Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 720

Chapter 720: Conflict with Yu Yuyan

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
From the bottom of her heart, Yu Yuyan was surprised that Ye Mo had managed to get on the ship. She had thought Mo Ying might be related to Goddess Zi Hua, but later she decided it was impossible.

If he was, he wouldn't have allowed to be harassed by Liao Wei like that. But still, Yu Yuyan didn't dare do anything to Ye Mo in case she was wrong.

"You got here, I really didn't expect it. It seems like Liao Wei is really kind-hearted. He took your wife and simply let you go." Yu Yuyan didn't want to talk to Ye Mo anymore.

"Martial Sister Yuyan, who is that ugly guy?" a few guys immediately came up surprising her.

Yu Yuyan sneered, "A cocky guy. His woman was taken away, but he's still acting cocky here. If I was him, I would've jumped in the sea. His mere existence is an embarrassment."

She didn't want to talk much to Ye Mo, but his sardonic eyes made her very unhappy. With her martial brothers helping her out, she had started to talk shit.

Ye Mo sneered, "People say that 'one night as husband and wife, 100 days of feelings'. Even if it was just one night, I still slept you and helped you get an abortion. How can you talk like that?"

Ye Mo knew what Yu Yuyan wanted. It was to control all the men there so she could have them at her mercy, but he wasn't going to let her get away so easily.

"You- shameless! When did I-" Yu Yuyan was shaking with anger again.

Ye Mo was more and more happy. She said slowly, "How could Liao Wei know us then? He was your fianc, but he caught us on the same bed. Sigh- it's embarrassing to bring this up. Why do you force me to tell?"

"You- you-" Yu Yuyan's face was purple with anger.

"You're asking to die! Martial Siter Yuyan is clearly a virgin, but you dare insult her like this? I, Pan Cheng, will teach you a lesson today" A white man took out a long sword and was about to attack Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked strangely at this guy and said, "Pan Cheng, I didn't think you had so much experience with women. You really go from flower to flower, don't you? I think you two might have a brawl."

Pan Cheng could see Yu Yuyan's situation. He wanted to get her, but now that he had been exposed as an experienced f*ckboy, he was unsatisfied. He lifted his long sword and tried to stab Ye Mo.

Liu Lei was standing on the side. Ye Mo had the upper hand in the dissing battle, so he didn't say anything. But when Pan Cheng attacked, he pulled out his curved sword without thinking.

The sword almost got to Ye Mo, so when the swords clashed, sparks were scattered on him.

Watching from afar there was Yun Zifi. She was frowning. Mo Ying didn't look like he had any power, but when Pan Cheng's sword almost pierced his skin, his eyes didn't even blink.

If it wasn't for the man behind him, Mo Ying would have been heavily injured already. Had he not had time to react or was he not scared at all?

"Shu Mountain friend, this is Shang Qing Mountain's business. Why are you intervening!?" Pan Cheng's face wasn't good. Although he was at yellow level, he could tell Liu Lei was no weaker than him. The main thing was that Shu Mountain sword sect had ranked higher than Shang Qing Mountain.

Liu Lei felt very happy. If he hadn't been a Shu Mountain disciple, he wouldn't have dared to fight the guy.

"Fighting is not allowed on the ship. If anyone fights again, they will be kicked out!" before Liu Lei could reply, a law enforcer arrived and said seriously.

Everyone moved away from the law enforcer - they were no joke. Getting kicked out of the ship meant getting thrown into the sea. The sea was endless. No matter how much power you had, it was a certain death.

"Brother Mo, why don't you come to my place and have a chat?" Liu Lei pulled Ye Mo, he wanted to bring him to his place.

Ye Mo saluted with his fist, "We are all now in the hidden sects, so we'll have plenty of time to see each other. We still have a month left on this ship. I have some things to do today, but once I'm done, I will come over."

Ye Mo really was busy. He had found out that Jie Xun wasn't there, so although he didn't dare to make an essence increasing pill, he wanted to try to reach stage 6.

When he got to his room, he found that Ji Yilan was also at the door. He was about to ask what she was doing there when Mu Xiaoyun opened the door. Seeing Ye Mo come back, Mu Xiaoyun hugged him with joy.

"Husband, you're back!" The joy in Mu Xiaoyun's eyes was real, yet Ji Yilan frowned when she saw it.

But soon, she got back to normal and said politely to Ye Mo, "Brother Mo, I would like to have a chat with Martial Sister Xiaoyun. Would that be convenient?"

Ye Mo smiled plainly. He looked at Ji Yilan and said to Mu Xiaoyun, "Xiaoyun, go. I'll wait for you in the room. Moreover, you've been with me all day, you must be bored."

"En, but I would never get bored of Husband." She knew that if husband were to stay at Ice Lake, they mustn't offend Ji Yilan.

After Mu Xiaoyun and Ji Yilan left, Ye Mo closed the door and sat down. He sunk his mind into the golden dot.

But no matter what Ye Mo did, his mind was blocked out.

"Perhaps I'm too weak," Ye Mo murmured and took out a spirit stone to cultivate.

"What's wrong, Martial Sister Yilan?" Mu Xiaoyun sat down and asked politely.

Ji Yilan hesitated before saying, "Martial Sister Xiaoyun, although Ice Lake is just a third grade hidden sect, our reserves are copious. A few decades ago, we were also one of the big three. The reason we're declining is not because our cultivation method isn't good, it's just that we haven't found suitable people. Martial Sister Xiaoyun, your talent is top notch. I think our Ice Lake can rise again."

"Thank you, Martial Sister Yilan," Mu Xiaoyun said calmly.

Ji Yilan was speechless at how calm Mu Xiaoyun was.

"Xiaoyun, do you know about what's beyond great heaven? After reaching great heaven, ancient martial art cultivators have 200 years of life and can even glide in the air for a while. It's said that there are states higher than great heaven, but no one in the magical continent has reached it yet. It is already very powerful to be at great heaven peak. It's said that those above great heaven can use a feather to float for many miles," Ji Yilan was trying to get Mu Xiaoyun interested in cultivation.

Mu Xiaoyun's thought about her words. So only those who reached above great heaven could glide in the air for a while, but there were none in the magical continent. Still, her husband could carry her and fly for thousands of kilometers.

Thinking about that moment, there was a spark in Mu Xiaoyun's eyes.

Seeing this, Ji Yilan breathed at ease. She finally had gotten Mu Xiaoyun interested in ancient martial arts.
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