Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 715

Chapter 715: Effective

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Liu Lei looked around and then whispered, "It's said that Forgery Hall and Gemini Sword Sect will be fighting in Hang Shui City. They're about to have a full on battle."

Ye Mo heard this and rejoiced. Everything had gone according to his plan. If he could drag this on for a little longer, even if people found out he did it, it wouldn't matter.

Ye Mo pretended to be shocked, "Aren't those two both first grade sects? How come are they fighting?"

Liu Lei shook his head and drank some soy milk before saying, "I just heard about this too. They say that at the auction last night, there was this really rich big-bearded man. He took both Gemini Sword Sect and Forgery Hall's items and of course, they wouldn't let him go.

But theoretically, they both hate the big- bearded man, they should be working together. Why are they fighting each other?" someone from the other table asked.

Liu Lei didn't answer but someone replied for him. A black-faced man from another table answered, "It's like this, after the auction, both sects chased after that big- bearded man."

Seeing more and more people listening, the black man said satisfyingly, "This was no big deal, but the problem is that four people went, two from Forgery Hall and two from Gemini Sword Sect. However, only one came back, Forgery Hall's Vice-sect Leader Xia-Qianbei."

"What? That big-bearded guy is that strong?" the man asked.

Ye Mo was shook. That man had said this unintentionally but if everyone thought that, it would be dangerous.

The black man said in contempt, "Use your brain before speaking! That big-bearded man looks like he's in his 30s at most. Do you think he can beat four masters with a woman? One of them was a great heaven master from the Gemini Sword Sect. Some things are obvious, if you just used your brain!"

Seeing that everyone was captivated by words, the black man said with more satisfaction, "This morning, Xia Chongyan-Qianbei came back with a lost arm. He said that the big-bearded man had done it and that he was very strong. He killed a great heaven master and made him heavily injured, but no one believed this."

"Then what?" someone else asked. Ye Mo noticed that there was a crowd around him too - so this was how the discussion groups were formed.

"Then what? Of course, go investigate the scene," the black man said looking happily as more and more people gathered.

"And what happened next?"

The black man replied, "A few neutral sect masters went and saw the bodies of Gemini Sword Sect's elder Ming Zhifeng and the Young Master Qi Qichong. He was nailed to the ground with a curved sword. That curved sword belonged to the missing earth level master of the Forgery Hall, Wei Wu. Ming Zhifeng's wound had also been caused by this sword."

"Huuuuuh!" everyone yelled out in shock.

The black man said again, "This wasn't the most important thing. Most importantly, someone said that under Ming Zhifeng's hand there was the word 'forgery'. It might be because elder Ming Zhifeng was very powerful and didn't die immediately, so he carved that word to leave behind a clue. Do you know which sword cut Xia Chongyan-Qianbei's arm? It was elder Ming Zhifeng's sword."

"No wonder!" someone exclaimed.

"But why would Forgery Hall do that? And where's that Wei Wu?" someone thought and asked.

At this moment, a fat warrior intervened, "I heard that big-bearded man is very rich. He probably had a lot of good stuff on him and wealth always triggers greed. I heard people say that they saw Wei Wu outside the Hang Shui City buying some daily items, as though he was leaving."

Ye Mo heard this and felt he had overdone it. It looked too suspicious, someone definitely doubted it already. But even so, he only needed to get by for the next days.

The biggest meeting room in Hang Shui City was filled with the masters of many sects.

Xia Chongyan's face was green. He only had one arm, but he still had to attend.

"I already said that guy framed me. Wei Wu and I are just at halfstep great heaven and earth level, how could we have killed Elder Ming Zhifeng? If I had really killed him, how could Wei Ya have left behind that curved sword? Why would he leave the evidence behind?" Xia Chongyan was angry, but he still had to explain.

A white middle-aged man from the Gemini Sword Sect sneered, "Xia Chongyan, you did it but you don't dare admit it! Do you think the Gemini Sword Sect fears you guys? You didn't kill my son, Qi Qichong? Would he kill himself!? Would a great heaven master kill himself too? Of course you can't kill our elder with your pitiful power! But if you suddenly attacked from the back, who would be on guard?"

Xia Chongyan was angry, but he knew it wasn't the time to rage. He could only suppress his anger and say, "To all the sect leaders here and Sect Leader Qi, that big-bearded man is really a master stronger than great heaven. I admit I'm not match for him. When he killed elder Ming Zhifeng with a long sword, I couldn't even see it clearly."

"Hahaha!" the Sect Leader Qi was so angry he laughed instead. "Xia Chongyan, you old fart! You're saying a person in his 30s is stronger than a great heaven master? Everyone, I, Qi Youxin, want to ask you, have any of you seen a 30-year-old great heaven master? Has the continent even had a great heaven master younger than 45?

Xia Chongyan, you also said that big-bearded used a long sword. Then, how come your wound was caused by a curved sword? Why? Why is your metal whip also damaged by elder Ming's curved sword? Old fart! Even if our sect dies, I will kill you!"

Then, Qi Youxin pulled out his long sword. Seeing this, the Gemini Sword Sect masters also stood up and pulled out their weapons.

This also caused Forgery Hall's side to stand up and pull out their weapons.

"Everyone, please, listen to us, Kun Qian sect! Although Vice-sect Leader Xia has great suspicions about this case, we haven't found Wei Wu yet. I think we should find Wei Wu first. He was just seen outside the city this morning. Although his appearance is very suspicious, I think we should investigate it first." An old man from the Kun Qian sect stood up.

"I agree to Ling-Qianbei's proposal. Wei Wu's actions were very strange. Also, how did that big-bearded man disappear? Neither him nor his partner have been seen. This is very strange," a Taiyi sect elder got up and said.

Everyone knew that old man from the Kun Qian sect. He was Ling Wushui, a great heaven peak master. He was a master amongst masters in the magical continent. He also had Qian Kun sect as his back up.

Although Qi Youxin didn't want to give up, since Ling Wushui had said that, he could only wait.
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