Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 698

Chapter 698: Woman Who Needs to Sleep with Someone

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Mu Xiaoyun had washed up, but she hadn't changed into new clothes. She was still wearing her old clothes with many patches here and there. Yet the coarse dress she had on was like the dress of a goddess showcasing her beauty.

The first thing Ye Mo thought about was Luo Ying. When he saw Luo Ying wearing a coarse dress in that house back then, she also seemed like a goddess.

Although Mu Xiaoyun wasn't as pretty as Luo Ying, she made Ye Mo think of Luo Ying. His eyes were full of longing, and he decided he should go back and reunite with them as early as possible.

Mu Xiaoyun saw Ye Mo's eyes soften down and have a look of longing. She immediately looked happy and surprised. She was just a village woman, but she could read the emotions in Ye Mo's eyes.

But soon, a woman's sensitivity made her realize that her Mo babe wasn't longing for her. Although he was looking at her, his eyes weren't focused on her. It was clear he was thinking about another woman.

Mu Xiaoyun looked down with a sliver of despair flashing across her eyes. She was a traditional woman, and although her mother-in-law and husband weren't nice to her, she still didn't think of running away.

After a long while, Ye Mo came back to his senses and looked at Mu Xiaoyun with a frown.

He didn't ask her where the blood gash on her neck came from. After all, he wasn't her real husband. Still, although she recognized him wrongly, he would still tell her when he left.

What made Ye Mo feel strange was that she didn't change into the new clothes. But Ye Mo didn't ask, he wasn't very curious. She had her reasons for not changing, he didn't need to ask.

"Mo babe, I- I-" Mu Xiaoyun wanted to say something but didn't know where to start.

Ye Mo smiled, "Sit down first, say what you want. Do you want to go back? If you want to go back that's fine. After a couple of days pass and the security stops being so strict you can go back."

"No," Mu Xiaoyun waved her hand, "I don't dare go back alone, but I don't feel too comfortable living here. After all, after all-"

"Just say what you want to say, no need to hesitate," Ye Mo said.

Mu Xiaoyun quickly said, "This is the Yu estate after all and Mo babe is a part of the Yu estate, but if I also started living here, I don't think the owner would be happy."

Ye Mo understood now. She was scared that his job wasn't stable and that if she stayed there too, people would get jealous and he might lose his job. And although she wanted to leave because of that, she was scared of that triangular-eyed man.

Ye Mo smiled, he couldn't really stay and work at the Yu estate. When these people left, he would leave the Yu estate immediately. He knew that that Young Miss Yu hadn't brought him there to be a servant anyway.

"Don't worry, stay here for now, I will send you back in time." Ye Mo still wanted to say something when Young Miss Yu's personal maid came over.

She stood at the door and look disgustedly at Ye Mo but still said gently, "Mo Ying, our Young Miss invites you over."

Mu Xiaoyun heard this and quickly got up carefully.

Ye Mo smiled to her, "Don't worry, you can wait for me here." Then, he left with the maid.

Mu Xiaoyun looked at Ye Mo leaving and a look of confusion appeared in her eyes. She felt her husband had changed a lot from before.

Her husband used to be very bleak and rarely talked in the past, but now he seemed very open and didn't seem to care about anything.

The main thing was that he lied to at least one person, either her or the red-clothed man.

He told the red-clothed man he lost his money so he was too ashamed to go back, but he told her that he was knocked on the head and lost his memories. And, in the restaurant, he said he earned a lot but now, he said his money was robbed. His stories were contradicting.

Mu Xiaoyun shook her head and sat by the bed. No matter what, she liked the current Mo babe better. Although his face was ruined, it was much better than that bleak face.

Ye Mo didn't expect for him to be taken to that Young Miss Yu's bedroom. In the olden times, it was inappropriate to do so.

"I'm Yu Yuyan, and I'm sure you're curious why I brought you here, but for now, come, have a drink with me first." Yu Yuyan pointed at the dishes and bottle of wine on the table.

Ye Mo didn't ask anything. Even if she tried to poison him, he wasn't scared, but he was sure she wouldn't.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn't ask anything and sat down to pour himself a cup, Yu Yuyan looked satisfied and raised her cup, "Mo Ying, drink!"

Ye Mo smiled and everytime Yu Yuyan asked to drink, he drank. Soon, one bottle of wine was gone, but Yu Yuyan took out another bottle.

Ye Mo saw this and realized that she wanted to get him drunk. Although he didn't know why she was doing this, Ye Mo started to slur his speech.

At this moment, Ye Mo utilized the opportunity to ask about the Shang Qing Mountain and Qian Kun Sect.

Yu Yuyan had a sliver of contempt and disgust in her eyes, but she still replied smilingly, "Shang Qing Mountain is a subordinate sect of the Qian Kun Sect. Shang Qing Sect's core disciples are people even the Lian Hua City Lord wouldn't dare to offend."

Ye Mo was shook. He thought of the Luo sisters. Luo Fei had never mentioned that they had such a high status in the inner hidden sects. What Ye Mo didn't know was that these important sect members spent most of their time in cultivation and rarely came to the outside world to show off.

"So since you're about to enter Shang Qing Mountain, your status must be very high!" Ye Mo asked.

Yu Yuyan looked pridefully and said, "Although that is the case, I'm still only an outer sect disciple for now. But with my talent, it's only a matter of time before I enter the inner sect."

"Is it very hard to join them? Then wouldn't it be even harder to join Taiyi? Do you know where Taiyi is?" Ye Mo immediately asked.

Yu Yuyan got even more contemptuous - Ye Mo wanted to join Taiyi? Who did he think he was?

But Yu Yuyan still replied, "Every three years, the big sects take in disciples. Unless you become a member of the hidden sects, you will never know where it is. No disciples dare to reveal the location of the sect or they would be killed. Of course if you want to join the selection, in the beginning of next month at Hang Shui City is where they will be taking in disciples."

Ye Mo looked strangely at her, "Since the selection process hasn't begun yet, how come you're already an outer sect member?"

"Because I have an outer sect member spot card, I don't need to go to the selection. I can just enter just like that," Yu Yuyan said as she poured Ye Mo some wine again.

After that, Ye Mo realized that she probably didn't know much more. He started to act drunk.

"Mo Ying, I've had a good impression of you ever since I first saw you, and I believe this is love on first sight. Don't you think so too? Tonight, I'll sleep with you," seeing that Ye Mo was drunk enough, Yu Yuyan whispered into Ye Mo's ears gently.

Ye Mo sneered. But he really didn't expect that after he collapsed onto the table, she would carry him to her bed and start undressing him.

When she had taken off everything except for his underwear, Ye Mo felt creeped out. If she was going to take off his undies too then he would stop her even if it meant exposing himself.

Luckily, the woman didn't do that and just pressed Ye Mo's sturdy chest as she murmured to herself, "Is every man's chest this sturdy?"

She blushed and started undressing herself too.
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