Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 708

Chapter 708: Her Everything

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Looking at Mu Xiaoyun's tears of excitement, Ye Mo felt guilty. He felt that before this, his input and Mu Xiaoyun's input were rather inequal.

Perhaps if he were to have lost Mu Xiaoyun, he would have felt sad, but time would calm everything for him. For Mu Xiaoyun, however, if she lost Ye Mo, it would be like losing the entire world.

Since he had made her a promise, he would keep it. He didn't believe he wouldn't ascend into the immortal realm one day. If that day really came, so what if he brought a few beautiful wives along! A woman like Mu Xiaoyun was a blessing, not a liability.

Ye Mo let go of the barrier in his heart and felt the barrier on his state itself loosen. He didn't think about other things and just pulled down Mu Xiaoyun's inner clothing.

"Husband-" Mu Xiaoyun looked up at Ye Mo in joy. She knew that her husband was finally going to take her.

Mu Xiaoyun's body was more sensitive than Ye Mo thought. He merely hugged her, and she immediately became hot and soft.

"Ye babe, wait," Mu Xiaoyun uttered shakily.

Ye Mo stopped in confusion only to see Mu Xiaoyun take out a small, white handkerchief from underneath her pillow. Ye Mo immediately understood what was going on, and he felt touched. She had been patiently waiting for this day for a while.

"Mom said that you need a handkerchief the first time." Mu Xiaoyun's voice was quiet like a mosquito, but Ye Mo could feel her desire.

"Okay, husband, you can come now," Mu Xiaoyun said.

A white rose soon appeared on the white handkerchief, and Mu Xiaoyun hugged Ye Mo tightly. Her mom had told her that the first time hurt, but she didn't feel any pain. Her mind and body were all on her husband, and she could feel her husband's strength repeatedly as she was losing herself.

"Husband, you can have this face preserving pill, I don't need it."

"I still have many, and even though my looks will recover as soon as I take one, it's better for them to not be able to recognize me. Although I'm not scared of anyone, they have numbers on their side."

"And if I learn this, will I really be able to fly, husband?"

"Of course, I practice this stuff too. But only we can practice this, you mustn't tell anyone."


Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun had been living in the mountains for half a month. In this half a month, Ye Mo gathered large amounts of spirit herbs. There weren't many high level ones, but the environment was much better than on Earth.

After Mu Xiaoyun took the face preserving pill and practiced cultivation, she became more vibrant and had a much more ethereal temperament to her compared to half a month earlier.

What made Ye Mo happy was that Mu Xiaoyun also had a spirit root, but it wasn't much better than his. Comparatively, Luo Ying's spirit root was the best, then came Beiwei's, Qingxue's, then Mu Xiaoyun's and finally Ye Mo's spirit root. To Ye Mo's great disappointment, Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng didn't have spirit roots.

On Earth, Ye Mo would have had to give up any hope of ascending to the immortal realm, but after he came to the small realm, his confidence grew.

Beizi Mountain wasn't famous in the small world, yet Ye Mo had still already found nine types of chi gathering state herbs. And there were many forests like this in the small world, so Ye Mo believed that if he kept looking, he would be able to find much more. Perhaps he would even find ruins!

He already had two of the three spirit herbs needed for the foundation establishment pill. He just needed to find the Jia Lan Flower, and he would surely be able to reach the foundation establishment state.

Ye Mo used some Spirit Nourishing Wood and some other materials to make a small necklace for Mu Xiaoyun and then another storage ring and flying sword for her. He also gave her two spirit stones.

Mu Xiaoyun had never received such a pretty ring and necklace and couldn't control herself. But in order for her to cultivate faster, Ye Mo rarely slept with her.

Although Mu Xiaoyun wanted to sleep with Ye Mo every night, she wouldn't reject what Ye Mo told her. After she heard Ye Mo say that if she didn't cultivate fast, then many years later, they wouldn't be able to be together, she took cultivation seriously.

A month passed quickly and in this month, Ye Mo just went out looking for herbs and made pills, but he stored most of the herbs in his ring. These herbs could survive for half a month in his ring, and perhaps in half a month, he would be able to leave the small world. Once he returned to Luo Yue, he would be able to plant them in his garden.

Even with all the pills Ye Mo provided, Mu Xiaoyun only barely reached stage one.


Hang Shui City.

This was the biggest city on the magical continent as well as the most densely populated city.

The recruitment of new disciples that took place once every three years was about to be held there. The hidden sects were the pinnacle of power in the magical continent. Anyone who joined the hidden sects would have a bright future along with their family.

On a wide concrete road, carts came to and fro.

Everyone on a cart was well-dressed as only the rich could afford carts.

The poor came by foot.

A man and woman appeared on this road. The woman was like a goddess visiting the mortal world, while the man's face was ruined and looked very ordinary.

Such a pretty woman should be coming over in the most luxurious cart with many servants and maids, why was she walking with such an average guy?

The surrounding people first thought that the woman was being forced by the man, but when they saw her eyes, it was clear that all her mind was focused on that man.

Mu Xiaoyun's mind was all on Ye Mo, as she was still in disbelief about Ye Mo having flown her to Hang Shui. She still remembered how stunned she had been in the air.

"Sigh, a bright flower planted on cow dung."

Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun didn't seem to hear comments like this at all.

There were soldiers checking all the people who came into the city.

Normal people needed to pay 5 silver coins each time. Ye Mo paid 10 silver coins and walked in.

And then, Ye Mo actually saw electric lights there!

There was actually electricity there, and the wires were spread like a web all over the place! Why did Hang Shui have such advanced stuff when Ci Xi Town didn't?

Ye Mo soon understood what was going on. The power generating technology must've been brought in by the hidden sects. Since Hang Shui was where all the hidden sects gathered, they developed the technology there.

This was Mu Xiaoyun's first time coming to such a big city, so she grabbed Ye Mo's arm nervously and kept looking around.
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