Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 707

Chapter 707: Golden Dot

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ci Xi Town, Yu family.

A middle-aged man and Yu Yuyan sat in the study room discussing something. He was Yu Yuyan's father, Yu Sheng.

"I didn't think Liao Wei could be that cruel. He took the woman and burned her husband, he didn't even leave a body behind." Yu Yuyan shook her head despite hating Ye Mo too. Although she had accomplished her goal, she had offended Martial Brother Guan.

Despite the fact that the didn't have much love for Martial Brother Guan, he was a inner sect member and if she was connected to him, she would have someone to rely on.

After regretting it, Yu Yuyan calmed down and thought about what to do next carefully. It was fine, she could just go explain it to him. Afterall, she was a virgin, it would be easy for him to verify it.

The only pity was that she could cultivate a lot faster next to Mo Ying. If he hadn't died, it would have been good to keep him by her side.

The middle-aged man thought for a moment and said, "I think that Mo guy is no ordinary person. If you think carefully, you will realise that ever since he fell into your scheme and was taken out for interrogation, he's acted suspiciously. When he was about to die for sure, he was still very calm - he even said something that shocked everyone. Then, he took his wife and left. Liao Wei sent people after him, but they never got to him."

"Dad, are you saying that Mo Ying might not be dead?" Yu Yuyan asked in shock, "Should I send people to go there again and check?"

The middle-aged man shook his head, "I'm not sure if he's dead or not but one thing's for sure, he's not a simple man. I don't think he would die that easily."

Yu Yuyan nodded dubiously. There was another thing that wasn't normal. When they were drinking in her bedroom, he was fine during the first bottle. However, as soon as he got to the second bottle, he was immediately drunk.

Seeing his daughter lost in contemplation, the middle-aged man said again, "We shouldn't care about their business. The reason our family has been able to stay in this town for so long is because we have some power here. Your brothers are all useless and I have no hope of any of them joining the hidden sects. All our hopes are on you, you must grasp your opportunity at Shang Qing Mountain."

Yu Yuyan nodded. She knew what her father meant. She was pretty and even if she couldn't become powerful herself, she could always bring a few supporting powers for her family.

Mu Xiaoyun felt some strange was going on. She had come to the mountain with her husband. She had clearly seen him only carrying two bags and she knew what was inside, so she didn't know how her husband had taken out so many items from it. There were even solar powered stoves.

Husband said that he brought them from the outside world and that they no longer needed logs for fire.

Other than this, there was also a huge tent. Husband was really capable. Not only had he digged a huge cave in the mountain, he had also put the tent inside the cave. What shocked her the most was that he made a bed appear out of nothing. She almost thought her husband was a god.

Mu Xiaoyun believed it was going to be hard living in the mountains with Ye Mo for a month, but it turned out to be much comfortable than at home.

After Mu Xiaoyun saw Ye Mo kill a wolf easily, she felt completely safe.

It was the third day already. Mu Xiaoyun laid on the bed by herself. She was lost in her thoughts. She had thought the first day together would be the day when it happened, but after her husband had arranged everything, he just sat on the side cultivating every night. This made her feel worried and lost. Then, today he dug a huge cave on the other side and said he needed to cultivate something really important, so she shouldn't disturb him.

It was the third day at Beizi Mountain and Ye Mo had completely recovered. His power had also increased a little. He was sure that with a good opportunity, he could reach stage 6 immediately.

The first thing Ye Mo did after recovering was to take out the three golden pages. He wanted to see what they were.

Ye Mo took them out carefully and put them in front of him. Ye Mo's concern that they would shoot out golden light rays for miles didn't happen. They looked just like normal paper in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo flipped the paper around and around, but he didn't find anything. Half an hour later, Ye Mo was sure that other than being unable to rip apart, the scripts really weren't anything special. He tried looking with his spirit sense but his spirit sense couldn't penetrate the paper.

Ye Mo shook his head disappointedly and scanned the three pages at the same time to see what minor differences they had.

But what Ye Mo didn't expect was that when he did that, he seemed to have built a bridge between the three golden scripts. At that moment, his head buzzed and his spirit sense spread out like water in a broken dam.

The three golden pages floated in the air and it was like Ye Mo's spirit sense was some kind of delicious food. They wouldn't leave before eating it all.

Ye Mo was shook. If this continued, he would lose his spirit sense again. Perhaps he might become an idiot afterwards. He quickly tried to take back his spirit sense, but he found that his spirit sense couldn't be controlled. Eventually, even his cultivation essence started to pour out.

At the same time, Ye Mo spat a mouthful of blood onto the golden paper. The golden pages that seemed to be flying away immediately fused together and shone like the morning sun in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was exhausted and fell unconscious. The last thing he saw was a golden ray fly into him.

When Ye Mo woke up, he found himself on the bed. Mu Xiaoyun was like a cat, crawled up in his arms.

Ye Mo tested his spirit sense and found it was fine. Then, he used his cultivation essence, which was also full.

But Ye Mo clearly remembered what happened when he fell unconscious. Ye Mo scanned the cave next to theirs and found it to be empty. The golden pages were nowhere to be found.

Where were they? Ye Mo started checking his body and immediately found a golden spot on top of his dan tian. Was that the golden pages? Why had they become a golden dot? When Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned the gold dot, it couldn't go in. He wanted to take it out, but the golden dot didn't move at all.

Ye Mo gave up on studying the golden dot. Just when he was about to get up, he saw Mu Xiaoyun with tears on the corner of her eyes. Her hands grabbed Ye Mo's clothes tightly, as though she feared that he would suddenly disappear.

Ye Mo sighed. He saw that his underwear had been changed and his body was cleaner than when he had used the dirt removal spell. Mu Xiaoyun had washed him.

Ye Mo realized that as soon as he arrived there, he had gotten absorbed with cultivation and had neglected her. But she never said anything, it was as though she lived for Ye Mo.

Looking at her, Ye Mo reached out his hands and enveloped her. He couldn't control that sweet love and gently kissed Mu Xiaoyun's lips.

Mu Xiaoyun was startled at first. However, she immediately understood that her husband had woken up and was kissing her. She suppressed her excitement to shout and eagerly kissed Ye Mo's lips.
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