Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 730

Chapter 730: Entering Wu Wen city

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"En." Mu Xiaoyun was squirmed into Ye Mo's arms like a cat.

Ye Mo knew that the Primordial Fortune Chant needed large amounts of resources. After he taught this cultivation method to Mu Xiaoyun, he gave most of his pills and spirit stone to Mu Xiaoyun as well as the gold cheques. He just left a few essence increasing pills and some other ordinary pills for himself.

"Ye babe, what if they ask me to study the Ice Lake cultivation method?" Mu Xiaoyun thought that after Ye Mo left, she would enter the core sector.

Ye Mo smiled, "Just cultivate the Primordial Fortune Chant, you don't need to cultivate the Ice Lake cultivation method. It's enough if you just have a look and use your chi to imitate the moves when necessary. "


Soon, the day became night and because Mu Xiaoyun worked too hard during the day, she fell asleep as soon as she went to bed after dinner.

Ye Mo didn't sleep. He added some Geng Metal Essence to Mu Xiaoyun's flying sword and made a few more bottles of pills and left that in Mu Xiaoyun's ring before going to sleep.

He didn't know how long he would be gone this time. He didn't want Mu Xiaoyun's cultivation to stop because she didn't have enough pills.

When it was the next day, Ye Mo made breakfast and came to the bedside, kissed Mu Xiaoyun who was sound asleep, and said softly, "Xiaoyun, I'm going. Cultivate hard, remember to eat well, and sleep well. Wait for me to come back."

Then, Ye Mo left. His spirit sense had already picked up on Ji Yilan who was coming over. Ye Mo didn't have anything to say to her, so he just climbed onto his flying sword and shot up into the sky.

Ye Mo knew that Mu Xiaoyun had just woken up, but he didn't call out to her anymore.

Mu Xiaoyun ran to the door barefoot and looked at the sword as it disappeared. She couldn't control her tears. She had woken up once in the middle of the night, really wanting Ye Mo to just hug her and sleep, but she knew Ye Mo had things to do then, and she knew it now too.

"Martial Sister Xiaoyun, what are you?" Ji Yilan had come again wanting to persuade Ye Mo into letting Mu Xiaoyun go, but she saw Mu Xiaoyun standing at the door barefoot and crying.

Mu Xiaoyun wiped her endless tears and sniffed, "Husband has left."

"Huh?" Ji Yilan was shook but immediately understood how good this was.

That Mo Ying probably realized that it wasn't good to keep Mu Xiaoyun here, so he left Ice Lake. Thinking about this, Ji Yilan had a much better impression of him.

But Ji Yilan immediately thought, 'Mo Ying is just an ordinary person, it's practically suicide for him to leave this mountain range.'

But as Ji Yilan looked at the still deeply sad Mu Xiaoyun, she didn't dare to say that. What if she chased Mo Ying like crazy? Besides, Mo Ying's death would be good for Mu Xiaoyun. After some time and after meeting more people, she would forget about her husband."

"Xiaoyun, what is this food on the table?" Ji Yilan saw the fully prepared breakfast on the table and asked. It was exquisitely laid out and had everything you could want. Even Ji Yilan couldn't help but gulp once.

"Your husband made it and-" Ji Yilan asked in shock.

Mu Xiaoyun nodded, "Yes, husband made it for me."

Ji Yilan suddenly felt some enlightenment. She didn't think that coarse-looking man would be this meticulous. Was this the reason why Mu Xiaoyun couldn't leave him? Ji Yilan quickly shook her head, that was impossible.

Mu Xiaoyun calmed her mood and let Ji Yilan sit down while she cleaned herself and changed, "Martial Sister Yilan, if you haven't had breakfast then eat some."

"Then I won't say no." Ji Yilan had long since wanted to eat the food on the table, but she had been embarrassed to ask.

When Ji Yilan bit the lotus leaf egg, she immediately knew that this wasn't something ordinary people could make. She subconsciously asked Mu Xiaoyun, "Xiaoyun, is your husband a chef?"

"No, he isn't." Mu Xiaoyun shook her head.

Soon, Ji Yilan finished and looked at Mu Xiaoyun in embarrassment, "Sorry, Xiaoyun, your husband's cooking is too good, I ate a little much."

"It's fine, when my husband comes back he will cook me more." Mu Xiaoyun shook her head.

Ji Yilan just wanted to talk when she felt a heat rise up in her body, and her inner qi seemed more condensed.

Mu Xiaoyun explained, "That's normal, Martial Sister Yilan, don't worry, husband likes to put some herbs in his cooking. It's good for cultivation."

"Eh?" Ji Yilan looked at Mu Xiaoyun in shock. That was easy to say, but it was very hard to mix herbs into cooking. Was her husband a herbal master? Should she tell grandma?

Ji Yilan thought and shook her head - it would be best not to. If wouldn't be good if that caused more trouble.

"Xiaoyun, now that your husband left Ice Lake, why don't you come live with me?" Ji Yilan remembered her main purpose.

Mu Xiaoyun nodded.

Wu Wen City - it was a not-too-small city in the hidden sects. It was 150 km from Wu Wen Mountain, and there were always people there. Some were merchants, but most people there were ancient martial artists who came to gather herbs in the surroundings. Some sects also looked for disciples there.

Although Wu Wen Mountain itself which had an abundance of herbs was only accessible once every five years with limited spots, the countless mountain ranges near it also had many herbs. Sometimes, pretty rare herbs were found. Hence, many people picked herbs there.

As soon as those who gathered herbs left the mountain, there would be people ready to buy them. After some time, this cycle of supply and demand formed Wu Wen City.

Ye Mo headed straight to Wu Wen City after leaving Ice Lake. Others would need a week to get to Wu Wen Mountain from Ice Lake, but Ye Mo took less than an hour.

There were still five months left before the mist would dissipate, but Ye Mo wouldn't wait that long to go in with others.

After half an hour, Ye Mo saw Wu Wen City. He came down from his flying sword and entered it.

Ye Mo wanted to buy some daily items and then find out more about Wu Wen Mountain.

But as soon as he entered the city, he noticed a huge uproar.
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