Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 712

Chapter 712: F*cking Hell, Whos Afraid of Who!

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"52 thousand gold coins," someone bid immediately.

"55 thousand."

"57 thousand."

"60 thousand."

It was just a moment before the price rose up to 93 thousand gold coins. There were many people who wanted it, and that price was obviously not their bottom line yet. Soon, it rose up to 150 thousand.

At this price, however, there weren't a lot of people bidding anymore. It was mainly people from the wealthy families and sects fighting over it.

"200 thousand," Ye Mo called his bid.

With this, the scene fell silent. Not because the price was absurd, but because it came from a small room. It was clearly just an ordinary room.

This wasn't an issue of money anymore, it was a normal person fighting over it with the sects.

"210 thousand," someone called out from luxury room 009 with displeasure. It was a man in his 30s. How dare a nameless, sectless guy dare fight over the Earth Spirit Fruit with him?

Ye Mo could sense the anger in that voice. He scanned using his spirit sense, and it was the Gemini Sword Sect. Ye Mo knew from his talk with Liu Lei that they were a first grade sect.

No wonder they were this cocky, they probably looked down on him due to the room he was in.

Now Ye Mo was the one who got angry. This was an auction, why would he have to give something away? Even if it were a special grade sect, Ye Mo wouldn't give up on tge fruit.

"250 thousand," Ye Mo added. If this guy was going to add more, he would go straight to 300 thousand.

At this moment, no one bidded anymore, and the Young Master of the Gemini Sword sect was unhappy. Even the special grade sects wouldn't want to get into unnecessary conflict with the Gemini Sword Sect for an Earth Spirit Fruit. After all, it could at most create an earth level warrior. 250 thousand was really the highest price it could be said to be worth.

Qi Qichong's eyes flashed with fury - how dare this ant dare take his fruit and act cocky in front of him! Although he wanted to keep bidding a higher price, he couldn't go too far even if he was the Young Master of the sect.

"Investigate who that cocky guy is. Even if he's willing to give me the fruit later, I will make him suffer no matter what," Qi Qichong said coldly.

"Yes." A middle-aged man in the room soon left.

Ye Mo picked up on this with his spirit sense and sneered. If this guy dared to look for trouble afterwards, Ye Mo would just kill him.

After paying 250 thousand worth of gold cheques, the Earth Spirit Fruit was sent to Ye Mo's room. Ye Mo quickly moved it to a jade box as wooden boxes wouldn't be able to preserve its properties well.

Although Lan Meng knew that Ye Mo wouldn't have a good ending after offending Qi Qichong, she liked idiots like Ye Mo.

"Wow, the Earth Spirit Fruit allowed us to see what true wealthy men look like! The master from room 392 is a young but wealthy hero indeed. Please continue to watch out for the following items."

Ye Mo sneered. He knew what the woman was doing, she was using him. Her words not only agitated Qi Qichong, but those who had some pride wouldn't give up on the next items easily either.

Soon, everyone looked at room 009 and Qi Qichong's face which was green with anger. He understood what the woman was doing too but couldn't help feeling angry.

"Young master, we'll let him act cocky for now. After the auction, we can make a move," the beautiful woman inside the room comforted.

In a certain markless room, a woman in purple was shaking her head. She didn't think there would be such an idiot present. Without any power faction to back him up, he offended the Young Master of the Gemini Sword Sect. This was suicide.

"Miss, that guy is just too dumb. He's asking to die, a pity for the friend next to him," the girl dressed in green sighed.

"Investigate those two," the other woman said.

"Okay, everyone stay calm as the next item is a meteorite ore. It's a metal essence and can be used to make unparalleled weapons. The starting bid is 80 thousand. Each increment must be no less than one thousand." Lan Meng waved her hand and some staff immediately carried out a basket-sized ore.

People who didn't know how to forge weapons lost interest immediately, so for a moment, no one made bid.

But Ye Mo was shook - this was no ordinary metal essence, this was Geng metal essence! He got some fist-sized Geng metal essence from Yu Miaodan and had already used it all. Geng metal essence was very precious in the cultivation realm - it was the best material for making magic artefacts! Magic artefact or spirit artefacts made with Geng metal essence had extremely potent offensive power.

Such a big piece of it was right there, yet no one knew what it was. If this appeared in the cultivation world, how many spirit stones would be needed to buy it? Ye Mo had long since thought of making a strong offensive magic artefact after he reached the foundation establishment state, so how could he let this Geng metal essence go by him?

"81 thousand," someone from room 011 made a bid.

No one was surprised about this as room 011 was the Forgery Hall's room. Although they were just a second grade sect, they were renowned on the continent for their forgery. Most of the weapons from the big sects came from the Forgery Hall, so their actual status was that of a first grade sect.

But no matter what, Ye Mo wasn't going to give up on the ore.

"85 thousand," Ye Mo made a bid, and the venue fell silent. What did this idiot from room 392 want to do, really? He had just offended the Gemini Sword Sect, and now he was going to take on the Forgery Hall? How much money did he have? How many lives did he have?

A bald man with a red face in room 011 was dazed. He was a master of forgery and was a half step great heaven cultivator. He didn't expect someone would fight him. If he really wanted to take it, even Taiyi would give it up to him, yet this idiot dared fight over it with him?

"100 thousand!" The bald man was angry. He, Xia Chongyan, was one of the three Vice Sect Leaders after all.

Everyone could tell from Xia Chongyan's tone that he was angry, but Ye Mo didn't seem to hear that. He called out "110 thousand" slowly.

"200 thousand!" Xia Chongyan's cold voice sounded.

"210 thousand," room 329's voice followed.

"Hmph, 300 thousand!" Xia Chongyan added.

Ye Mo was also getting furious. This baldy dared keep throwing money at him like that, trying to scare him even. F*cking hell, who's afraid of who!

"1 million!" Ye Mo no longer had the mood to be bidding merely 10 thousand more each time.
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