Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 731

Chapter 731: I Like To Kill Taiyi Sect's People

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"You people are so unreasonable!" a coarse female voice sounded.

After that, someone immediately sneered, "Unreasonable? Our Taiyi Sect is a special grade sect, how could we be unreasonable to people like you? Many people here saw it, who didn't follow the rules first? You took back your words and you're saying that I, Jin Cangliang, am being unreasonable!?"

Ye Mo shook his head. He was about to walk away, but his spirit sense scanned what the man next to the woman held in his hand and immediately stopped. He covered his face with a black cloth and squeezed into the crowd. He didn't want what he did there to affect Mu Xiaoyun. Luckily, most of people's attention was caught by the ruckus and no one noticed Ye Mo.

On one side, there were two Taiyi Sect members and a servant next to them. In front of three members, there were a man and a woman. They seemed to be a couple. The woman was good-looking and the man looked very sturdy.

Ye Mo had squeezed into the crowd because he had seen a handful of blood cherries in the man's hand.

Blood cherries were one of the main ingredients for making the great chi increasing pill. In the cultivation realm, a blood cherry could be sold for 30 spirit stones.

"What's wrong?" Ye Mo intervened.

Ye Mo was dressed very ordinarily and had a strange smell.

Everyone just glanced at Ye Mo and didn't reply to him. They were very confused as to why someone with his face covered would do this. He was covering his face to avoid trouble, wasn't he?

"You have no business here. If you don't want trouble, p*ss off," a Taiyi Sect member sneered.

The woman wouldn't let it go, of course. She said, "My husband and I have been gathering herbs near the Wu Wen City and we were lucky to find 12 blood cherries. However, these two people here are using their sect's name as a mean to buy our herbs for a low price. We don't want to sell it, but they're trying to force us."

"Yan Xin, just give them what they want. We can't mess with them, but we can avoid it," the man said.

Ye Mo laughed, "So, you're forcing them to sell the cherries? How can there be such shameless people in the world?"

"Who are you calling shameless?! We're from the Taiyi Sect, choose your words carefully." That sect member didn't seem scared at all, he was instead threatening Ye Mo.

The other sect member stepped forward and said, "Friend, we never tried to force them. These two found the blood cherries and were selling them here. Two people wanted to buy them and I said the highest bidder should get its. They agreed but after I made a bid, no one did anymore. How is this forcing someone? Friend, reason with us, are they taking their word back or are we forcing them to sell it?"

"Oh, how much did you offer?" Ye Mo suddenly asked.

"50 gold coins," the man hesitated and said.

Ye Mo sneered. Here, just a blood cherry was worth 600 gold coins, yet he wanted to buy 12 for 50. Moreover, he had said it in such a self-righteous way.

Ye Mo looked around and immediately realized that simply no one dared to bid, not because they didn't want to bid.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo smiled to the couple, "Two friends, these two men are right. You're selling stuff. The highest bidder should get it, or is it that the lowest bidder get it?"

"You-" The woman was at a loss for words. She had been hoping for Ye Mo to help them out, but that random guy who had stood up for them was actually sucking up to the two people from Taiyi Sect.

"Hahaha! Friend, you have wits. Of course, the highest bidder gets it," the one who had told Ye Mo to piss off laughed. He had just realized that this man was also sucking up to them.

The people around shook their heads, but they were used to it.

But before the Taiyi Sect member finished laughing, Ye Mo took out a 10k gold cheque and gave it to the man, "I'll pay 10k gold coins. My offer is higher than their's, right? If you're satisfied with it, then these blood cherries belong to me."

"Huh!" the man was dazed.

The woman saw this and immediately reacted. She handed out the blood cherries and took the gold cheque, "Very satisfied, very satisfied."

Then, she looked at him gratefully and said, "Thank you."

"You're f*cking asking to die!" One of Taiyi sect member had reacted and was about to attack.

Ye Mo's expression sunk - a curved sword suddenly appeared in his hand. A ray flashed in front of his eyes and the sect member was cut in half.

Blood was splurged onto the streets and the crowd turned silent. In Wu Wen City, there were frequent fights, but even if these were to death, they weren't resolved in the city. However, this man was so brutal that he had killed someone inside the city and what's more, it was someone from the Taiyi Sect! It was absurd.

"You- you dare to kill one of our Taiyi Sect disciples!" the other member pointed at Ye Mo in fury and shock. But before he could finish, Ye Mo's sword flashed again and he was also cut in half.

The remaining servant was scared and pale. Yet he knew that if he said any kind of bullsh*t, he would be killed immediately.

The couple also hadn't expected Ye Mo to kill inside the city, and especially not someone from the Taiyi Sect.

But the woman reacted fast. She knew that if they didn't leave quickly, they would be dead for sure too.

She took out a booklet and gave it to Ye Mo, "Big Brother, this is yours. You should leave quickly. We'll be leaving too."

Then she dragged the man out and quickly left.

Ye Mo smiled. He had killed them intentionally, of course. He had come seeking revenge against the Taiyi Sect and it was just the beginning. He didn't believe that anyone in the city could do anything to him. By the time the masters came, he would be in the Wu Wen Mountain.

Ye Mo opened the booklet. It was a map of where the popular herbs were, it was very detailed. Ye Mo put the booklet away and felt grateful to that woman.

As soon as Ye Mo did this, at least six ancient martial artists landed next to him. There was one at half step great heaven, three at earth primary stage, one at earth middle and one at earth tertiary stage.

"Friend, you dare to kill inside the Wu Wen City! Put down your weapon and come with us!" the earth level tertiary stage martial artist said.

Ye Mo suddenly sneered, "Is there anyone from the Taiyi Sect here?"

"I'm from the Taiyi Sect! What are you going to do? You're a mere black level, yet you dare to kill someone from Taiyi in this city," the earth level man said with a cold voice. If it wasn't that he didn't know who Ye Mo was yet, he would've killed him already.

"Great, I like to kill Taiyi Sect's people." Then, Ye Mo moved.

The earth level tertiary stage man seemed to see a sword ray come down from his forehead. He was scared to death and wanted to dodge without thinking, but as soon as he tried to move, an invisible force pushed him back to where he was.

Then, he felt his head was cold. "Inner qi wall- Great heaven-" Then, his mind sunk into darkness.

The five people were shocked. An earth level tertiary stage martial artist couldn't even last a single attack?
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