Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 732

Chapter 732: Who Is It?

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A great heaven master could do whatever he wanted in Wu Wen City, while someone who could instantly kill an earth level tertiary stage cultivator was no ordinary great heaven master.

"So you wanted to capture me?" Ye Mo suddenly looked at that half step great heaven and asked.

"No, no, qianbei, it's because-" the half step great heaven shivered. He knew that one wrong word and he would be killed too.

Ye Mo's continued in his plain tone, "Because I killed someone from the Taiyi Sect? Well you see, I like killing Taiyi Sect members. So which of you are from Taiyi, tell me your names."

"No, none of us are from Taiyi, other than-" the half step great heaven said shakily.

"Then why are you still standing here, p*ss off. I need to buy something in Wu Wen City, and if I see you blind idiots again, I won't be repeating myself." Ye Mo turned and left.

Seeing Ye Mo leave, the five heaved a sigh of relief.

"City Lord"

"Ignore him, we need to go back and report this to Taiyi immediately."

Ye Mo gave almost all his gold cheques to Mu Xiaoyun. Even with the loose change on him, he only had about 70k gold coins left.

But that was enough to buy a lot of things, not every herb was as expensive as blood cherries.

News of what Ye Mo did spread quickly and so everywhere he went, no one dared look at him for long. Even glances were done in secret.

When Ye Mo bought herbs at shops, the shop owners even sold it to him cheaper than the import price in fear of offending this killing god.

Ye Mo was speechless. He was only targeting the Taiyi Sect. But since they reduced the price, he wouldn't be kind enough to give them more than they asked.

Ye Mo bought a lot of things in Wu Wen City, and most of the herbs were fresh.

Half a month later, Ye Mo finally left Wu Wen City, leaving under everyone's worried eyes. Actually though, many people stood on Ye Mo's side for killing the Taiyi Sect members who were usually so oppressive.


Taiyi Sect members had been targeted and killed in Wu Wen City - this alerted Taiyi Sect's great heaven master, and even other sects hurried to Wu Wen City at first notice. Who could be this bold?

Not too long before, someone had dared to set up and kill Gemini Sword Sect and Forgery Hall members and now someone dared to kill Taiyi Sect members overtly in Wu Wen City - there sure were a lot of bold people nowadays.

Hearing this news, Yun Ziyi stood in front of a balcony for a long time before saying to the green-dressed girl next to her, "Xiao Ling, pack our things, I'm going to Ice Lake to see Elder Feng."

She didn't want to see Elder Feng but wanted to see that Mo Ying. She immediately thought of Mo Ying upon hearing the news of what happened in Wu Wen City, because she knew Mo Ying had been interested in Wu Wen Mountain.

A few days later, in a secret room in Ice Lake, Elder Feng who was getting older and older sat on a soft mattress. Ji Yilan, and Miao Lian were both there too.

"Mo Ying left?" Elder Feng's tone was very calm.

Ji Yilan stood up and said, "Yes grandma, I persuaded him to go. He said that he knew he would be hindering Xiaoyun by staying, so he left."

"Why do I feel like you're hiding something? Are you hiding something from me?" Grandma's tone was very calm, but there was a clear feeling of authority.

"Sorry, grandma. Euhm, that Mo Ying might be a herbal doctor." Ji Yilan was reminded that she couldn't hide anything from Grandma Feng.

"What?" Elder Feng's eyes suddenly shot out rays, and she got up, but a moment later, she sat back down with her hands still shaking.

After a long time she said, "Why didn't you tell me? Were you scared that I would coerce him?"

Ji Yilan looked down. Grandma knew her well, but she also knew grandma well. She was a very cut throat person. If she knew that Mo Ying was a herbal doctor, Mo Ying would never be able to see the living daylight again. Not only would he have to spill all his techniques, he would be made to stay at Ice Lake to make pills and medicine for the rest of his life.

Her grandma would rather imprison a herbal doctor or kill him than let him serve another sect.

Elder Feng's face was green, and her eyes were dodgy.

Ji Yilan suddenly knelt down, "Grandma, please don't do anything to Xiaoyun, she didn't know this at all. She doesn't even know her husband. She only met her husband two months ago."

"You were scared that I would trouble that Mo Ying and end up making Mu Xiaoyun want to leave, that's why you hid it from me right?" grandma had regained her composure.

"Yes, and I'm actually only guessing. That Mo Ying might not be a herbal doctor. I just heard Xiaoyun say that he likes to put herbs into food and that it had a lot of benefits when he does," Ji Yilan said carefully.

Elder Feng sighed, "Yilan, get up, you're too soft-hearted. I really don't know if it's the right decision to let you manage Ice Lake. Sigh-"

Elder Feng paused for a moment and said, "Do you know what a herbal doctor means for a sect? If that Mo Ying can mix herbs into food, he's a herbal doctor for sure, and a rather capable one at that. Yet you let him go."

"Elder, that Mo Ying is just an ordinary person-" However, Elder Feng waved her hand.

She said plainly, "Yilan, do you think a herbal doctor would be a normal person?"

She then said, "I just got news that five days ago, someone killed Taiyi Sect members in Wu Wen City, and he proclaimed that he was targeting the Taiyi Sect. He killed them for a herb called the blood cherry, and that Mo Ying is a herbal doctor, so..."

Ji Yilan said in shock, "Elder, how is that possible, Mo Ying left in the morning only five days ago. Even if he can fly, he can't have appeared in Wu Wen City five days ago and killed those people."

Hearing this, Elder Feng frowned and murmured to herself, "That is impossible indeed. Not to mention, he's at most in his twenties. No matter what, he can't have the strength to instantly kill an earth level tertiary stage cultivator. I was thinking too much."

Then Elder Feng asked, "How is Mu Xiaoyun's progress?"

Ji Yilan said happily, "She's very talented, it's only been five days and she reached level two of the Star Rain cultivation method and has reached the yellow level middle stage."

"That fast, she's a level one talent indeed!" Even Elder Feng was completely shocked.

At this moment, someone said at the door, "Grandma, Sect Leader Yilan, Magic Merchant Association's Goddess Zi Hua is here."

Elder Feng and Ji Yilan were both dazed. Why would the acting leader of such a big power come visit Ice Lake?

"Goddess Zi Hua, please come in," Elder Feng said.

Zi Hua walked in with a smile.

Ji Yilan quickly got up, "It's an honour to see Goddess Zi Hua in Ice Lake, please have a seat."

"Thank you."

Miao Lian quickly poured a cup of tea.

Ji Yilan smiled, "Sister Zihua is very busy with the merchant association, how did you find the time to come to Ice Lake?"

Zi Hua smiled, "I've met Mu Xiaoyun and her husband in Hang Shui before and I happened to be nearby, so I came to see them."

Ji Yilan didn't believe that Zi Hua came to see Mo Ying - she probably came for Mu Xiaoyun. This immediately made Ji Yilan vigilant, "Xiaoyun is working hard cultivating Ice Lake's cultivation method, and Mo Ying has left Ice Lake."

"What?" Yun Ziyi was so shook that she spilled her cup of tea. Was it really him?
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