Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 734

Chapter 734: Longing for Someone

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Ice Lake had fallen from the special grade sect status after the last sect tournament. They had internal conflicts, which rendered them a bordering third grade sect.

But recently, it had become famous again due to the recruitment of a genius disciple, Mu Xiaoyun. The most important reason for their fame was that the responsible person for the Magical Merchant Association, Yun Ziyi, often went to Ice Lake. She had become a friend of Ji Yilan and Mu Xiaoyun.

People were envious that Ice Lake and the Magical Merchant Association were on good terms. Many important resources couldn't be bought with money.

Most people believed that the reason Yun Ziyi was getting closer to Ice Lake was due to Mu Xiaoyun. Because of Mu Xiaoyun, Ice Lake was very lucky.

Mu Xiaoyun was a level one talent and an extremely beautiful woman. As for Mo Ying, who had been with her at Hang Shui, people had long forgotten about him. How could someone like him deserve a goddess-like genius?

The Ice Lake was the symbol of the sect. At the highest rock next to it, a blue-dressed lady stood looking out into the distance.

Husband had said he would come back and take her in at most half a year. However, he had been gone for three years already. Why was he not back yet?

Three years ago, she would go there to seek for her husband everyday, but she never found him. If it hadn't been that he had told her to wait for him at Ice Lake and not to leave, she would've left Ice Lake to find him.

"Husband, I'm already at chi gathering stage 3, why are you still not back?" Mu Xiaoyun murmured.

"Martial Sister Xiaoyun, let's go back. Ziyi Siter brought a few invitations for the hidden sects martial arts tournament. Let's go together." Ji Yilan saw Mu Xiaoyun and sighed.

She really couldn't do anything about this. She had tried persuading her many times, but she never listened to her. She would spend a large amount of time each day waiting for her husband there, regardless of the weather. There were even two footprints on the rock.

If she had used all that time to cultivate instead, she would be at earth level already. Even so, she was at black level peak now. She had reached stage 6 in Star Rain cultivation method, and even she was only at stage 5.

Mu Xiaoyun returned to her senses and looked blankly at Ji Yilan. She said slowly to Ji Yilan, "Martial Sister Yilan, I don't want to go to that tournament. You guys can go."

Then, she turned back and headed to her place. Ever since two years ago, she had gone back to the place she had lived with Ye Mo. Although Ji Yilan and Grandma were helpless, Mu Xiaoyun's talent was absolutely perfect. She barely cultivated, yet she had reached black stage peak.

Hence, they could only let her do as she wished.

Hearing this, Ji Yilan said worriedly, "Martial Sister Xiaoyun, you must go! Do you know how hard it is to get an invitation? Our sect only has one, but Sister Ziyi helped us get a few."

Hearing this, Mu Xiaoyun looked back at Ji Yilan in confusion, "Sister Yilan, Husband just told me to wait for him at Ice Lake. What if he can't find me after I leave? And I don't like that sort of events, why would I have to go?"

Ji Yilan said, "Martial Sister Xiaoyun, there's one year left until the sect-ascending Tournament from grade three to grade two. Those who participate must be under 30. You're our main power, you must go."

Mu Xiaoyun nodded, "I know, I will go to the tournament. However, I don't want to go to the hidden sects martial arts tournament. I want to wait for my husband here."

Ji Yilan could only say, "The main purpose of the hidden sects martial arts tournament is for the third grade sects to rise to second grade sect. It's for the contestants to understand each other and learn about your opponents. People also discuss their cultivation experiences there too. Sometimes, you can't just cultivate alone."

Ji Yilan paused for a moment and then said, "Of course, the most important thing is that you have to go to Chan City to sign up for next year's tournament. Even if you don't go to this tournament, you have to go to sign up personally."

"Okay then. But my husband-" Mu Xiaoyun knew she couldn't reject it.

Before she finished, Ji Yilan said, "Don't worry about your husband, I told grandma that if your husband comes back while you're not at Ice Lake, she will immediately notify you through messenger hawks. You can come back to Ice Lake at any time."

"Ih, that's not necessary. You just have to tell me husband where I am. He will come to pick me up," Mu Xiaoyun quickly said.

She was sure that her husband was caught up on something, he wouldn't forget about her.

Chan City was the biggest city in the hidden sects. It was like the Hang Shui City of the outside. This city was in the centre of the hidden sects.

This martial arts tournament was for the younger generations, so the city had become very busy.

Unlike other cities, Chan City had more than a few great heaven masters guarding it, so no one dared to cause trouble there. No matter who you are or where you came from, Chan City was not a place for you to mess around in.

When Mu Xiaoyun and the rest arrived, it was already full.

It was impossible to find a place to stay and the prices were rather high.

However, Ice Lake disciples already had a place arranged for them. The headquarters of the Magical Merchant Association were in Chan City.

After settling down, Ji Yilan went to Mu Xiaoyun's room. She saw that Mu Xiaoyun was just contemplating and sighed, "Xiaoyun, let's go take a walk. It's better than staying at home all day."

Hearing this, Mu Xiaoyun remembered when she had been to Hang Shui City. Her husband had taken her out to fly at night and bought stuff together.

If only her husband was here, she could go out with him! However, Mu Xiaoyun had no interest in going out with Martial Sister Yilan.

"Sorry, Martial Sister Yilan, I don't want to go out. I'll stay here." Mu Xiaoyun shook her head.

In the next few days, Mu Xiaoyun didn't leave her place other than when she went to sign up.

On the third day, when the hidden sects martial arts tournament was about to start, Yun Ziyi suddenly ran to Mu Xiaoyun and said, "Martial Sister Xiaoyun, I think I saw your husband."
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