Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 736

Chapter 736: You Dont Have the Right

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Hearing this, Mo Youshen seemed to have understood something. He screeched, "Mu Xiaoyun, what did you just say!? You left your mother in law and ran away. Then, you cheat on me! You- you-"

Yun Ziyi and Ji Yilan looked at Mu Xiaoyun in shock after hearing this. Mo Youshen's words implied that Mu Xiaoyun was his wife!

But she was no longer the Mu Xiaoyun she had been a few years ago. She now had a husband who deeply loved her.

She looked coldly at Mo Youshen, "Your aunty saved me. I fed your mother for three years until she died. What did you do? Who do you think you are? My husband already told me. What do you have to do with me? What right do you have to say that to me?"

"You-" Mo Youshen's face was green with anger. That timid cat from the past had suddenly turned into this and it was unbearable for him. He couldn't keep calm anymore and lost his reason.

He could curse and beat Mu Xiaoyun whenever he wanted. He could even tell her to die, and Mu Xiaoyun was not allowed to resist. This was absurd! She not only had resisted, but she dared say that he couldn't do anything about it!

Seeing Mo Youshen shake of anger, Mu Xiaoyun said even more calmly, "I cheated on you? Who are you to me? What right do you have to say that? Only my husband can say it. You have no right!"

Mo Youshen suddenly started yelling, "Mu Xiaoyun, your father gave you to the Mo family, are you regretting it now? Who saved you from that big disaster? Mu Xiaoyun, do you have any shame left? You left your mother-in-law and ran away by yourself. And now you say I'm not your husband! You- you- Sl*t!"

For the first time in his life, Mo Youshen was truly bursting of anger.

Mu Xiaoyun's expression turned cold. She said plainly, "Mo Youshen, was I actually given to the Mo family? Did your family ever give us a marriage gift? Did I ever plan to marry you or did we have a wedding? Did I sleep with you? I don't think any of that happened!

Who is shameless here?! There's nothing between us. What right do you have to say that I'm yours? Yes, I am thankful to your aunty for saving me, but you didn't save me. Moreover, I struggled living in Huang Ping, yet I still fed your mother. Where were you? When I was abused and had nowhere to hide, where were you? There was no food in the house. I starved and had to borrow bowls of rice to feed your mother. When I was starving in the kitchen, where were you?"

You weren't even there. And even when you were, I was still the one providing for the family. Did you do anything for the family? I even had to take care of the haystack on the roof. Those few years, I didn't let your mother starve nor freeze - I let her curse and beat me until she passed away. When I had nowhere to go, I met my husband. Only then did I know what real happiness was. Only then did I know that a woman can also be protected. My husband told me I don't owe anything to your family anymore."

There were tears in the corners of her eyes. She didn't care about her past traumas, but when she thought about her husband, she got emotional. She spoke her heart, as she didn't know how to curse people.

"What? My mother died?" Mo Youshen was shook, as though he couldn't accept this fact.

Mu Xiaoyun looked at him coldly and felt he was so fake. If he had really cared about his mother, why had he disappeared for so many years?

Mo Youshen suddenly thought of something and pointed at Mu Xiaoyun hideously, "Mu Xiaoyun, you dared to find another man! You- you-"

Mu Xiaoyun looked at him coldly, "I have nothing to do with you, what does having a husband got to do with you? My husband explained to me that all you did was abandon your mother at home and stop caring about her. What is more, you left me, someone who is not related to your family, to take care of her. This is beyond shameless and immoral. How dare you have the guts to point fingers at me?"

Mo Youshen felt an irresistible anger rose from his heart. He was about to kill Mu Xiaoyun in a punch when someone behind him said, "That goddess-like beauty is Mu Xiaoyun? I heard she was the number one genius who got recruited by Ice Lake. She's a goddess in the mortal realm indeed!"

"Pfff- What do her looks got to do with her power?"

"I heard that even some of the special grade sects wanted her."

Hearing this, Mo Youshen suddenly calmed down. He had heard about that so-called Mu Xiaoyun, but he had never thought it would be her.

When Mo Youshen calmed down and studied Mu Xiaoyun carefully, he found that she was extremely beautiful. Even Goddess Zi Hua's beauty was a little inferior.

Mo Youshen's heart began to burn with excitement. Due to his condition, he had never thought of doing anything with Mu Xiaoyun. However, now he knew that if he reached great heaven, he could become a normal man.

Mo Youshen was sure that Mu Xiaoyun didn't know he was impotent. If he could get married with Mu Xiaoyun, perhaps Taiyi Sect would allow him to become a core disciple.

To Mo Youshen, cultivation was everything. Nothing else mattered.

Thinking about this, he took a step forward. But before he could speak, Yun Ziyi stood in front of him.

She looked plainly at him and said, "Mr Mo, I heard the conversation you just had with her. In which case, she has nothing to do with you. She is married now and she has a very loving husband, so you have no right to disturb her."

What Yun Ziyi didn't expect was that Mo Youshen sighed and said, "Sorry, Xiaoyun, it was my bad before indeed. I wanted to explore the world and I neglected your feelings. I also didn't treat my mother right. I apologise to you now." Then, he bowed.

Mu Xiaoyun frowned, she couldn't understand. The Mo Youshen she knew would've never done this.

Seeing Mu Xiaoyun take a few steps back. Mo Youshen said solemnly, "Xiaoyun, you also know why our grandparents agreed to have us married. It's because of that fortune teller. If it hadn't been for that big disaster, perhaps we would have gotten engaged. Still, I don't think it's too late."

Mu Xiaoyun's expression turned cold.

"You're the genius disciple from Ice Lake and I'm one of Taiyi's inner sect members. We have a common goal now."

However, Mu Xiaoyun's face changed drastically. Taiyi Sect. Her husband had told her that it was his biggest enemy. His number one priority there was to take revenge on Taiyi.

"XIaoyun, I'm willing to make up for everything I did before. Think about it! If one day, we both became Taiyi Sect members-"

However, Ji Yilan was furious. She came up and sneered, "Mo Youshen, what do you mean!? Xiaoyun is Ice Lake's disciple now. Watch your words!"
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