Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 721

Chapter 721: Life or Death Battle

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ji Yilan quickly said, "With your talent and Grandma's teaching, you can reach great heaven for sure and even succeed your predecessors."

"Thank you, Martial Sister Yilan." Mu Xiaoyun wasn't dumb. She knew this was going to be something related to her husband.

Ji Yilan nodded, "Xiaoyun, I know your relationship with your husband is very nice and I don't want to say much. However, today I heard something that I want to tell you about. Your husband seems to have some kind of relation with an outer sect member from Shang Qing Mountain, Yu Yuyan. They were together before and- and-"

Mu Xiaoyun looked calmly at Ji Yilan - she knew what she was doing.

Ji Yilan was too embarrassed to talk about abortion, but Mu Xiaoyun knew what she meant. She got up and said to Ji Yilan, "Thank you for your concern, Martial Sister Yilan. A wife does not speak about her husband's wrongdoings. I know his character. Even if what you said is true, it's the other woman being a sl*t. It has nothing to do with my husband. I come from a medical family, I know about my own husband."

Mu Xiaoyun then said, "Martial Sister Yilan, to me it's my greatest fortune that I was able to meet my husband. As long as he's fine, I will be happy. Martial Sister Yilan, I'm leaving."

Ji Yilan couldn't believe she had failed before she had even started.

"Aunty Lian, did I say something wrong? I feel like I put it very euphemistically," Ji Yilan said with a frown.

The middle-aged woman came out from behind the curtain and sighed, "Mu Xiaoyun is a really good woman. She's loyal and very smart. Her husband is very fortunate to have her."

"Aunty Lian, what do you mean?" Ji Yilan said.

"Yilan, you didn't understand what she meant. She said she came from a medical background, meaning that from the beginning she could tell that her husband hadn't done anything with Yu Yuyan. Yu Yuyan is still a virgin and she knows, so she doesn't care." Miao Lian shook her head.

Ji Yilan said in surprise, "So if that was true, wouldn't what I said today work?"

Miao Lian shook her head still, "You don't understand her. She was trying to say that she never doubted her husband."

"So, that's the case?" Ji Yilan was dazed and then said, "But if that's fake, then why did Mo Ying admit to it?"

Mo Lian fell silent and said after a while, "I don't know why, but that Mo Ying is no simple man. Today I saw a sword almost pierce his neck, yet he didn't seem startled at all. This isn't the courage a normal person has."

"But Aunty Lian, Mo Ying has no talent at all. Without talent, you can't cultivate. How can an ordinary person be that complex?" Ji Yilan was still confused.

Miao Lian smiled, "Although I know it's impossible for Mo Ying, not all non-talented people can't cultivate. The founder of the All Heaven's Sect, Du Dutian, was said to have no talent at all, but he almost broke through the boundaries of great heaven. Mu Xiaoyun is very talented and she cares about her husband a lot. You should try not to talk about her husband to her anymore."

"Yes, I understand," Ji Yilan nodded.

In the following days, Ye Mo felt that Miao Lian and Ji Yilan seemed to be treating him much better than before.

Ye Mo noticed this, but he didn't bother thinking why. He asked them some more things. The first question was where the herbs were found. It was either in places with a lot of spirit herbs or Xing Jia Mountain.

Ji Yilan didn't think much about it, but Miao Lian noticed that Ye Mo was asking those things with a purpose.

Other than this, Miao Lian felt it was strange that Ye Mo asked where Taiyi and Ci Hang Jing Mosque were but didn't ask about Kun Qian Sect.

After asking all of this, Ye Mo found out that the hidden sects' land was very big and there were countless mountains with rich spirit herb harvests. The most famous was Wu Wen Mountain.

It had the best herbs and the highest quality.

However, throughout the year, it was often covered by a poisonous mist and there were poisonous and ferocious beasts inside. It was not easy to gather herbs from there, but every five years the poison would retreat a little for about a month. That was the best time to pick herbs.

So every five years, the hidden sects would go in and collect herbs together. However, even though the mist retreated a little, it was still very poisonous inside. Hence, people needed all sorts of things to go in, such as antivenom pills or venom prevention pills. Masks were useless, poison would eventually creep into their bodies no matter what.

There was a limited amount of spots every time. Special graded sects had 20 or so, while third grade sects only had three spots.

Hearing that the next opening would be in half a year, Ye Mo rejoiced. He wasn't going to do nothing for half a year, and since he had many herbs on him, he could make a few antivenom pills and go inside earlier.

Ye Mo tried for a few days, but he just couldn't break through to stage six. He was just missing that little bit, but Ye Mo knew it was due to his subconscious thinking of not wanting to cause a big commotion. The slightest commotion could alert the masters there.

With that concern, Ye Mo couldn't break through, so he didn't bother cultivating anymore. He went to the Shu Mountain Sword Sect's area.

"You're Mo Ying, Liu Lei's friend?" someone recognized him immediately.

Ye Mo scratched his nose. Liu Lei was just an outer sect disciple, he couldn't be that famous.

"Yeah, where is Liu Lei?" Ye Mo still asked, despite having already found Liu Lei, who had a bitter face, with his spirit sense.

The man pointed at Liu Lei's room. He couldn't bother talking to Ye Mo anymore.

"Hmph- Liu Lei didn't make a good friend, that's his fault." Ye Mo heard this and frowned, but he didn't say anything.

"Brother Mo, what brought you here?" Liu Lei saw Ye Mo and asked.

Ye Mo smiled, "Brother Liu, didn't you tell me to come and join you when I had time? You don't seem too happy, what happened?"

Liu Lei sighed, "Brother Mo, since you're here, I won't hide it from you. I probably only have one day left to live, those bastards!"

"What happened?" Ye Mo asked.

Liu Lei said, "That day after you left, Shang Qing Mountain's people blamed me for not minding my own business. Then, a guy called Si Maping challenged me. I agreed impulsively, but later on I found out that this battle is to the death. One of us must die on the stage."

Ye Mo frowned, and Liu Lei said with his head down, "My family paid a huge price for me to get into Shu Mountain Sword Sect. If I die, my family won't be able to manage that well."

"Then why did you accept the challenge?" Ye Mo asked. Even if Liu Lei hadn't known it was a battle to the death, he wouldn't have accepted such a challenge that easily when he had just joined the hidden sects.

Liu Lei sat down and said, "I was tricked."
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