Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 703

Chapter 703: Same Bed

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
While Mu Xiaoyun was organizing things, Ye Mo was looking at all the herbs Mu Xiaoyun had gathered. The more he looked, the more shocked he was. There were many precious herbs and even three spirit herbs! Ming Jie Grass, Man Tian Grass, and Double Leaf Mushroom. Double Leaf Mushroom was the main ingredient for making the great essence increasing pill. The great essence increasing pill was the pill needed at the chi gathering tertiary stage, but it was even effective at the foundation establishment state's primary stage.

Yet he saw this spirit herb here! Ye Mo's heart was burning with fire - this small world was indeed worth the trip. But after Mu Xiaoyun gathered these herbs, only the medical properties remained and not the spiritual properties.

Still, Mu Xiaoyun being able to ensure the herbs kept their medical properties already meant that she understood herbs.

It seemed Ye Mo would have to ask where she got these from so that he could go scavenge a bit.

In the meantime, Mu Xiaoyun had organized her things and came up to Ye Mo, saying, "Mo babe, I have prepared water, will you be taking a shower?"

Ye Mo pointed at the herbs, "Xiaoyun, did you collect these?"

Mu Xiaoyun nodded, "Yes, but my dad just taught me some ordinary knowledge, so I didn't dare treat the sick. Hence, I gather the herbs and sell them, barely making ends meet with mother-in-law."

"Your dad is a doctor?" Ye Mo subconsciously asked.

"Yeah, didn't you know that?" Mu Xiaoyun asked Ye Mo strangely.

Ye Mo laughed awkwardly. Although he wanted to tell her that he wasn't her husband already, his wounds hadn't healed yet, and it's not like he could kill her.

"Then, I'll go take a shower now." Ye Mo changed the topic.

Mu Xiaoyun didn't mind, and she immediately followed after him. When she saw Ye Mo look at her, her face blushed, and she said, "Mo babe, I will help you wash up."

"Huh?" Ye Mo looked at Mu Xiaoyun and asked, "Um, did you always help me wash in the past too?"

Mu Xiaoyun shook her head, "I was very scared of you before, and we didn't get a proper wedding either, so, so I didn't. But now that you're back, and I only have you, those ceremonies aren't important."

Ye Mo finally understood. Mo Yousheng didn't even have a wedding with Mu Xiaoyun before he left the place. It seemed that Mo Yousheng was also very strict, so Mu Xiaoyun was pretty scared of him.

His character was different to Mo Yousheng's, which made Mu Xiaoyun feel closer to him. Ye Mo rubbed his head and smiled, "It's fine, I can wash myself. Wait for me outside."

"Mo babe, I'm yours both in life and death, do you not like me? I don't care about your, your-" Mu Xiaoyun almost cried.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "No, I'm really just used to washing myself."

Although Ye Mo rejected her in a nice way, Mu Xiaoyun's mood was still down.

It was much easier to wash himself with a few dirt removal and clear water spells, but Ye Mo didn't want to disappoint Mu Xiaoyun, so he took a bath now that she had prepared it.

There was only one bed in the room, so Ye Mo was thinking about how to sleep at night.

"Mo dear, you can go to bed, I'll help you." Mu Xiaoyun quickly came over.

When she saw Ye Mo look at the bed in difficulty, she immediately knew what Ye Mo was thinking and quickly said, "Mo babe, I've been sleeping in the log room anyway, so you can sleep ahead, while I will go there."

Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned the log room, and he became speechless. The room was completely dark and wet. How could someone sleep there?

"That place is too wet, you can't sleep there." Ye Mo shook his head.

"No, ever since mother-in-law passed, I haven't changed the grass on the roof yet, so that's why it's like that-" Mu Xiaoyun suddenly stopped. She realized something: her Mo dear had never thought about visiting his mother's grave after he came back yet, this wasn't too right.

"You're my wife, don't you want to sleep with me?" Ye Mo suddenly asked. If she didn't want to, he wouldn't mind sleeping outside.

"No, no, I'm willing, of course I am!" Mu Xiaoyun's face was red with excitement. She didn't think her husband would say this.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, "Then sleep with me." He could use the spirit stone even if he was on the bed anyway.

Mu Xiaoyun waited for Ye Mo to take off his clothes before blowing out the candle and taking off her clothes as well.

Ye Mo didn't dare scan her. They were alone on the same bed. Mu Xiaoyun wasn't Yu Yuyan. Even if Yu Yuyan slept next to him naked, he wouldn't think about anything with just a clear mind spirit spell, but Mu Xiaoyun was too lovable. Should he even think about using a clear mind spirit spell?

Before Ye Mo could keep thinking, a warm, nice smelling body squeezed into his arms. Mu Xiaoyun's body was very soft, but Ye Mo could clearly feel her shaking.

"What are you scared of?" Ye Mo felt pity for her and held her coarse hands, but he didn't really know how to comfort her.

When her hand was held, Mu Xiaoyun could no longer keep the softness and weakness in her heart. She hugged Ye Mo tightly and cried out as though trying to release all the hardship she had gone through these past years.

Ye Mo subconsciously hugged Mu Xiaoyun too and cursed Mo Yousheng for being a bastard, but he immediately felt wrong. He couldn't do that to Mu Xiaoyun. There was a deep sense of guilt in his heart. He felt like he was betraying Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue. He subconsciously loosened his hands but didn't have the courage to push her away and make her cry by herself.

Ye Mo was getting pretty scared that Mu Xiaoyun would ask him to take her right then and there or crawl over and do something herself. Meanwhile, his immunity to Mu Xiaoyun couldn't get any lower.

Luckily, the thing Ye Mo worried about didn't happen. Mu Xiaoyun didn't do anything. It was as though to her, it was the happiest thing to be in her husband's arms. Even though Ye Mo let go of her, she hugged Ye Mo.

Ye Mo calmed down and didn't think about anything. He started running his meridian cycles and found that even without spirit stones, his chi was recovering much faster than at the Yu estate.

After some time, he fell asleep.

When Ye Mo woke up again, it was already daytime. He looked down at Mu Xiaoyun, her underclothes were a complete mess, revealing two cheeky white rabbits. A fire rose from Ye Mo's belly, he felt his throat dry, and he subconsciously grabbed those soft things.

An indescribable feeling and aroma went into Ye Mo's nose. He couldn't resist it anymore and squeezed them. It felt very good and bouncy.

Mu Xiaoyun moaned in her dreams and moved closer to Ye Mo.

'What am I doing?' Ye Mo woke up and was immediately going to pull his hands away, but he then saw Mu Xiaoyun open her eyes.

'She's awake?' Ye Mo quickly pulled his hands away awkwardly. Mu Xiaoyun subconsciously blinked her pretty eyes and immediately understood what was going on. Her face was red, she suddenly felt like she really liked how her husband was acting now.

Mu Xiaoyun grabbed Ye Mo's hand and put it on her chest and said quietly, "Mo babe, although we can't be like other couples, I like this too."

Ye Mo grabbed the ball of snowy white but was confused. What did that mean?

Mu Xiaoyun's face was getting more and more red, and even her neck was red. This was the first time Ye Mo saw a traditional woman like Mu Xiaoyun have that enticing look. Those watery eyes almost made Ye Mo forget that Mu Xiaoyun had no relationship to him.

This wasn't right - Ye Mo stopped his hand - he had a wife, how could he do this? The reason why Mu Xiaoyun did this was because she thought he was her husband. Wasn't he taking advantage of her?

Ye Mo just thought about that when his lower body was accidentally touched by Mu Xiaoyun's hand, after which he clearly felt her shake, and she grabbed it.

Soon though, she pulled her hand away and didn't move anymore, but Ye Mo could see her ruddy face become pale. She started to shake, much more than before, and Ye Mo also felt her body become stiff.
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