Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 716

Chapter 716: When I Was Young, I Was Also a Mothers Baby

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No matter what, Ye Mo knew that he wouldn't need to worry about it for at least a couple of days. He took Mu Xiaoyun around shopping in Hang Shui City.

These days were the absolute happiest for Mu Xiaoyun. Not only could she stay with her husband, they even had fun walking around the city. She liked looking at jewelry for example, and she didn't have to buy any, but she would be content looking around. She couldn't remember how long it had been since she could walk around freely on the streets like that.

When she was young, her mother also held her hand walking in the busy streets while looking around, but that disaster took everything away.

That disaster separated her and her family, making her struggle alone in Huang Ping. For those thousands of days and nights, she suffered and never had a full meal, and still she had to take care of the mother-in-law who always cursed at her. If she hadn't met Ye Mo, she would still be suffering somewhere.

Mu Xiaoyun wiped the tears from her eyes as she thought in self-mockery, 'When I was young I was also a mother's baby.'

Ye Mo felt Mu Xiaoyun's sadness and pulled her hand and asked, "Xiaoyun, what's wrong?"

Mu Xiaoyun clasped Ye Mo's hand tightly and thought, 'I'm in my husband's care now, mother should feel assured in the heavens.'

"Young Miss, look it's those two we saw yesterday. That girl is really like a flower planted in cow dung," that girl dressed in green said when she saw Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun walk into a jewelry shop.

Yun Ziyi smiled. She no longer had the intentions of inviting them again after yesterday, but when she saw them, she frowned. She felt like she had seen their figures somewhere else as well, but she couldn't remember where.

"What's wrong Young Miss?" the green-dressed girl immediately asked.

Yun Ziyi said in confusion, "I feel as though I've seen them recently."

The green-dressed girl laughed, "Young Miss, of course you have. You saw them on the streets yesterday."

Yun Ziyi laughed at herself, "That's probably it-"

Just when she wanted to leave, she suddenly stopped, "Wait, I didn't see their backs yesterday. I just saw the woman and felt like she was extraordinary. But just now I felt their backs specifically to be very familiar."

"Their backs?" Yun Ziyi suddenly murmured, and her face changed drastically. She said, "Xiao Ling, check if they left the city in the morning and came back afterwards. Or no, never mind."

Yun Ziyi thought, 'It shouldn't be them. If those people left in the morning, they wouldn't be walking around freely here, they would've long since have been caught. But from the back they really seem like that big-bearded man and his woman.'

The day went by very fast for Mu Xiaoyun, and when she came back to the hotel with Ye Mo, she was still relishing the day.

Although Ye Mo really wanted to make the essence increasing pill right away, he was scared that the Earth Spirit Fruit's chi would catch the attention of some masters, so he didn't dare to.

Mu Xiaoyun squirmed into Ye Mo's arms and suddenly said, "Ye babe, are those chi stones very precious?"

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, I call them spirit stones. They're very useful to our cultivation. Since they're so rare, they're precious."

"Then Ye babe, I don't need it. You can have them." Mu Xiaoyun wanted to take out her spirit stone but was stopped by Ye Mo, "No need, keep it for yourself. You cultivate the slowest right now, so I want you to hurry up, otherwise you won't be able to keep up."

Hearing this, Mu Xiaoyun quickly put her hand down. If she couldn't keep up then what if Ye babe, Sister Luo Ying and Sister Qingxue ascended into the immortal realm without her? She would be left alone again, and she would have nothing again.

"Ye babe, I think I should get up and cultivate." Mu Xiaoyun felt the pressure and wanted to cultivate immediately.

Ye Mo pulled her hand and said, "It's important to cultivate, but you don't need to by this desperate. It's a slow-paced thing, and the more you're worried, the more you can't keep it up."

"Mm!" Mu Xiaoyun felt her mouth blocked by her husband and immediately softened up.

On their second day in Hang Shui, it was the first day of the hidden sects recruitment.

Hang Shui Square was the biggest square in Hang Shui and was tens of thousands of square meters big, yet because there were a lot of people, it was still very busy.

When Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun arrived at the square, Ye Mo found that the sects were divided based on their grade. The special grade sects were in the most obvious place. Ye Mo scanned around and found that each of the big three had a great heaven master present. He saw that Taiyi Sect also had a master.

When Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned to the Taiyi Sect, he felt the Taiyi Sect Master subconsciously look over at him. Ye Mo immediately reigned in his spirit sense. This guy was an extremely dangerous person! Ye Mo had planned to join Taiyi and reach stage seven before then getting revenge, but now it seemed that plan wouldn't work.

He decided that before reaching stage seven, he wouldn't have any contact with Taiyi or the other big sects.

Ye Mo carefully avoided the three big sects and moved his spirit sense elsewhere. There were 12 first grade, 36 second grade and 120 or so third grade hidden sects. There were also many other ungraded small sects.

Ye Mo eventually decided to join a second grade sect.

The special grade sects had long lines that would take a day to be checked. Even though the second grade sects had much less people queuing up than the special grade sects, there were still a lot.

"Let's go to a third grade sect," Ye Mo said helplessly and went to a sect called the Flash Fist Sect.

Joining the line, Ye Mo found that the testing speed was surprisingly fast. The first stage of testing entailed putting your hand on a device and using inner qi to activate it. Those without inner qi would just put their hand on the device and the interviewer would activate it.

There were five crystal balls on the device and when the interviewer activated their chi, the balls would either light up or have no reaction.

The brighter the balls, the higher the talent.

The balls had different colours too. Ye Mo was suddenly shook - wasn't this the device used to test spirit roots? How could the small realm have such a thing? Ye Mo sent his spirit sense out and found that almost all the sects had it.

He didn't even know how to make it, yet there were so many in the small realm! Although these things were daily street items in the cultivation realm, this was the small realm. He had to get one no matter what or at least find out how they were made.

As Ye Mo scanned the device with his spirit sense, he found it worked based on a simple Five Element Formation.

But soon Ye Mo realized that this was the most simple way of testing for spirit roots. It could only test whether one had any five element spirit root. It wouldn't be able to identify mutated spirit roots. Indeed, the devices used in the cultivation realm had eight crystal rods.

"No talent, next." The interviewer was very fast. Most people here were unsatisfactory.

"But master I can cultivate, I'm already a yellow level!" One man who was denied looked at the device in disbelief. He could clearly cultivate and cultivated very quickly, how could he have no talent?

The interviewer's face sunk, "I already said you're unsatisfactory, what are you saying? If you don't believe me, test somewhere else."

The man left with a sullen face. He had already just come over from another sect. Ye Mo knew that this guy might have a mutated spirit root.

"Level five talent, unsatisfactory, next."

"No talent, unsatisfactory."

"Level four talent, stand behind me."

Soon, it was Ye Mo's turn.
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