Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 723

Chapter 723: See Yun Ziyi

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo caught things quickly. The moment he heard about the Jia Lan Flower and his expression had slightly changed, he realized that Yun Ziyi was watching him.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out. He saw that 150m away in a room Yun Ziyi was holding a telescope.

Ye Mo sneered. She had gotten quite some advanced products from the outside world.

The reason he felt something was off when she mentioned the Jia Lan Flower was because he knew Yun Ziyi was testing him. If he was the big-bearded man from the auction, he would care about the Jia Lan Flower.

Although Ye Mo didn't know what use it had in the ancient martial arts world, he knew it was very important there too. Otherwise, Yun Ziyi wouldn't be testing him with it.

Ye Mo knew after this series of events Yun Ziyi had started suspecting him of being the big-bearded man from the auction, so she decided to test him with that precious herb.

But when Ye Mo went over everything that had happened, he didn't believe he had made any mistakes. He should be the least suspected person. Why did Yun Ziyi suspect him, going so far as to test him?

The Jia Lan Flower was one of the three main ingredients for the foundation establishment pill, but how did she know he was desperate for it?

Seeing Ye Mo stop and frown, the green-clothed girl said, "Young Master Mo-"

"Lead the way," Ye Mo said plainly.

Since Yun Ziyi was already suspecting him, he might as well face her and choose where to expose himself. Also, there was another important reason for him to go - Ye Mo really wanted the Jia Lan Flower.

For their future cultivation path, he had to get the Jia Lan Flower. Without it, he wouldn't be able to get the foundation establishment pill. He didn't know any other recipe, and his required the Jia Lan Flower.

Seeing Ye Mo come over with Xiao Ling, Yun Ziyi had a smile on her face and was determined.

"If I'm not wrong, it should be him. I'm sure he has a lot of secrets," Yun Ziyi murmured to herself and put the telescope away.

"Young Miss, Young Master Mo is here," the girl dressed in green called out from the door.

Yun Ziyi pushed open the door and showed a sweet smile as she said using a very polite and soft voice, "Young Master Mo, it's an honour to be able to see you. Please come in. Xiao Ling, pour a cup of tea for Young Master Mo."

"Yes, Miss," the girl quickly left.

"Young Master Mo, it was rude of me to invite you over like this. Please have a seat." Yun Ziyi treated Ye Mo as though he was a very strong Qianbei.

Ye Mo studied the room. The layout was high-class yet simplistic.

He stared at Yun Ziyi. He had to admit she was a beauty no lesser than Mu Xiaoyun. She was tall and her beautiful hair hung on her shoulders. He could barely see any makeup on her face but Ye Mo knew she had put on very light makeup.

Looking at her protruding chest, Ye Mo could tell that she didn't restrain it at all, making it seem natural and elegant. She also had a smile on her face all the time, which made her seem amicable.

But Ye Mo had a strange feeling about her. She looked amicable but it wasn't that natural.

Xia Ling brought over two cups of green tea and left the room.

"Yun Du Mountain, Mist Peak's mist tea. Young Master Mo, please have a taste." Yun Ziyi's face blushed a little after being stared at by Ye Mo for so long. However, she couldn't get angry, so she raised her cup and said this to Ye Mo.

Then, she said, "Yun Du Mountain belongs to Du Yun sect, Mist Peak is the highest peak. Although I've been managing business for the Magical Merchant Association, I'm actually a member of the Du Yun sect."

Ye Mo already knew that Yun Ziyi was from the Du Tian sect, that was no secret.

Ye Mo nodded and drank from the cup. He said, "It certainly quenches one's thirst."

Although it wasn't spirit chi, the tea had a special flavor to it. In the cultivation realm, a good cup of spirit chi could cost a few hundred spirit stones. Even Ye Mo hadn't been able to afford it before.

Hearing this, Yun Ziyi opened her mouth speechless, but she soon smiled sweetly. "Mr Mo's critique is quite unique."

Then, Yun Ziyi said again, "Mr Mo's wife is really a beauty out of this world. You are so fortunate."

Ye Mo had decided to keep acting dumb, seeing that Yun Ziyi wasn't saying anything meaningful.

Ye Mo smiled, "You're not bad either."

Yun Ziyi heard this and her eyes sparkled with anger, but she quickly calmed down. She smiled sweetly again, "I heard that Mr Mo was told to have no talent after being tested, but I feel your temperament isn't ordinary. How can you have no talent?"

Seeing that Ye Mo didn't say anything, Yun Ziyi suddenly added, "Mr Mo, I have a testing device here. If you're willing, I can test you again. Mine is more accurate than the ones out there."

Ye Mo heard this and thought. He really wanted to know what his talent was and why he was cultivating so slow.

Seeing that Ye Mo was interested, Yun Ziyi took out a device from the closet.

Ye Mo was shocked when she placed it on the table. It wasn't much different from the device used in the cultivation realm. It had eight balls.

"In the past, the founder of Du Tian's test results said he had no talent, but he reached the highest state in the magical continent. Hence, he believed that the device wasn't reliable and went around looking for new ones. He found this in an ancient cultivation realm. Our founder used this and found out that not only did he have talent, it was also level one talent," Yun Ziyi explained.

Ye Mo thought about it. If Du Tian sect could have such a special device, why didn't the other sects have it?

Yun Ziyi explained, "This isn't much more useful than the devices outside because people with talent like our founder are quite rare, almost non-existent."

Ye Mo nodded. If mutant spirit roots were everywhere, it would be strange.

"If you have inner qi, you can try putting your hand on this device and insert it," Yun Ziyi said. She didn't doubt whether Ye Mo had inner qi. It was as though she knew Ye Mo had it.
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