Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 729

Chapter 729: Cant Let Go
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo was just testing his luck but this time, his spirit sense wasn't pushed back by the golden dot. It was indeed because his spirit sense had been too weak that he hadn't been able to go in before.

But after Ye Mo's spirit sense went in, it took just an instant before all of his chi and spirit sense got sucked up by the golden dot like the last time. Ye Mo cursed. He tried to take back his spirit sense, but it disappeared into nothing like last time.

When Ye Mo thought he was going to faint again, he saw a grey world. A strong gust of information was implanted into his head.

Ye Mo heard a light sound in his brain. However then, his consciousness was pushed out of the golden dot.

Even though, Ye Mo rejoiced - he had guessed right. It really was a world. Ye Mo now knew that a grey world was inside the golden dot.

He only needed to recover the lost essence chi and spirit sense. It was all because he was too weak. If his power reached a certain extent, this wouldn't happen.

Ye Mo took out the spirit chi to recover, but he suddenly dazed. The information that entered his brain had gathered now.

"The world was formed from chaos, matter exists forever. Strengthen life and nourish the spirit, so mind and spirit reach the truth. Contemplate the spirit harness the liquid, the gate of fortune." The opening stanza had been clearly imprinted in Ye Mo's head.

As that finished, the words "Primordial Fortune Chant" got stuck into Ye Mo's brain.

Ye Mo stood up in shock. Was it a cultivation method chant? He understood those words. It was an extremely high level cultivation method, he had never even heard of it.

Although he was a cultivator, he was just a very low level cultivator on Luo Yue Continent. His cultivation method was also average.

Ye Mo looked at the cultivation chant and knew it was countless times stronger than before. Even without foundation establishment state, he could condense his spirit chi into spirit essence.

What shook Ye Mo was that it was a no-element cultivation method. Ye Mo had never seen one before, but he had heard these ones were extremely precious. Long time ago on Luo Yue Continent, a no-element cultivation method appeared. Due to that cultivation method, countless sects were annihilated and countless masters were gone. Eventually, the cultivation method disappeared and things finally calmed down.

He actually had gotten something like this. If people on Luo Yue Continent found out, he would be dead for sure.

However, the only pity was that the information stopped at foundation establishment state.

"Perhaps because my power is too low, I can't access the rest of the information." Ye Mo sat down slowly again. It all had happened too suddenly. He had to think about his future path of cultivation.

When Ye Mo read the entire cultivation method again, he calmed down. It could be said that it was the most suitable cultivation method for him because he had an eight-element mixed spirit root. But there were also some disadvantages - the resources the cultivation method required were absurd. It was almost impossible to reach a certain level with the resources on that realm's earth.

Secondly, he would have to give up his current power. This was very hard for Ye Mo - at least for now, he didn't want to do it. He had finally reached stage 6. If he abandoned all his power, then even with the cultivation method, he might never have the resources to get back to stage 6.

Thirdly, this cultivation method stopped at foundation establishment state. Ye Mo didn't know if he could accomplish the latter parts. Even if he could, he would have to reach a certain level to be able to get it.

What if he could reach it?

Eventually, Ye Mo decided not to cultivate the Primordial Fortune Chant. He needed the power to protect himself. If he couldn't find large amounts of resources, he would rather never cultivate Primordial Fortune Chant.

But Ye Mo knew that he could teach it to Mu Xiaoyun. She didn't have a cultivation method and this one suited her too.

Although it was a resource-wasting cultivation method, Ye Mo was simply happy to find a cultivation method for Mu Xiaoyun.

Seeing him come out, Mu Xiaoyun greeted him joyfully. She was a bit worried since Ye Mo had been in there for long.

"Xiaoyun, did Ji Yilan come to talk to you again?" Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and knew that Ji Yilan had just left.

Mu Xiaoyun nodded, "Yes, she has came to see me a few times, but I haven't agreed with her. I told her I want to stay with my husband. However, today she came to find you. I told her you were in solitary training, so she said she would come again tomorrow."

"Xiaoyun, I found a cultivation method for you. I will teach you and you can cultivate first. I'm going out, you can wait for me to come back."

Mu Xiaoyun immediately began to worry. She grabbed Ye Mo's hand and said, "Ye Babe, are you leaving? I'm going with you."

Ye Mo hugged her and said softly, "You're very safe here. We need resources for cultivation. Without them, we can only stay like this for the rest of our lives. Your power is still weak and I'm going to a dangerous place. I told you, the main reason I came here was to find cultivation resources."

"Ye babe, doesn't it feel good living like this together and getting old together? Why do we cultivate? I am very happy now." Mu Xiaoyun really didn't want to leave Ye Mo.

Ye Mo rubbed her hair caringly and said after a long while, "Xiaoyun, I also want to grow old with you, that's also a kind of happiness. But I love you guys too much, a few decades of life isn't enough. I want to stay with you guys forever. And, even if we want to live a peaceful life, others won't let us. Without cultivation, I would've been killed long ago."

"Ye Babe, sorry, but- but I really don't want to leave your side." Mu Xiaoyun knew that Ye Mo was adamant on leaving. Her husband was right, without power they would have been dead long ago. She could only look down and slowly sob.

"Xiaoyun, I'll teach you the cultivation method. It's called Primordial Fortune Chan-" Ye Mo hadn't even finished when his mouth was blocked by Mu Xiaoyun's. Her husband was going to leave her, she felt she couldn't let go. This was the first time she took the initiative to do it.

It was the first time Ye Mo saw Mu Xiaoyun act like this. No matter what he had to tell her, it could wait at a moment like this. The clothes were gradually taken off. When Mu Xiaoyun hugged Ye Mo's sturdy body, she then realized what she was doing. It was daylight! She completely blushed.

She couldn't control the impulses in her heart when facing with her husband's departure. It was terror of losing everything again.

Before being with Ye Mo, Mu Xiaoyun had never been this happy.

Ye Mo wiped her tears. He was even considering taking her with him, but he couldn't assure his own safety in the Wu Wen Mountain - much less Mu Xiaoyun's.

"Xiaoyun, trust me, I'm just going to find herbs. Wait for me here. I will take you with me when I come back." When the storm settled, it was already the afternoon. Yet, Ye Mo still had to comfort Mu Xiaoyun in his arms.
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