Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 700

Chapter 700: What To Do

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Yu Yuyan wasn't old, but her heart was so cold - a stranger's life was worth nothing in her eyes.

She was casually going to hand in his life to Liao Wei for punishment.

"You- b*tch! Give me the Shang Qing Mountain card back! It's the Liao family's item. I don't care who you gave it to now, give it back at once!" Liao Wei's voice was shaking with anger.

Yu Yuyan said shakily, "Brother Liao, I already gave the card to Shang Qing Mountain. If you want me to take it back, I will."

"You- you-" Liao Wei almost fainted again.

It was impossible to get it back after giving the card to Shang Qing Mountain. If Yu Yuyan asked for it, the entire Liao family would suffer.

Ye Mo suddenly had a strong sense of disgust for this woman. This woman reminded him of the Dongfang brothers.

"I will annihilate the Yu family! You-!" Liao Wei was so angry that he didn't care about what he said.

Yu Yuyan sneered, but didn't reply. Everyone else from the Yu family was also calm.

Liao Wei's guard said to him, "The Yu family has a Shang Qing Mountain disciple now. Young Master, let's go back and think of another way to make them pay."

The only thing Ye Mo didn't get was why Yu Yuyan had done this to get what she wanted - this way she had lost face as a woman. Did it not matter to women here?

As though he understood that the guard was right, Liao Wei realized that he couldn't do anything to Yu Yuyan. He soon remembered Ye Mo, the main culprit.

"Liao Shan, break that Mo guy's legs," Liao Wei transferred his anger towards Ye Mo.

Mu Xiaoyun was going to kneel down and beg for her husband's life again.

"Hmmm." Mu Xiaoyun caught Liao Wei's attention. She was much prettier than Yu Yuyan. Although she was wearing coarse clothes, if she stood next to Yu Yuyan, Yu Yuyan would only seem like a maid.

Liao Wei's eyes didn't move. He stared at Mu Xiaoyun for a long time before reacting. Even his anger was partly gone.

"Okay, but you need to come with me." Liao Wei felt more and more that Mu Xiaoyun was the girl he wanted. Compared to Mu Xiaoyun, Yu Yuyan was scum.

"Huh- no." Mu Xiaoyun began to worry. She had been covering her real beauty and living in the countryside, so she hadn't had trouble. When she saw her husband, she stopped covering her face. But now, problems arised.

Mu Xiaoyun subconsciously grabbed Ye Mo's sleeve.

Liao Wei's expression sunk, "If you stay with this ugly and poor husband, you will never be able to enjoy life. Our Liao family is a big family in the LIan Hua City. I won't treat you poorly. If you follow me, you can enjoy my wealth. However, if you don't want to come, I will still take you away and kill your husband."

Although Yu Yuyan had planned to break this marriage, she couldn't help to suddenly feel uneasy. He cared about her sleeping one night with another guy, but he didn't mind that at all in Mo Ying's wife's case.

Mu Xiaoyun had slept by Mo Ying's everyday, why didn't he care? Yu Yuyan subconsciously looked at Mu Xiaoyun, realising how pretty she was. Not even she was as pretty as her.

So that was it. Yu Yuyan's expression had sunk too, but it soon returned to normal. She sniffed, "Brother Liao, Mo Ying is our servant. You can take his wife! Take it as a compensation."

"Hahaha! Yuyan Martial Sister, I arrived a few days late. What is the compensation?" a young handsome man carrying a long sword walked inside. Ye Mo saw the words 'Shang Qing' embroidered in the corner of his clothes.

When Yu Yuyan saw this man, she immediately became excited and walked to him quickly. She called his name, "Martial brother Guan!"

The man didn't seem to care about the people around and approached her saying, "Martial Sister Yuyan, how was the trick I taught you?"

"Thank you, Martial Brother Guan," Yu Yuyan thanked him. Love was written all over her eyes.

But they couldn't have expected that Ye Mo could hear their words. Ye Mo realized that this Martial Brother Guan wanted to be with Martial Sister Yuyan. Hence, they planned it so that Liao Wei, that idiot, would forfeit the marriage.

"It's Martial Brother Guan from Shang Qing!" Not even Liao Wei could keep up his ego now.

Ye Mo smiled in this moment, "Everyone,although you saw me sleeping naked with Yuyan, you can't blame me."

Everybody was looking at him strangely, and Ye Mo said once again, "To be honest, Yuyan is indebted to me. Still, I don't blame her for treating me like this. When she was pregnant in Hang Shui, despite not knowing who the father of the child was, I still helped her get an abortion.

After she got the abortion, she slept with me for a while. Yuyan, it's not like I didn't pay you. I gave you all the money I made from my business. Although you only slept with me for a little more than a month, I didn't blame you. I have something to tell to the other businessmen."

Hearing this, Yu Yuyan's face turned green. Her lips started to shake, but she was so angry she couldn't say anything. How could she not be angry when Ye Mo had said all of that in front of the person she really liked?

When Martial Brother Guan heard this, he sneered and left. Liao Wei's expression looked even worse. He hadn't expected his fianc to not only sleep with Ye Mo, but to also have had an abortion.

Everyone in the room was shocked.

"Let's go, Xiaoyun." Ye Mo quickly left the place before everyone could react.

"Quick, quick! Don't let that woman get away. Lian Shan bring her back!" Liao Wei reacted.

Yu Yuan's face was pale. She had been publicly called to be a broken shoe and to have had an abortion in front of Martial Brother Guan. She didn't expect to get tricked by an insect.

Ye Mo quickly took Mu Xiaoyun out of Ci Xi Town. He decided not to stay at the Yu family anymore because he knew if he did, he would have to slaughter people. It wasn't good for him yet.

Ye Mo believed that even if they left the town, Liao Wei would still chase them.

"Where do you want to go?" Ye Mo asked.

"Mo Babe, do you still have money?" Mu Xiaoyun hesitated and asked.

Ye Mo nodded, "I have a lot of gold coins, do you need some?"

Ye Mo was thinking of finding a place to swap some gold for gold coins.

Mu Xiaoyun quickly said, "No, when mother died, she owed people some money. I want to pay it back and then leave Huang Ping with you. I'll go wherever you go."

It was fine if they went back to Huang Ping. Ye Mo was sure that a lot of people would chase them there, but he would just kill them. However, if Mu Xiaoyun was to leave with him, it would be troublesome. He wasn't her husband and it was inconvenient to take her with him.

"Um- Xiaoyun, my name is tarnished. I even had an affair with Yu Yuyan, you're still willing to go with me?" Ye Mo asked helplessly.

Mu Xiaoyun nodded, "Yes, you're my husband. Where will I go if I don't go with you? I know that young miss is lying. What's more, even if she wasn't, what's that got to do with you? She's the one being a slut."

Ye Mo was speechless. What kind of logic was this? What was he going to do if she insisted on staying with him? Leave secretly?
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