Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 719

Chapter 719: Return to Hidden Sects
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Three days went by rapidly, and Ye Mo was really excited as the sects were finally going back to their hidden bases.

The sects didn't leave individually. They gathered together and only after travelling by chariots for a few days did they stop by a seemingly endless sea. Ye Mo finally knew why the hidden sects were so hard to reach.

Not mentioning the harsh wind, the waves were really tall. Some tall building-like ships were docked by a dull port.

Other than these big ships, Ye Mo also saw some small wooden boats that were fishing boats.

When Ye Mo scanned the tall ships, he noticed that they were metal ships and some even had steam engines! They also had sails, but those weren't up.

So the hidden sects were gathered on the other side of the sea? No wonder it was so hard for normal people to go to the hidden sects. Only the hidden sects had the power and money to build such tall ships. Perhaps they had even captured some engineers from the outside world to build them.

Ice Lake's status was low, so they stayed near the back, but Ye Mo still found out some things from other people's conversations. Apparently the hidden sects always came over by boat, usually four times a year.

It was very hard for anyone to reach and enter the hidden sects, and all sorts of verifications were needed, but to come out from the hidden sects was easy.

The ships were very big, and each sect had their own area on a ship. Although Ice Lake was a third grade sect, they still had their own area with a kitchen and tens of rooms. This was enough for a small sect like Ice Lake. Some other sects which had a lot of disciples, however, oftenly had multiple recruits sleep in one room.

Although most of the ship was filled with hidden sect members, some non-member people from the outside also came along. They did so to do business, and merchants like them usually made the trip just two or three times a year.

Ye Mo noticed that the special grade and first grade sects lived in the best areas. They had a proper sea view and much more space. Those ungraded and normal merchants lived in the worst areas, but even the worst areas weren't really bad.

"Martial Sister Xiaoyun, sleep with me tonight, we'll have a talk," Ji Yilan, the sect leader, said with a crisp voice.

Mu Xiaoyun blushed and replied softly, "Sorry Martial Sister Yilan, but I'd like to stay with my husband."

Ji Yilan and the people around were speechless - these two were too clingy.

"Xiaoyun, when we go to the sect you will need to stay in the core disciple area while your husband will have to stay outside. You need to learn to live apart from your husband. This isn't just a matter of a day or two."

Miao Lian saw this and said.

Mu Xiaoyun shook her head, "I will live where husband lives. I won't separate from husband."

"" Miao Lian looked speechlessly at Mu Xiaoyun. This girl was so pretty, yet why was she so stubborn? What was so good about that ugly man anyway?

"Your husband will also live in the sect, but he can't cultivate, so you can't worry about him - you need to cultivate as fast as you can to be able to be of help to him." Miao Lian thought hard to find something to comfort her.

But Mu Xiaoyun just said, "I'm staying with husband."

"Brother Mo, Martial Sister Xiaoyun will cultivate faster with us, if you stay with her everyday it will affect her progress, so you should try to convince her," Ji Yilan said.

Ye Mo smiled, "Xiaoyun is my wife, and she needs to stay with me."

"You!" Ji Yilan was so angry she couldn't say anything. She had never seen someone this selfish. Not only could he not cultivate himself, yet for his selfish purposes, he was hindering his wife's cultivation progress too.

Ye Mo couldn't be bothered to explain. Knowing that Mu Xiaoyun had a pure wood spirit root, he had been trying to find her a suitable cultivation method. He wouldn't let her learn the garbage ancient martial arts.

Looking at Mu Xiaoyun's adamant expression, she knew it would be impossible to persuade her. If she said anything more, Mu Xiaoyun might dislike her instead. It seemed that the most important thing in the world to her was her husband.

"Okay then," Ji Yilan sighed and left with Miao Lian.

Ye Mo closed the door and said to Mu Xiaoyun, "Xiaoyun, I know now that you have a pure wood spirit root, and the reason why your cultivation went slow was not because your talent was bad, but because I gave you an unsuitable cultivation method. I don't have a wood element cultivation method yet, but don't cultivate anything for now. When I find a fitting cultivation method, then you can cultivate."

"Okay, I'll listen to you." Mu Xiaoyun didn't have any objections.

"Also, I'll need to go out and have a look around later. I'm worried that an enemy might also be on this ship, and if that is the case, we'll need to be careful." Ye Mo didn't know if Jie Xun wasn't somewhere closeby.

"Husband, I'll go with you," Mu Xiaoyun immediately said.

Ye Mo shook his head, "Your test revealed you to be a level one talent, so many people would recognize you. It's better for you to stay here."

"Aunty Miao, do women have to cling to their husband like that after getting one?" Ji Yilan really didn't understand why Mu Xiaoyun wouldn't want to leave Ye Mo at all.

Miao Lian shook her head, "No, but if they're newly wed they don't want to separate. After some time, the feelings calm down. I've researched this Mu Xiaoyun, and she's just a normal woman from Huang Ping, so frankly put, she hasn't seen much in life. When she sees more young, talented people, perhaps her views will change. Don't be in a rush about it."

Ye Mo left the Ice Lake area and used his spirit sense very carefully. When he scanned Ci Hang Jing Mosque's area carefully and didn't find Jie Xun, he relaxed.

Suddenly Ye Mo felt someone watching his every move. He didn't turn back but carefully released his spirit sense.

Soon, he found it to be that Goddess Zi Hua.

Ye Mo didn't think she would also be there and frowned. He believed he didn't act out of the ordinary, so why did this woman keep watching him?

No matter what, Ye Mo didn't want to have too much contact with this woman. He started walking faster.

"Brother Mo, you're also here?" a surprised voice stopped Ye Mo. He immediately knew it was Liu Lei. This meant that Liu Lei had also been chosen.

"Haha, I've become Shu Mountain Sword Sect's outer sect member, but when I arrive, I hope to do well and rise to an inner sect member. Which sect are you in?" Liu Lei's face was full of excitement.

Although Shu Mountain was only a second grade sect, it was a peak second grade sect.

"The Ice Lake Sect for me, Brother Liu. I didn't think I would meet you here, though!" Ye Mo really wanted to go visit the Shu Mountain Sword Sect. He wanted to know if the legend of the Shu Mountain in the outside world was related to the sect here.

"It's you?!" a cold voice suddenly sounded.

Ye Mo turned back to see Yu Yuyan, and her expression was a little weird.
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