Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 735

Chapter 735: It Isn't

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Huh?" Hearing this, Mu Xiaoyun stood up abruptly with her eyes wide open.

Ji Yilan could feel Mu Xiaoyun wobble and quickly supported her, "Don't worry, Martial Sister Xiaoyun, let Sister Ziyi finish first."

Yun Ziyi was also excited. The reason why she had made friends with Mu Xiaoyun was to get to know more about Ye Mo. She might have had ulterior motives at the start, but later on she became real friends with her.

Yun Ziyi comforted, "Xiaoyun, stay calm. I'm not sure whether that person was your husband. I just heard someone call out to a 'Martial Brother Mo' at the door and subconsciously looked back. Then, I saw someone that looked very similar to your husband. I didn't see clearly, but-"

Mu Xiaoyun grabbed Yun Ziyi's hand in excitement, "Sister Ziyi, but what?"

Yun Ziyi calmed down and said, "But his face didn't seem scarred, so I'm not sure that he was your husband."

The reason why Yun Ziyi had still mentioned it was because she was sure that Ye Mo had the capability to go to Wu Wen Mountain. So maybe he'd found the Jia Lan Flower and recovered his face.

The only thing she wasn't too sure about was that the day the Taiyi Sect members were killed was only the day Ye Mo left Ice Lake. Even if Ye Mo could fly, there was no way he could get to Wu Wen Mountain that fast.

But Yun Ziyi had reached out to some eyewitnesses from Wu Wen City and had told them to describe the masked man, and their description reminded her a lot of Mo Ying.

Mu Xiaoyun shook in excitement and said subconsciously, "My husband can recover his looks. I want to go see for myself."

"What?" Yun Ziyi and Ji Yilan screamed at the same time. They couldn't believe it.

Mu Xiaoyun knew she had spilled some words in her excitement, but she didn't mind much. As long as she could see her husband, everything else didn't matter.

"Martial Sister Xiaoyun, can Brother Mo really recover his face?" Ji Yilan was shaking and grabbed Mu Xiaoyun's hand. She didn't doubt Mu Xiaoyun's words.

Yun Ziyi also looked at Mu Xiaoyun in excitement, as she didn't doubt Mu Xiaoyun either. If Ye Mo was able to find the Jia Lan Flower, he would really have such power.

She had given Ye Mo a map of Wu Wen Mountain and found out that after the recent incident, almost 80% of the high level herbs in the Wu Wen Mountains had been picked away. This quite possibly might have been done by Ye Mo. Yun Ziyi had the feeling that Ye Mo had the capability to go in early.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt like her guess was right. A pity that she had missed the chance to get close to Mo Ying on the boat. To her, it didn't matter what people Ye Mo had killed - she only cares about his abilities.

Mu Xiaoyun was so excited that she immediately wanted to go to the hidden sects tournament and look for Ye Mo, but Ji Yilan was holding her hand and asking her something, so she still had to reply.

"Yes, Martial Sister Yilan, my husband could do that," Mu Xiaoyun nodded.

"Right, your husband is a high level herbal doctor, I should've long since realized this!" Ji Yilan also said something she shouldn't in her excitement.

"What? Martial Sister Yilan, Xiaoyun's husband is a high level herbal doctor?" Yun Ziyi was completely shocked. High level herbal doctors were supremely important to the hidden sects.

If her association could have a connection to a high level herbal doctor, then- Yun Ziyi didn't even dare keep thinking about it.

No wonder that Mo Ying liked herbs and gathering herbs, so that was it! As long as Mo Ying came back and just helped the association a little, then-

In that moment, all three were very excited and couldn't control themselves.

"Xiaoyun, Yilan let's quickly go!" Yun Ziyi really wanted to see Ye Mo as soon as possible.

"Goddess Ziyi!"

"Goddess Yun!"

Countless people greeted them when they came to the hidden sects tournament. No one knew Mu Xiaoyun and Ji Yilan, but Yun Ziyi was famous.

The martial arts tournament was a huge place with all sorts of facilities.

Because it had just started, only a few people were practicing in the practice rings. Most people were sitting on the balconies having discussions. They all wanted to benefit from the experience of seniors. Every tournament, there would be some high level masters coming to expound on the martial dao.

Yun Ziyi caught most people's attention, and many people wanted to say hi to her to elevate their own status.

However, Yun Ziyi acted very strangely in front of these people. When the four came in together, Yun Ziyi and her maid were at the very back. In the middle was a woman wearing a veil and in the front most another goddess-like beauty.

Soon, everyone's attention was caught by that otherworldly beauty. It was as though she was about to ascend to heaven. It could be said that this woman was even prettier than Goddess Zi Hua.

But that woman was desperately looking around.

Mu Xiaoyun had started looking for Ye Mo as soon as she came in.

Suddenly, Mu Xiaoyun's face froze. Her face changed and even went pale for a moment. But then she frowned and seemed to have remembered something as her face returned to normal.

"Xiaoyun, what are you doing here?" a young man walked over in surprise.

Mu Xiaoyun looked at this man and said plainly, "So it's you, Mo Youshen."

Although they looked very similar, Mu Xiaoyun could tell straightaway that this person wasn't her husband Ye Mo.

The man seemed unable to believe that Mu Xiaoyun had dared call him by his name and frowned, "Xiaoyun, why are you not answering me about why you're here? And where is my mother?"

Mu Xiaoyun's face sunk. When she saw Mo Youshen, there was this coldness that rose from the bottom of her heart making her uneasy. When she was with Ye Mo, she didn't have that feeling.

Suddenly, Mu Xiaoyun felt a hint of gratitude towards this Mo Youshen. If he hadn't left, how could she have met Ye babe?

At this moment, Yun Ziyi walked over and whispered to Mu Xiaoyun, "He was the one I saw, but is he your husband? He looks similar yet doesn't at the same time."

Mu Xiaoyun answered plainly, "He isn't, my husband isn't here today. Sister Ziyi and Yilan, I'm going."
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