Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 706

Chapter 706: Why Did I Have To Touch Her Chest?

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Seeing Ye Mo carry her to the bedside, Mu Xiaoyun's heart started beating rapidly. Her neck became red once again. She didn't know what might happen the night before, but now she knew very well what Ye Mo might do next. She was worried, joyful, and most of all - full of anticipation.

Meanwhile, even though it was already nearly dawn, Ye Mo's spirit sense picked up on that triangular-eyed man again. He was carrying a small bag and was walking sneakily towards Mu Xiaoyun's home. Ye Mo sneered - this guy's lustful heart sure didn't die.

"Xiaoyun, you sleep first, I have some things to do." Ye Mo put her on the bed and pulled the blanket for her.

"Ye babe, where are you going?" Mu Xiaoyun couldn't keep laying down after hearing that, and she quickly got up and grabbed Ye Mo's hand.

Ye Mo quickly said, "Don't worry, I just heard some dogs making noise outside, so I want to check if maybe that Liao guy sent more people."

"What, then what do we do?" Mu Xiaoyun asked.

Ye Mo gave her a comforting smile and then walked out of the door. Ye Mo scanned that the triangular-eyed man had some sleep-inducing incense with him. He didn't know when Mu Xiaoyun was discovered by this man, but he couldn't be bothered asking and just threw a fireball over.

The man had been entranced the moment Mu Xiaoyun washed her face, and he didn't want to wait so much as a day, but Mu Xiaoyun was very smart and ran off to Ci Xi Town very quickly.

He even followed all the way there and back to Huang Ping Village, but as soon as he came back, he couldn't even catch so much as a glimpse of her before turning into a pile of dust.

Ye Mo soon returned to the room to find Mu Xiaoyun already properly dressed. She was walking out with that pair of scissors, and when she saw Ye Mo came back, she breathed easy.

"What are you doing with the scissors again?" Ye Mo looked strangely at her, but he soon realized that she wanted to help.

Mu Xiaoyun blushed, "I wanted to help you."

Ye Mo put the scissors away and petted her hair, "It's not good to stay here, so I'll be leaving. Will you be coming with me?"

"En, of course I'm going with you, husband. In the morning, I-" Mu Xiaoyun uttered. She felt bad for ruining the fun in the morning.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "There will be plenty of opportunities in the future, one morning doesn't matter. Let's go before the day is bright. I'll pack our things."

Then, Ye Mo put all the things in his bag - he needed to leave quick.

Although he wasn't afraid of the Yu and Liao families, he couldn't just massacre them everytime they came. If he did, it would gain attention after some time. He was about to fully recover, but he needed to study those golden scripts and gather some herbs now.

Hearing this, Mu Xiaoyun's eyes flashed with joy. She understood what Ye Mo meant.

Seeing Ye Mo burn the straw house away, Mu Xiaoyun was dazed for a moment. This was the place she had been living for many years, but she knew that her husband was going to take her away forever, so the things here didn't need to be left behind.

The fire woke up the villagers, but by the time they came, the house was already burned down.

Mu Xiaoyun felt Ye Mo carry her, and it was like they flew out of the village like the wind.

"Show me where you gathered those herbs, we'll go there to collect some while hiding from them," Ye Mo said.

"Just continue down this road for about 20 kilometers, and then we'll see Bei Zi Mountain. Husband, you can let me down, I can walk. I walk very fast, and I often come here to collect herbs myself," Mu Xiaoyun struggled in Ye Mo's arms.

Ye Mo smiled, "I know, but it will be day soon. It'll be faster for me to carry you."

Before Mu Xiaoyun could reply, she felt the wind rustle past her rapidly, and as she looked carefully to the side of the road, she saw the trees go by rapidly. She was so scared she quickly closed her eyes.

When Mu Xiaoyun opened her eyes again, she found she was already at Bei Zi Mountain, but Ye Mo was still going forward fast.

Before Mu Xiaoyun could think how Ye Mo was going so fast, she desperately said, "Ye babe, we can't go in deeper, there are many beasts there. It'll be dangerous for the two of us to go in."

"Wait just a bit longer." Ye Mo continued for another 10 km before stopping. They had gone deep into the forest by then.

As soon as they landed, Mu Xiaoyun quickly pulled Ye Mo and said, "Ye babe, we're in the depths of Bei Zi Mountain! We should hurry and go out. We can hide from them in the outskirts too."

Ye Mo looked at her worried look and couldn't help but rub her hair, "Xiaoyun, I'm no ordinary person, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten here so fast, right? I came here not to hide from them but to collect herbs and cultivate."

Mu Xiaoyun suddenly realized, 'Yeah, if he were an ordinary person, how could he carry me and run this fast?'

Mu Xiaoyun suddenly asked, "Ye babe, are you from the hidden sects?"

Ye Mo hesitated for a moment and said, "To be exact, I'm not from the hidden sects. I have many conflicts with them, and so they're actually chasing me. For example, the Taiyi Sect and this nun called Jie Xun. They are all my enemies, and because my power is still low right now, I can only hide for a while. Because I just arrived here, I don't even know where the hidden sects are. In the coming month, the hidden sects will be taking in disciples at Hang Shui. That's why first of all, I want to go there and join the hidden sects."

"So now, I want to gather some herbs and get stronger. Otherwise, I won't be able to get revenge and might even lose my life instead. Before I go to Hang Shui, I will find a safe city for you to stay and-"

"No!" Mu Xiaoyun's eyes started to turn red. Although she just wanted to stay there with Ye Mo forever, if Ye Mo would be going to Hang Shui, she had to go too. She was scared of staying alone.

"You're my husband, I'm going with you!" Mu Xiaoyun was getting teary. She was scared Ye Mo would leave her behind and not come back.

Ye Mo sighed and hesitated before saying, "The thing is, I'm actually already married. I have two wives who love me a lot, and I love them a lot too. Xiaoyun, I-"

Mu Xiaoyun shook, and she felt like she lost all the power in her body in that instant. Ye babe wasn't hers?

Seeing her stand there for a long time without talking, Ye Mo pulled her hand worriedly. This time, he really didn't know what to say.

"Xiaoyun, if you don't mind, I'm willing to take you back to see Luo Ying and Qingxue. They are my wives, and they're very kind people. They will like you," Ye Mo felt how icy cold Mu Xiaoyun's hands were and spoke worriedly.

Why did he have to touch her chest, why did he have to like a girl like her all of a sudden? No matter what, he had to be responsible now.

Mu Xiaoyun's face was full of joy and surprise. A tear fell down from her eyes, and she hugged Ye Mo tightly. She was afraid that the moment she let go, Ye Mo would disappear.

"Ye babe, I don't mind, I'm willing to be a minor wife. I'm your woman, I will listen to them. I thought you didn't want me, I, I-" Mu Xiaoyun was all excited.

Ye Mo said softly, "Xiaoyun, did you forget what I said before? On the outside, men and women are equal. If you're willing to marry me, you'll be my wife just like Luo Ying and Qingxue. There are no minor wives, and you don't need to make things tough on yourself."

"Ye babe, do you like me?" Mu Xiaoyun really liked Ye Mo, so she couldn't help asking.

Ye Mo hugged her, "Xiaoyun, of course I like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't be taking you back. Don't think too much anymore, and now, I'm going to dig a cultivation home.

Ye Mo's words finally made Mu Xiaoyun set aside her worries. Ye babe still liked her. If he didn't, he wouldn't promise to bring her back with him. And if he didn't, why would he rub her chest? Thinking about how they were going to live there for a month, Mu Xiaoyun's heart started to beat rapidly.
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