Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 702

Chapter 702: Mu Xiaoyuns Husband

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Do you know why I didn't kill you?" Ye Mo looked at Liao Shan and smiled.

"I- I-" Liao Shan's teeth chattered. He couldn't even speak properly.

There had been no heaven-shattering battle nor a bloody scene, but Liao Shan felt terror in his bones. He was a yellow level warrior of the Liao family and had even seen earth level masters fight more than once, but he had never seen such maniac means. He had merely waved his hand and a person turned to dust.

Such a powerful person had been beated and gotten quite heavy injuries. Who could be stronger than him? This was beyond his comprehension.

What shook him even more was that a chair suddenly appeared in the young man's hand and he sat down.

"Qianbei, if you have any questions, just ask, just ask." Liao Shan finally understood why Ye Mo hadn't killed him.

Although he couldn't be sure that he would survive if he answered, he knew that if he didn't, he would be turned to dust straight away.

If he had known that Ye Mo was this strong, he would have rather betrayed the Liao family than to go against Ye Mo.

"Tell me about the main sects of the magical continent. Which position is higher than a city lord's? And where is Taiyi sect? How do I get in?" Ye Mo asked.

When Liao Shan heard this, he started shaking even more, "You- you- you-

You're that man level one hidden sects are looking for."

The man level one hidden sects were looking for? Ye Mo realized that Jie Xun was hunting him indeed.

As though he realized that Ye Mo didn't know what it was, Liao Shan said, "There are three levels in the hidden sects' hierarchy, the highest is level one. If a searching order is given, then no matter where you are, people will come to find you. Only those from the three biggest sects can give a level one order, so those hunted are almost always caught."

Ye Mo sneered, "Answer the questions I asked before."

"Yes, yes," Liao Shan quickly said.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo finally understood what was going on. The rulers of the magical continent were the hidden sects. Each of these sects controlled one or many cities and these cities provided resources and fresh blood for the sects. The bigger the sect, the more cities it could control. Small towns and cities also had to provide resources to the big cities to survive.

When a sect got strong to a certain extent, it could devour another sect as long as it was stronger than the other sect.

Many small sects and powerful people either controlled smaller areas or had become subordinates of a stronger entity.

Hang Shui was a public city and wasn't ruled by anyone. Many powerful entities had their business and commercial land there. This place was also the place with the densest population. The land there was also absurdly priced.

Not everyone could get into the inner hidden sects. People outside only had a chance when these sects looked for disciples in Hang Shui. Once you became a disciple of an inner hidden sects, you could go to the people from the sect in Hang Shui. It was impossible to find the sect on your own.

If someone got a disciple card, then they could just get in without being tested. The card was usually given to a powerful group or person when they mad a huge contribution to the sect.

Ye Mo also understood why the Liao family had given the card to Yu Yuyan. Although the Liao family had the card, no one in the family had enough talent. Although the requirements were lower than for a normal entry, the person still had to have some talent.

Liao Wei had happened to like Yu Yuyan and her talent wasn't enough to get in through the normal entry, but it was enough with the card. So, the Liao and Yu family got together and decided to give the card to Yu Yuyan, with the condition that she had to marry Liao Wei.

But Yu Yuyan had taken the card and then broken the deal.

After that, Ye Mo couldn't get anything more out of Liao Shan, so he burned him down too.

Ye Mo had gotten 33 gold coins, 250 silver coins and more than 500 bronze coins from killing six people.

Ye Mo didn't know how much it was worth. Still, most of the gold coins came from Liao Shan, so it was probably worth something.

With this money, Ye Mo was no longer in a rush to exchange his gold bricks for coins.

Ye Mo took out two big sacks and placed the food and water he had prepared inside. Then, he went back to Huang Ping Village.

Although the three golden scripts were on Ye Mo, he didn't dare take them out. Who knew what phenomena they could cause when they were together! If they revealed where he was, he was over.

Quite a lot of people had come over and asked Mu Xiaoyun about all sorts of things, but her mind was somewhere else. She stood at the door, constantly looking to see if Ye Mo was back. She was deeply worried that he would leave her there alone again.

"Xiaoyun, is that your husband coming back?" a woman saw Ye Mo carrying two bags from afar.

"En!" Mu Xiaoyun also saw Ye Mo, so she quickly rushed out to help him carry the things.

All the men and women who had come over wanted to see how much wealth her husband had brought. But when they saw Ye Mo's scarred face and compared it to Mu Xiaoyun's pretty face, they felt she could do better.

Luckily, these thoughts were gone the moment they saw what Ye Mo had brought. He gave the bags to Mu Xiaoyun and because she had been receiving a lot of help from the villagers, she gave plenty of desserts and famous wines away. Everyone who came got a share.

Some people couldn't help to start eating on the spot. The stuff Ye Mo had brought were from the outside and many people hadn't seen them before - they tasted great.

"You can have this too, see if it's enough." Ye Mo gave the money bag to Mu Xiaoyun. He didn't know how much things where worth there and he didn't know how much she owed. If it wasn't enough, he would exchange a gold brick.

When Mu Xiaoyun opened the bag, tens of gold coins mixed with hundreds of silver coins immediately flashed in front of everyone's eyes. It was the first time they saw so many gold coins. A strong healthy rural young person wouldn't be able to earn a gold coin in a year, not even if he was lucky. He would need two years or more at least.

Yet, Ye Mo had so many and casually gave them all to Mu Xiaoyun. No one there no longer thought Ye Mo wasn't a match for Mu Xiaoyun.

Mu Xiaoyun's eyes turned red. She had thought her husband's business money was all gone, yet he had brought back so much money.

Mu Xiaoyun soon repaid her debt with this money. However, the money in the bag was almost untouched.

Looking at the eyes of admiration from the villagers, for the first time in a long time Mu Xiaoyun felt happy and blissful.
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