Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 701

Chapter 701: A Place to Spread Ashes

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There were about 30 families in Huang Ping Village, but it was much larger than An Li Village as the houses were spread out.

Mu Xiaoyun lived near the edge of the village in a house built from hay and earth. There were also two brick houses not far from her house.

Ye Mo followed to the door of the hay house, and a dark-skinned woman came out from that brick house. When she saw Mu Xiaoyun and Ye Mo, she was dazed when she saw a different Mu Xiaoyun.

"Aunty Yu!" Mu Xiaoyun called out. The middle-aged woman came back to her senses and said in shock, "Xiaoyun, you're this pretty when you wash your face clean! This is the first time I've seen a girl as pretty as you, Xiaoyun. But who is this?"

Mu Xiaoyun immediately said, "Aunty Yu, this is my husband Mo. He went out to do business and just came back, but he was robbed on the way back. I went to Ci Xi Town this time and happened to see him there."

"Oh, right! I wouldn't have even recognized Mr Mo if you didn't tell me. It's good you came back, Mr Mo. You don't know how much hardship Xiaoyun went through when you weren't at home. She fell from the roof so many times, sigh," Aunty Yu sighed.

Ye Mo felt confused - why did she fall from the roof? But he immediately realized - the house was a straw-bale house. If the hay eroded away, she would need to go up and replace it.

"Aunty Yu, my husband is back now, so I repay you the money I owe you," Mu Xiaoyun quickly said.

"No rush, no rush, you still haven't eaten yet. I'll get you something." Aunty Yu felt happy for the two.

Mu Xiaoyun quickly said, "Aunty Yu, don't. My husband took me to a restaurant, and there's still food at home too."

"Oh if that's the case, okay, then I won't disturb you two," Aunty Yu put on an understanding look.

Ye Mo understood what Mu Xiaoyun's words meant. He came back with her with nothing in his hands, and this Aunty Yu could tell he wasn't doing too well and gave him pitiful looks. Mu Xiaoyun noticed this and quickly said they went to a restaurant together to save his face.

Such an understanding woman! Ye Mo sighed. This woman was a wife any man would want on Earth. Mo Youshen was really lucky, yet he abandoned a wife like this and left.

The straw house was very simple. There were two rooms; an outer room with a stove and some simple daily items, and an inner room with a bed and nothing else.

The smell of some herbs came from the inside. Just when Ye Mo wanted to go see what herbs she was collecting, Mu Xiaoyun said, "Mo dear, rest for a while. I will go heat some water and make you something to eat." Mu Xiaoyun made Ye Mo sit down and started to cook.

Ye Mo sighed at the busy Mu Xiaoyun. Even if he was to leave, he would take her away from here and find a safe place for her to live.

Huang Ping Village was calm, but the Yu family and Liao Wei knew they were here. If he left, they would come to her looking for trouble.

But Ye Mo was quickly made to understand that the trouble was already there. Far away, he saw three men walk into the village. Ye Mo could tell that they were sent by Yu Yuyan.

Ye Mo got up and looked at Mu Xiaoyun, "When I did business outside, I bought some things for you, and now some guys came to bring it here. I'll go pick it up, wait for me."

Mu Xiaoyun was confused hearing this, but then she saw three strangers walking over and Ye Mo walk towards them. She looked worriedly at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo came up to the three and before they said anything, he took out a gold bar and said, "Don't disturb my wife. Listen, I found a gold cave, and there are lots of gold bricks just like this one there. As long as you agree not to enter my house, I can take you fellas there.

The three were shocked by the gold brick.

After a while, a man grabbed the gold brick and knocked on it. Then he uttered in shock, "Such pure gold!"

But Ye Mo put the gold brick back in his clothes.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and tell us where it is, quick!" one yellow-toothed man ushered desperately.

They could always kill this guy later and grab that Mu Xiaoyun after they got the gold.

Mu Xiaoyun saw that the three left quickly and heaved a sigh of relief. Her Mo babe had really bought her something! Although he hadn't been back, he had remembered her. Mu Xiaoyun felt sweet.

"He's different from before," Mu Xiaoyun said to herself.

"Xiaoyun, where's your husband?" Aunty Yu brought over a bowl of dumplings and saw Mu Xiaoyun standing by her home by herself.

Mu Xiaoyun said with a face of bliss, "My husband went out and earned some money doing business, and he got someone to send some things back. He's picking up those things now. Aunty Yu, thank you for giving dumplings."

"Xiaoyun don't say that, it's good that your husband is capable, though. Sigh, a good girl like you was- All due to a bad mother-in-law! Sigh, let's not talk about this. By the way, what business did your husband do?" Aunty asked.

Just when she wanted to say something, more women came out chattering.

"Xiaoyun, your husband is rich now?"

"Xiaoyun, you're this pretty, how come you always covered your face with dirt?"

Those three men took Ye Mo to the exit of the village, where Ye Mo saw Liao Shan's two other bodyguards. It seemed that they had been waiting there.

The three men explained to Liao Shan what happened. Liao Shan heard this and looked rather in doubt. Ye Mo knew what he wanted to say, so he took out his gold brick and waved it, "Hurry up and come with me."

Then, Ye Mo turned and left.

Liao Shan's eyes lit up immediately when he saw that gold brick. This was the first time he had seen a gold brick that big. He followed Ye Mo quickly.

The remaining five also followed quickly.

Soon, they came to a barren place in the village.

"Mo, this is the gold cave you're talking about?" Mo Shan looked at this barren far-off place and frowned.

Ye Mo smiled, "This isn't a gold cave - it's the place where your bones will be buried. It's not a bad place, right? Pity that Liao Wei didn't come. To be honest, I really think it's troublesome to go out and kill him separately."

"You're asking to die!" One guard pulled out his sword and wanted to cut off Ye Mo's arm.

"F*ck you, you dared trick us? Cut off his arms first!" Liao Shan said.

Ye Mo sneered and threw five fireballs, and other than Liao Shan, all the men were burned to a crisp. However, the coins they had on them seemed to have grown wings as they flew into Ye Mo's hand.

Then, Ye Mo spoke slowly to Liao Shan, "Sorry, I was wrong. This isn't the place where your bones will be buried - it's the place where your ashes will be spread."

Liao Shan looked at the pile of ashes in terror and froze.
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