Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 722

Chapter 722: Tested

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Liu Lei explained, "They came at me pretty ferociously, and because that Si Maping knew an inner sect martial brother from my sect, no one was willing to help me. Even then, I wasn't going to agree at first, but then I heard someone whisper that Si Maping had just reached the yellow level middle stage."

Ye Mo looked at Liu Lei, who was at the peak of the yellow level middle stage, and asked speechlessly, "So you thought you would be able to beat him and agreed?"

Liu Lei fell silent and nodded, "That Yu Yuyan and Pan Cheng also said some ugly words about me having no balls, so since I thought I should be fine being at the peak of the yellow level middle stage, I agreed. However, right after I agreed, they somehow made it a life or death battle. It then turned out that Si Maping didn't 'just reach the yellow level middle stage' at all - he's at the utter peak of the yellow level, a half step black level cultivator! I have no chances of winning."

Ye Mo understood and asked, "Do you know who that guy who said that Si Maping just reached the yellow level middle stage was?"

Liu Lei shook his head, "I was excited and angry at the time, so all I know is that it was someone from the Shu Mountain. I don't understand why, when we're in the same sect, they actually mislead me instead!"

Ye Mo sighed, "What can I say? You have probably been cultivating at your family house and rarely came out, right?"

Liu Lei nodded, "Yes, I've been cultivating in Lian Hua City all my life, and because my family rarely had people with talent, I wasn't allowed to go out as someone with talent."

Ye Mo thought, 'It's because of that that Liu Lei has such an impulsive character.' A careful person wouldn't have helped Ye Mo like Liu Lei did at Hang Shui City.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said, "I think that since Shu Mountain took in so many outer sect disciples, there will be a second test when you go back to choose some inner sect disciples out of the outer sect members."

"Yes, there will be a very harsh selection process with tests and battles. Other than that, if you can reach the black level before 30, you can go straight into the inner sect," Liu Lei said.

Then, Liu Lei realized something and said after a while, "Brother Mo, are you saying that someone thinks that if I die, they will have one less competitor? That, that-"

Liu Lei thought that was a bullsh*t reason to harm someone.

But Ye Mo had seen similar things happen too much and wasn't surprised.

Without explaining anymore, Ye Mo took out a curved sword and gave it to Liu Lei, "Test this sword out."

Liu Lei took it and couldn't help but praise it, "Good sword! It's much better than my essence steel sword."

Then, Liu Lei inserted some inner qi into the sword, and suddenly, it made an almost indiscernible hum. Liu Lei felt like the sword in his hand was even a little bit alive.

"Is this a magic artefact from the Forgery Hall?" Liu Lei said in shock.

Ye Mo smiled, "Strictly speaking, it isn't a magic artefact, but it's close to one. It's not from the Forgery Hall, but from now on, it'll be yours."


Liu Lei was dazed and quickly gave the sword back to Ye Mo, "Brother Mo, this is too precious, I can't take it."

Ye Mo pushed it back and smiled, "I have a lot, so you can take this one no worries. If you cut that Si Maping's head off tomorrow, then I'll be satisfied."

Liu Lei really liked the sword, so he listened to Ye Mo and studied the sword carefully before saying, "Brother Mo, if I had no chance before then with this sword now, I have at least a 30% chance. I won't say any words of gratitude, and I'll accept it. When I met you and your wife in Hang Shui City that day, I knew you were no ordinary person. It seems like I was right, haha!"

Ye Mo smiled and shook his head, "I don't think you should fight with only a 30% chance."

Seeing Liu Lei look at him in confusion, Ye Mo asked again, "How many people are staying in this room?"

"There were three of us, but after I agreed to fight Si Maping, one moved away while the other rarely comes back as he's gambling all day," Liu Lei answered.

"Okay, then take this pill - it has the same effect as the black rising pill." Ye Mo handed Liu Lei a chi increasing pill.

Liu Lei took the pill subconsciously but replied, "Brother Mo, I've taken countless pills similar to the black rising pill. Usually, only the first one is useful, so it'll be useless for me to take it."

Although the black rising pill was expensive, it wasn't much for members of the big families.

Ye Mo smiled, "This is called a chi increasing pill, and it's much stronger than that black rising pill. Just take it and cultivate, I will guard you in the meantime. It should take about an hour or two."

Although Ye Mo spoke with certainty, Liu Lei was still a little dubious. However, he ate it anyways.

As soon as the pill went into his stomach, Liu Lei felt a strong heat charge into his dantian and meridians.

Liu Lei's face started bursting red, and he quickly sat down to control his chi, but the potency of the pill shocked Liu Lei. He kept controlling the power, but more and more power kept welling up within him.

He soon reached the yellow level tertiary stage without any hindrance. Moreover, his qi kept increasing and not long after, he reached the peak of the yellow level tertiary stage.

Although the potency was still there, Ye Mo felt that Liu Lei's talent was far lesser than Luo Xuan's, and Liu Lei couldn't reach the black level with only that one chi increasing pill.

These pills had become useless to Ye Mo by now, so he gave another one to Liu Lei.

Liu Lei was already very happy having reached the yellow tertiary stage, but when Ye Mo took another one out, he immediately knew that Ye Mo wanted him to reach the black level. In his excitement, he quickly started digesting the power of the second pill.

After three hours, Liu Lei felt his body rumble as a strong inner qi rose from his dantian, and he stood up in excitement. Three hours, just three hours, and he reached the black stage!

Ye Mo looked at the excited Liu Lei and smiled, "How much chance do you have against that Si Maping now?"

Liu Lei laughed - Si Maping was merely at the yellow level. He had a new weapon and reached the black level, if he still didn't have a 100% chance of winning, he might as well kill himself.

"Brother Mo, thank you." Liu Lei knew that Ye Mo had saved his life and even made it so that he wouldn't need to do any tests to become an inner sect member, because he had reached the black level before the age of 30. He would be an inner sect member as soon as he arrived.

"Okay, consolidate your power now, I need to go back. I'll be there to cheer you on tomorrow," Ye Mo said.

Just when Ye Mo walked out of Liu Lei's room, he was stopped by a green-dressed girl.

"What do you want?" Ye Mo's voice was cold. He didn't want any connections with that Yun Ziyi, because he felt she was hiding something, and she seemed too cunning. He didn't like it, and he knew that she had been watching his every move the day before.

"Young Master Mo, our Young Miss wants to invite you over for a talk," Xiao Ling said.

Ye Mo said plainly, "Sorry, but I'm busy, move aside."

The green-dressed girl smiled, "Our Young Miss could help you to a herb that could recover your looks-"

Ye Mo interrupted, "I don't care about my looks, no need, good bye."

"The herb is called the Jia Lan Flower."

The moment she said this, Ye Mo shook - he immediately knew that things weren't good.
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