Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 713

Chapter 713: Asking to Die

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Rumble- The audience ignited. That guy was really wealthy. Moreover, it wasn't the main thing, that guy wasn't afraid to die either. He didn't even respect Xia-Qianbei.

Xia Chongyan had bid 100k and everyone couldn't help but admire his wealth. But that guy had just offered 1 million.

Even an idiot could tell that what Xia Chongyan had done had angered the big-bearded man, so he practically gave Xia Chongyan a slap in the face.

"Very well, very well! Kids lately want to act like heroes indeed! I hope you don't disappoint me." Xia Chongyan's slammed the table. A clear handprint was made into the tea table.

Ye Mo didn't seem to know that he had offended a lot of people as he paid the money and happily took the ore.

Mu Xiaoyun held Ye Mo's hands tightly. She could feel that a lot of people weren't happy with her husband, but she wasn't too worried - her husband was powerful.

Even Lan Meng didn't have the face to keep talking. What a pity! She knew Ye Mo was going to die for sure. But she immediately forgot about it just by thinking about the profit Ye Mo had brought her.

In that room, the purple-clothed woman frowned for a long time, as though she was trying to discern who Ye Mo is.

At this moment, a girl wearing a green outfit walked in and said, "Young Miss, there is a big-bearded man and a woman in room 392."

"It's him indeed," she nodded. He had gotten 10 million from the bank, and he still had a lot to spend.

In the following biddings, Ye Mo bought a few more spirit herbs and ores. When Ye Mo bid to a certain extent, no one fought back because they all knew that guy was a mad man and did whatever he wanted. Furthermore, he was about to die, so no one cared.

Ye Mo knew that he wasn't acting recklessly. If it wasn't very important, he didn't plan on fighting over it with the first grade sects. Moreover, he was confident he could run away, he had even changed his face.

"The last items are five sets of chi stones. Each set has two stones, amd it's 500k a set. Each bidding must be no less than 10k."

Ye Mo had already scanned it with his spirit sense, there were five sets of spirit stones. He rejoiced. He had really made the right decision coming to this auction, but from the price, it seemed that the hidden sects also knew of the importance of spirit stones.

It was best for him if he got all five sets, but he knew that it was impossible because of both wealth and power. He definitely wasn't a match for the special grade sects. If he got everyone angry, he would have a really hard time.

The first set was bought by Taiyi for 1.3 million, the second set was bought by Ci Hang Jing Mosque for 1.3 million and the third was bought by Kun Qian Sect, also for 1.3 million.

Although Ye Mo wasn't comfortable, he could only endure it. Many people looked over at Ye Mo, wondering if he had run out of money, why he hadn't made a bid yet.

When the fourth set was taken out, Gemini Sword Sect bid 1.3 million, and Ye Mo added 100k without thinking. Since it was a sect he had already offended, he didn't mind offending them more.

Qi Qichong was furious. This guy was clearly going against him.

"1.8 million." Qi Qichong knew the importance of chi stones and he wouldn't give it away so easily. If he couldn't get the chi stone this time, he'd be in for a hard time when he went back.

"2 million," Ye Mo raised the bid.

"Young Master, we only have 2 million left. We can't raise it more," the woman beside Qi Qichong reminded.

Qi Qichong's face turned green, "Okay, let him buy it. Let's see how long he can hold onto it."

As though they knew that mad man would buy it no matter what, many people gave up bidding.

The fifth set was taken out and the Shu Mountain Sword Sect started with 1.5 million. But just when Ye Mo hesitated if he should bid or not, Qi Qichong bid 2 million.

Ye Mo rejoiced. It was much better to take it away from Qi Qichong than from the Shu Mountain Sword Sect. Before anyone else could make a bid, Ye Mo raised the price up to 2.5 million.

Gold coins were useless to him anyway.

Eventually, Ye Mo got the last set of chi stones too. Everyone knew that this guy would eventually lose everything. Chi stones were so precious that even the three big sects didn't want to take them all for themselves, much less someone like Ye Mo.

As soon as the auction ended, Ye Mo left the place and headed outside the city with Mu Xiaoyun.

More than ten groups of people immediately wanted to chase after Ye Mo, but they didn't dare to because Gemini Sword Sect and Forgery Hall were already at it. These sects were all first grade sects and they had a great heaven master, a half step great heaven master, an earth level peak master and a black level peak master.

Ye Mo had offended these two sects, so his fortune would be split in two - it was one of the tacit rules among sects. No one would say anything.

Yun Ziyi looked at Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun leave and shook her head. If they could escape, it would really be strange. That big-bearded guy had done something like that and dared to leave the city at that time, even she had to admire his courage. It was like suicide. Even if he didn't leave the city, it wouldn't end well. But at least in the city, the sects still had some concerns.

"Ye Babe, there seem to be a few people following us." Mu Xiaoyun saw that someone was following them. It was clear they didn't even bother hiding.

Ye Mo smiled, "So we'll have to go out of the city to get rich, and then we'll come back."

Seeing Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun go faster and faster on their chariot and head to a barren place, Qi Qichong sneered and looked at Xia Chongyan, "Xia-Qianbei, I didn't think this guy liked death so much. Not only does he dare leave the city, but he's also going to a deserted place. He really knows how to find a burial ground for himself."

Xia Chongyan sneered. Although he was the weakest of the four sect leaders in his sect, his forgery skills were the best. Even the sect leaders of the big three would call him "dao friend" when they saw him. Yet, he had been humiliated by this idiot.
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