Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 728

Chapter 728: Entering Ice Lake

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"What's wrong, Ziyi?" the elder asked when he saw Yun Ziyi in a daze.

"Oh nothing, I just feel that the person on the painting is young, has a nice temperament, and he is quite handsome too."

The elder was surprised and laughed, "Goddess Zihua actually called this man handsome, he would be overjoyed if he knew. But really, this man is very important, and he might be related to something significant, so report back to the sect as soon as you get news of him. Well then, we'll be going now."

"Yes, Elder Kou," Yun Ziyi answered.

"Miss?" Xiao Ling said something, but Yun Ziyi waved her hand, "Let's go back to the association, we've been out for too long this time."

Although her tone was calm, Yun Ziyi wasn't calm on the inside at all. She finally remembered - this man reminded her a lot of Mo Ying! She looked at Ye Mo's face for a long time, and if his face weren't ruined

Was it really him? If it was, why would the elder be looking for someone like him? Although Yun Ziyi couldn't ask the elder directly why they were looking for this person, she could find out through other means.

The first impression Ye Mo had after stepping foot onto the hidden sects' land was that the mountains were all joined together and that the spirit chi there was much denser than in other places. Although it wasn't at an extremely superb level, it was much better than in the cities outside.

Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun followed after a chariot for almost four days before entering a mountain range. They rarely met any people on the way, but Ye Mo still found a few places where a pretty big number of people lived. Ji Yilan said that these small towns were mostly there to serve the hidden sects.

Although many people were taken in as outer sect members, they were rarely ever able to reach a high level and so could only eventually fade out of the hidden sects to become people who work for the hidden sects. Some left the hidden sects and gradually formed small settlements like that.

"This is Ice Lake." Ji Yilan pointed at the mountain range ahead.

Ye Mo was surprised - he thought that since the sect was called Ice Lake, there should be a lake, but there wasn't even a small ravine to be seen.

Ji Yilan smiled as though knowing what Ye Mo was thinking and said, "You must be wondering why there isn't a lake here when we're called Ice Lake? Guessing from the name, one would be only half correct."

Ji Yilan seemed a lot happier after coming back to Ice Lake, even though Ji Yilan always covered her face. Ye Mo knew why she did that, because when he looked at her with his spirit sense, he could see that she was very pretty, but there was a flaw to her looks.

Without it, she would be on par with Mu Xiaoyun, but this flaw extended from her face to her chin and ruined her entire face.

"There is indeed a lake in Ice Lake, but it's inside our sect. We got our name from that lake. The lake water is very cold, it's even colder than ice, but it actually never forms ice," Ji Yilan explained with pride.

Ye Mo could feel there was much more spirit chi being emitted there than on the outside and started to like the place.

After another two hours of travelling, a large green meadow appeared before their eyes. In the centre of the grassland was a big lake.

This lake was too pretty! Even though there was no wind, there were slight ripples on the lake's surface, and it was much bigger than for example the Luo Yue Lake. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in and found that his spirit sense couldn't even reach the bottom.

After Ye Mo and co. went further in, the inner and outer sect members were separated. Ice Lake wasn't small, having a couple hundred disciples, but most were outer sect disciples. There didn't seem to be a lot of inner sect disciples, much less core disciples.

Mu Xiaoyun was a core disciple, so she could enter the core sector to cultivate if she wanted, but she just didn't want to leave Ye Mo. There was nothing Ji Yilan could do about it. No matter how talented Mu Xiaoyun was, she couldn't take irrelevant people into the core sector.

And so, the two would be living at the outer sect area. Mu Xiaoyun chose a quiet and far off place.

Although Mu Xiaoyun was talented, she couldn't take on Ice Lake's cultivation method before they dealt with her and Ye Mo's relationship.

Ice Lake didn't have any way to deal with Mu Xiaoyun's stubbornness. They were waiting for Mu Xiaoyun to change her mind while also desperately thinking of other ways.

A few days later, Ice Lake even had a meeting about it, and all the core members came. Other than the super master Grandma Feng, there were also still a few earth level masters in the sect.

A middle-aged woman who was of similar age to Miao Lian said, "Grandma, I think Mu Xiaoyun is simply a kind soul. I've seen that Mo Ying too, so why don't we-"

She then made a slicing motion with her hand. She was one of Ice Lake's earth level elders.

"Definitely not, Elder Luo you don't understand Mu Xiaoyun's character. If we do that, the only thing left for us to do will be to kill her too. She is extremely loyal to her husband, and there's no way to change that. I'm thinking we might as well accept that Mo Ying as a core member as we-" she was interrupted by grandma who waved her hand.

Miao Lian stood up and said slowly, "Yilan is right, Mu Xiaoyun's character is like that indeed. Mu Xiaoyun will be very useful to us during the sect tournament in a few years. As Yilan needs to fully take over Ice Lake, she needs someone like Xiaoyun to help her."

"Elder, why don't we go talk to that Mo Ying, I don't think he's an unreasonable person. I'm sure he will understand," Ji Yilan said.

Elder Feng nodded and sighed, "Let's do that. I heard that that Mo Ying is in solitary training right now, so you can have a talk with him afterwards. I feel myself getting more and more sick. If we can't quickly gain some back-up power, our third grade status will be in danger, sigh-"

"A talentless person is in solitary training? What a joke!" Elder Luo sneered.

Meanwhile Ye Mo wasn't in solitary training for cultivation but for making pills. He only had one Earth Spirit Fruit, so in order to prevent himself from failing, he made many other pills before making the essence increasing pill with the Earth Spirit Fruit.

After ten days of warming up, he felt he ready to make the essence increasing pill, so he took out the Earth Spirit Fruit, Ming Jie Grass, Man Tian Star, and Double Leaf Mushroom.

Although the essence increasing pill was two levels higher than the chi increasing pill, Ye Mo still managed to make it successfully after all of his preparation. He acquired 12 pills in the end.

The maximum yield of a concoction was supposed to be 24, but Ye Mo was very happy to have made 12.

Ye Mo told Mu Xiaoyun about it and started to break through to stage six. When he reached stage six, he would go out to find some ancient ruins and get a cultivation method for Mu Xiaoyun.

The essence increasing pill turned into spirit chi as soon as it entered his mouth and started charging at his meridians. Ye Mo had been at stage five for a long time, so he easily reached stage six soon after.

Ye Mo felt his power had increased quite a bit, and if he met that nun, Jie Xun, again, she wouldn't be able to get away from him.

Ye Mo felt his spirit sense had also gotten a lot stronger, so he once again sent his spirit sense into the golden dot.
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