Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 714

Chapter 714: Defeat But Not Kill

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Xia-Qianbei, we'll split his gold cheques evenly, his metal essence will be yours, while we'll have one set of chi stones each. If Qianbei doesn't need anything else that man might have, then I'll take the leftovers. Of course, I'll leave the big-bearded man himself to Qianbei." Qi Qichong knew that Xia Chongyan probably hated Ye Mo to the bones, so he was already arranging how to split things.

Xia Chongyan sneered, "Fine, as long as I can personally kill that idiot."

"Of course, even if that woman is ugly, hehehe!" Qi Qichong laughed. No matter how ugly the woman, she would suffer if she offended Qi Qichong.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo knew that out of the four, there was only the great heaven master whom he had to have some concerns about. The other four were really no threat to him. He only needed to ambush that great heaven master, while the other men there today would just be easy money.

"Xiaoyun, continue on the chariot for a while and then wait for me." Ye Mo looked at the approaching dawn of the day and knew that they must be about to attack.

"En." Mu Xiaoyun trusted Ye Mo greatly.

Ye Mo jumped off the chariot while invisible and hid by the side of the road. He didn't move at all, because he knew that if he did, the great heaven master would notice his chi signals.

"Elder Ming, Xia-Qianbei, let's attack." Qi Qichong looked at the middle-aged man beside him and at Xia Chongyan.

"Okay, let's attack." The others nodded and sped up to the chariot.

The middle-aged man following Qi Qichong was at great heaven, so he was the fastest. He passed by Ye Mo first and the moment he did, Ye Mo jumped out of his spot while his flying sword turned into a white ray and pierced the great heaven's master's heart from his back.

As soon as Ye Mo moved, the great heaven master felt the chi wave and had the feeling of impending death creep over him. He immediately knew things were bad and that someone was trying to ambush him. He instantaneously tried to dodge the sword.

But Ye Mo was already capable of killing a great heaven master by himself under normal circumstances, while this was a sneak attack, so with Ye Mo's flying sword's speed, even the great heaven master couldn't dodge it.

As the sword chi exploded in the great heaven master's heart, the middle-aged man couldn't even resist.

Seeing that the strongest guy was dead, Ye Mo rejoiced. He was hoping for this man to be heavily wounded first and then he would try to kill him, but this fellow was truly careless as he just chased after the chariot without being on guard. He was asking to die!

This also gave Ye Mo a reminder to never underestimate his opponent himself and to always be on guard.

The middle-aged man's back spewed blood, and he crashed a few meters away. This immediately shook the other three, and they all stopped as they at the big-bearded man in shock.

"You're asking to die!" Xia Chongyan was the first to react and charged over at Ye Mo. He simply thought that the middle-aged man had been killed due to being ambushed and seemingly forgot that the man was a great heaven master. Even a great heaven master was ambushed, how well could he do?

Ye Mo put his flying sword away in contempt, as he really didn't feel any pressure facing a half step great heaven opponent.

Ye Mo kicked up the curved sword the middle-aged man had used.

Clash clash- Soon, Xia Chongyan's metal whip was cut into many segments, and Xia Chongyan was scared sh*tless. If he still didn't know that he was no match for the big-bearded man, then he would be too much of an idiot.

The enemy was countless times stronger than him. He couldn't resist at all during that clash - no wonder he killed a great heaven master.

Xia Chongyan could no longer care about his face and anger. All he wanted to do was run, but as soon as this thought came up, he felt his left shoulder go cold. His entire left arm was cleanly sliced off from the shoulder.

Xia Chongyan was devastated and turned to run without thinking. Ye Mo actually didn't chase him. Instead, he jumped up and kicked the earth level man who had come with Xia Chongyan in the chest. The man had wanted to run too, but he was immediately knocked out. In this short while, though, Xia Chongyan was nowhere to be seen.

Qi Qichong's face went pale. In just a few breaths, his great heaven master was killed, and that Xia Chongyan had lost an arm and run.

Never before had the young master of the first grade sect felt so close to death. As he looked at Ye Mo walk over slowly, his face went pale. He wanted to beg for mercy, but his teeth were chattering.

Although he was a black level peak martial artist, his power had been built up using pills, and he had no fighting experience. He didn't even know what to do now.

"You can't kill me, I'm the young master of the Gemini Sword Sect, please forgi-" before he could finish, Ye Mo knocked him out with a kick.

Ye Mo took all of his attackers' gold cheques and then picked up the curved sword from that earth level cultivator and pierced it into the great heaven master's wound before nailing Qi Qichong into the ground with the sword.

Then, Ye Mo went up to the great heaven master's side and carved "Forgery" onto the ground before leaving.

By the time Ye Mo finished doing this, Mu Xiaoyun came over.

"Xiaoyun, these people wanted to kill us, so I killed them," Ye Mo explained, fearing that Mu Xiaoyun would be scared.

Mu Xiaoyun grabbed Ye Mo's arm as she shook her head, "Ye babe, I'm not scared."

Ye Mo approved of Mu Xiaoyun's guts - most girls would be afraid of such events.

Ye Mo picked up the earth level man and took Mu Xiaoyun on his flying sword all the way to Hang Shui City before landing.

Ye Mo woke the earth level man up and pointed at the stalls outside the city, "I have sealed your meridians, and unless I open them for you, you will die for sure. I need you to do something for me now. Go to that stall and buy a set of fighter clothes for me. Do it quick, and if you play any tricks, you won't be seeing today's sun."

"yes, Qianbei, I understand. Will you be able to-"

"Hurry up, you have no right to be asking me questions. If you want to keep talking, you don't need to go anymore," Ye Mo threatened as he was about to attack.

That earth level man no longer dared to hesitate and quickly ran to the stall and bought the clothes before running back hurriedly.

Ye Mo nodded with satisfaction before turning the earth level man and the clothes he had bought into ash. Then, he took Mu Xiaoyun into the Blue Sea Hotel while invisibile.

Although she didn't know why her husband did all this, Mu Xiaoyun never asked.

When it was day, Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun returned to their normal appearance and walked out of the hotel. Ye Mo didn't eat anything with Mu Xiaoyun at the hotel but went outside searching for news instead.

The reason why Ye Mo did what he did was because Ye Mo knew that if he really killed all four, then even if it didn't have anything to do with the pair, they would still be suspected. So he defeated all of them, but he didn't kill that Xia Chongyan, instead letting him go to play a dirty trick.

Just when Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun walked out of the hotel and came to the Hang Shui Square, they saw many people gathered there in groups discussing something.

"Brother Mo, over here!" Liu Lei called from a breakfast shop.

Ye Mo quickly went in there with Mu Xiaoyun.

"It seems Brother Mo has found a place to stay." Liu Lei was happy to see Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, we're staying at the Blue Sea Hotel. There are no more options any closer."

"Not bad, Blue Sea is a good place."

Ye Mo immediately asked, "Brother Liu, what are these people gathered here talking about?"
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