to him possibly due to two reasons. One reason could be that he really looked like that Mo babe of hers. Another was that he was wearing the Yu family servant clothes, so he wouldn't fear that triangular-eyed man.

If it was the second reason, then she thought she could run if she just scared the triangular-eyed man away. But what she didn't predict was that the triangular-eyed man would follow them to the restaurant hotel instead.

After guessing this much, Ye Mo wouldn't ask how she had recognized him. This identity just fell from the sky for free, after all.

He patted his head and said, "Oh, so I'm Mo Youshen! Sigh, when I left to do business, I was smacked in the head and lost a lot of memories. Xiaoyun, it's been really hard on you these few years. Don't worry, when I quit my job at the Yu family, I will go back with you immediately."
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