Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 710

Chapter 710: Understand

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Ye Mo wasn't interested in the invitation at all. Although that woman could use telepathy, it was just a secret ancient martial arts technique that she was using in order to turn inner qi into sound. This was completely different to the telepathy he would use when he reached the foundation establishment state.

He didn't want to risk exposing himself to this 'Goddess Zi Hua'.

Thinking like this, Ye Mo smiled apologetically, "Sorry miss, but my wife and I are busy. We're very sorry. Please send our greetings to Goddess Zi Hua and pass on our gratitude for her invitation."

Then, Ye Mo looked at Liu Lei and said, "Brother Liu, thanks for just now, do you have time to join me for a drink?"

Ye Mo didn't know anyone there and didn't know a lot of information. This Liu Lei was a good person. He wanted to invite Liu Lei to a meal, on one hand to thank him but mainly to ask about Hang Shui City.

The woman dressed in green was dazed - what? Goddess Zi Hua was inviting him, yet he rejected it saying he was busy and then immediately went on to ask someone else to dinner?

Everyone was stunned by this.

When the woman dressed in green received orders again, the chariot left. Everyone cursed Ye Mo for being an idiot. If he were to get acquainted with Goddess Zi Hua, someone like Ma Shilong wouldn't dare do anything to him.

Liu Lei also reacted and immediately said, "Of course I'm free, I've been here for half a month already. You probably just got here. It'll be on me today then, let's go to Taste Gathering Lou.

Yun Ziyi had never thought that with her status, two ordinary citizens would reject her invitation. This made her very embarrassed, but soon she forgot about it.

"Miss, that ugly man really is blind," the green-dressed girl complained.

Yun Ziyi shook her head, "That was nothing, I felt like the woman was the truly shocking one. There was such an outstanding woman amongst mortals? Compared to her, I feel like she's the one who is a goddess, and not me."

"Miss, that woman was just an ordinary person. Although she looked a little pretty, she's with that ugly man, how could she compare to you?" the green-dressed girl commented.

Yun Ziyi said plainly, "When she was standing there, I don't know why, but I had the feeling as though she could drift away with the wind at any moment. She had somewhat of a spiritual temperament, and so did that man, but it wasn't apparent because of his looks. Anyway, nevermind."

Taste Gathering Lou was very pricy and was very full these days, but because Liu Lei had some connections, he could still get a small room.

Liu Lei was of very good character. He liked to help out people that were oppressed, but when they introduced themselves to each other, he found out that Ye Mo had also come to join the hidden sects selection. He said pitifully, "Brother Mo, you missed a good opportunity today."

Ye Mo knew that he was talking about that Goddess Zi Hua. Liu Lei explained, "She's the daughter of the biggest merchant on our magical continent. Her father is Yun Dongxia, the leader of the Magical Merchant Association. The Magical Merchant Association is the biggest merchant association of the magical continent. There are countless masters associated with it, and it's said that Yun Dongxia himself is a great heaven peak master. Even among the hidden sects, the Magical Merchant Association has very great status. If you got to know her, then she would only have to say a word and you could join any sect."

So that was it! Ye Mo didn't care, though. He believed that with his power, it would be easy to join a sect.

"I also heard that Goddess Zi Hua came from the All Heaven Sect, one of the three big sects of the inner hidden sects. Even though the All Heaven Sect has declined, but still-" Liu Lei said.

Ye Mo interrupted, "Brother Liu, aren't the three big sects Taiyi, Kun Qian and Ci Hang Jing Mosque? Where did this All Heaven come from?"

Hearing this, Liu Lei looked at Ye Mo for a long time in surprise, "Brother Mo, you don't even know this? Taiyi, Kun Qian and Ci Hang Jing Mosque might be the current three big sects but 100 years ago, the big three were Ci Hang Jing Mosque, Ice Lake and All Heaven. The big three are chosen every century through a tournament. And at the last tournament, Ice Lake and All Heaven lost. Only Ci Hang Jing Mosque remained in the big three."

Then, Liu Lei said, "Although Ice Lake and All Heaven lost their top three spot, their power is still undoubtedly great. They're still first class sects, although apparently Ice Lake is declining rapidly for some reason."

Ye Mo immediately asked, "Brother Liu, about the Taiyi Sect, do you know where it is?"

Liu Lei shook his head, "I've never been to the hidden sects. As for where they are, you just have to become a sect member and you'll know. No one other than the hidden sect members themselves know where the sects are."

Then he reminded Ye Mo, "That Ma Shilong is a very cruel and evil person. He's known to be quite vengeful. If you don't get recruited, you will need to be careful when you leave Hang Shui City.

Ye Mo smiled. If that Horse Sh*t dared come for him when he left, then it would be like he was committing suicide.

Although he knew that Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun came from a small village, Liu Lei didn't look down on them at all.

He felt that even though Mo Ying looked very ordinary, he had a certain indescribable temperament to him. If he were really ordinary, he wouldn't have a wife like this either.

Ye Mo also knew from Liu Lei that the talents the hidden sects identified were divided into five levels. The best were deemed level one, the worst level five. The hidden sects were also divided into four grades; the special, first, second, and third grades. The three big sects were special grade, while the remaining sects were divided based on their power.

Usually, no one would take level five or below talent - that was garbage talent. Meanwhile, the big sects only fought over level one and two talents. If a level three talent was lucky, he could join a second grade sect, if he was unlucky, he would join a third grade sect.

Talking with Liu Lei, Ye Mo learned a lot. When night came, Ye Mo had to find a place to stay.

"Brother Mo, I stay at Hang Shui Hotel. You can come over and take a look with me. It's very hard to find a place to stay in Hang Shui right now. Hang Shui Hotel is the biggest hotel in Hang Shui, and the environment there is pretty good-" Liu Lei suddenly stopped. He just remembered that the two were both ordinary people, so they wouldn't be able to afford a room there.

Ye Mo just wanted to ask where it was when Liu Lei changed the topic.

"Euhm, other than Hang Shui Hotel, there are also many places near Hang Shui Square. It's further away from the auction, so the housing shouldn't be so tight over there," Liu Lei quickly said.

"Auction?" Ye Mo felt curious and asked. He had gotten what he wanted from both of the auctions he had been to, so maybe he could get even better things at this one?
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