Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 704

Chapter 704: Mu Xiaoyuns Husband

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"What's wrong?" Ye Mo grabbed her wrist again to see if she was sick, but Mu Xiaoyun suddenly quickly got off the bed and didn't even answer Ye Mo's words.

Ye Mo frowned - something wasn't right. With her docile manner, she would never not reply to him. Ye Mo immediately realized that she definitely was not sick.

Mu Xiaoyun left really quickly and didn't say anything. She just took a pair of scissors from the stove and stabbed at her throat without hesitation.

She was committing suicide?! Ye Mo immediately understood that Mu Xiaoyun must've realized that he was someone else than her husband.

Of course Ye Mo wasn't going to let her commit suicide. Ye Mo stopped the scissors with his hands and took them away from her.

"Why are you committing suicide?" Ye Mo's tone was calm. Although he was pretending to be her husband, it was because she had wrongly recognized him in the first place.

"You, you're not my dear Mo, you're not Mo Yousheng, you, you! I, I-" She could only squat down and cry. The husband that she finally liked turned out to be fake.

Ye Mo shook his head - she had seen through him. Although he didn't know how she realized, he just wanted to take her to a safe place now and then leave. It didn't seem like that was going to work now, though. In her state, it wasn't suitable to leave her anywhere.

Ye Mo didn't regret anything, but he did use her and had even grabbed her chest in the morning. Thinking about what he did in the morning, Ye Mo was very regretful. If he hadn't done that, he could leave just like that, yet now, it seemed like she would commit suicide if he left.

The reason why she realized was probably because she grabbed his private part, while that Mo Yousheng might have been impotent.

He needed to comfort her, but Ye Mo didn't know how to. Ye Mo suddenly thought of something - when she met him at Ci Xi Town, what he saw in her eyes was more fear than longing. Perhaps she was only trying to hide from that triangular-eyed man and it was just by chance that she met him.

Then, after she ate with him, she became more and more dependent on him.

"So, are you Mo Yousheng's fiance? Or have you guys had a wedding? Have you guys had intercourse?" Ye Mo asked a series of questions. Ye Mo was sure they hadn't.

Mu Xiaoyun subconsciously shook her head while she stopped sniffing.

Ye Mo thought this woman was really headstrong about her morals. So many women would sleep with other men even when they were married, and they still lived, didn't they?

"Okay, then at most there was an oral agreement between your parents and his parents. If there was no ceremony, then in reality, there's no connection between you and Mo Yousheng, so you're not his wife, right? What's there to be troubled about?"

Ye Mo suddenly realized that he was being quite eloquent, so he continued without thinking, "Mo Yousheng left you and his mom behind. He left for a few years and didn't even give you anything for your living expenses. Is someone like that really worth it?

You said his aunty saved you, but you've sustained his mother for so many years all the way until you sent her off - isn't this enough to repay that debt? This has nothing to do with him. You don't owe him anything, he owes you."

Mu Xiaoyun looked up dazily at Ye Mo. She had never thought of these problems. When she met Ye Mo, she really didn't think about that Mo Yousheng. Her recent feeling of dependence was towards Ye Mo, not Mo Yousheng.

Ye Mo suddenly said coldly, "If you want to stay loyal then, now that we've slept together, you're willing to abandon me for scum like him and commit suicide? If you still want to commit suicide then do as you please, I don't care."

Mu Xiaoyun heard this and suddenly looked like she had given up hope.

She got up quickly and was about to ram her head into a huge rock. If that hit, even Ye Mo wouldn't be able to save her.

Ye Mo quickly went in front of her. Her head ran into Ye Mo's stomach. Ye Mo really didn't get why this woman was so stubborn.

When Mu Xiaoyun realized that she had rammed into Ye Mo's stomach, she was shook and quickly hugged Ye Mo.

Ye Mo breathed easy - she seemed to finally have thought it through. He still needed to correct her views in case she thought too much after he left, though.

"Xiaoyun, I'm not actually your husband. I'm from outside the magical continent, from a place called China. In China, even real husbands and wives divorce. Men and women are equal. So you don't have to care about what happened between us, much less worry about that Mo Yousheng."

Ye Mo touched his nose and said embarrassedly, "Sorry about this morning. You are really pretty, so I couldn't control myself."

Mu Xiaoyun shook her head and squeezed Ye Mo's waist as she pushed her head into Ye Mo's arms. After a long while, she looked up at Ye Mo and said, "Husband, you're right. We've slept together already, yet I was going to commit suicide because of that. And then after I understood it, I was even more ashamed and didn't have the courage to face you anymore."

Then, she buried her face into Ye Mo's arms.

Ye Mo looked at her speechlessly. What logic was this? He didn't know what to say anymore.

If Mu Xiaoyun went into the outside world, she would truly be easily tricked. This wouldn't work. Even if she lived by herself, she would still be tricked. Not every place was like Huang Ping Village.

But at the same time, Ye Mo didn't feel like she was dumb. If she were dumb, she wouldn't have thought of covering her face with dirt.

"Um, Xiaoyun, listen to me, you didn't understand what I meant. The outside-"

Before Ye Mo finished, for the first time, Mu Xiaoyun interrupted him. She calmed down and looked at Ye Mo, saying, "Husband, do you think I'm dumb and easily persuaded?"
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