Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 705

Chapter 705: He is Ye Cai

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
She shook her head and continued, "When I had nowhere to go but that guy, I met you. I thought you were Mo Babe. I never imagined my husband could be this nice to me. I felt happy, I didn't want to leave you, so I came back to Huang Ping with you."

Mu Xiaoyun suddenly stopped and grabbed Ye Mo's hand, "Aiya, did the scissors hurt your hand?"

"It's fine," Ye Mo smiled.

But Mu Xiaoyun still grabbed Ye Mo's hand and looked at it carefully before putting it down. Then, she rubbed Ye Mo's stomach and said, "Sorry, husband."

"Xiaoyun, I already told you, I'm not your husband. You're a free person, only the person you marry will be your husband," Ye Mo quickly corrected her.

Mu Xiaoyun started crying again, "No, you're my husband. You already said so! We've slept on the same bed and- and- I really like you. Husband, don't you like me?"

"No, it's because-" Ye Mo knew that Mu Xiaoyun really liked him, but that might be because she hadn't met many people yet and he had helped at her most vulnerable time.

Should he tell her he was married? It might be better. If he didn't have Luo Ying or Ning Qingxue, he would take her. No matter what, she was a very likeable girl.

"Husband, were the people searching for you yesterday at Ci Xi Town?" Mu Xiaoyun wasn't dumb. She was only stubborn when it came to men and women relationships.

Mu Xiaoyun calmed down. She had understood Ye Mo wasn't her husband and he had never wanted to trick her disguised as her husband. The only reason he hadn't told her the truth was because he didn't have an identity and she was the only person who could help him.

But in this short time, Mu Xiaoyun had already developed some feelings for Ye Mo. Moreover, after all of that had happened on the bed, could she ever marry someone else?

"Yes, sorry about yesterday. I also used you," Ye Mo said honestly. Then, he added after some hesitation, "I'm actually not from here. I told you before, I come from the outside world."

Ye Mo thought she wouldn't understand, but she actually nodded, "Husband, I know about the outside world. There are many countries and many strange things. They can even fly in the sky with tools."

Ye Mo was shook, so he asked her, "How do you know about the outside world?"

Mu Xiaoyun looked down and said, "Because I heard Mother-in-law talking to him once. Mother-in-law said that Father-in-law came from the outside world."

Ye Mo thought about her words. Was Mo Yousheng's father from the inner hidden sects?

Mu Xiaoyun kept saying, "Our Mu family had been a herbal-medical family for generations. My grandpa had a clinic and my dad learned from my grandpa. I also learnt medicine from my dad. I remember when I was small, a Daoist monk came to my house and told me my fortune. He said my future husband would have the surname Ye.

That Daoist monk was always very accurate, so when I was 16, his dad gave a marriage proposal to our family. My dad agreed but not long after, a flood destroyed our home and then there was the plague. Everyone got separated and I was saved by his aunty.

Mo is his mother's surname, his father's surname is Ye. I don't know why he goes by Mo, but in fact he's called Ye Yousheng."

This was such a coincidence. Ye Mo scratched his nose wondering about the fact that his surname was Ye. What was Mo Yousheng's father's name?"

"His father is called Ye Cai." Ye Mo was so shocked that he almost dropped the scissors.

"Husband, you-" she had thought it through. The Daoist might have not been right.

Ye Mo grabbed her shoulder and asked, "Mo Yousheng's father is Ye Cai?"

"Yes. What's wrong, husband?" Mu Xiaoyun said worriedly. Ye Mo's expression was very weird.

Ye Mo calmed down and said slowly after a while, "Xiaoyun, my surname is Ye, I'm Ye Mo. Mo Ying is my alias. And I heard my father is also called Ye Cai."

"What!?" Mu Xiaoyun finally spoke after her initial shock. Ye Mo's surname was Ye, it was her greatest joy. No wonder that Daoist monk had said her future husband's surname is Ye.

"Ye Babe." Mu Xiaoyun could no longer control herself, she squeezed herself into his arms. She was hugging her real husband now. She had tried to kill herself before for someone else without taking into consideration her real husband.

However, Ye Mo's mind wasn't on her. He was wondering whether his father was the same person as Mo Yousheng's father.

If he really was, many things could be explained. No wonder he looked so similar to Mo Yousheng, and it would also explain why Mo Yousheng is impotent.

Suddenly Ye Mo asked, "Xiaoyun, you realized I wasn't your husband because Mo Yousheng is impotent, right? How did you know?"

"Huh- No, Ye Babe, I- you're my husband. I-" Mu Xiaoyun became anxious.

Ye Mo saw that he had scared her, so he quickly hugged her and said, "Don't worry, tell me slowly. I'm not blaming you."

Ye Mo sighed. Mu Xiaoyun seemed to be really worried that he might leave her behind. She was like an injured bird that couldn't take anymore blows. Ye Mo pitied Mu Xiaoyun, she was gentle and very likeable. But if he was to take her, how would he tell Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue?

Ye Mo looked at his hand and suddenly regretted it. He had done this.

Mu Xiaoyun calmed a little and said, "Once, I came back early from collecting herbs and I saw him fighting with his mum. I didn't dare to go in, I stayed in the log room for a while. I heard mother in law say, 'Your father said your impotence is hereditary. Not even the best doctor would be able to cure it.'"

Ye Mo was more and more certain that Mo Yousheng could be his brother from another mother.

He was a cultivator, so he could clear the meridian. However, it was impossible for Mo Yousheng to do that.

Ye Mo finally understood it. He didn't have any feelings of attachment towards Ye Cai, and much less towards Mo Yousheng.

Looking at the scared Mu Xiaoyun, he suddenly thought of what the fortune teller she had said. Was that real? If that was the case, he might really become her husband.

"Don't worry, I'll bring you with me when I leave this place for sure." Then, Ye Mo carried her and walked to the bed again.
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