Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 738

Chapter 738: Three Gives Birth To All

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"I'm Meng Zhan, I had the three golden pages of fortune. Yet even with my talent, I couldn't cultivate the innate cultivation method inside the pages, the Three Birth Chant. This cultivation method requires a full spirit root to cultivate it, what kind of logic is this? A full spirit root cultivator is a useless cultivator. How can this natural cultivation method be meant for a useless spirit root cultivator?

I forcefully tried cultivating the Three Birth Chant and it destroyed my body. I won't give up, I will used the remaining power I have and write the Primordial Fortune Chant on the golden page world. I believe my Primordial Fortune Chant is the number one cultivation method, so what if they say it's the Three Birth Chant? Pity I can't cultivate it!

These three pages were created by the Earth. I died and these three pages will hide themselves in it. The fortunate one to get these three pages can cultivate my Primordial Fortune Chant. If you do, you must not cultivate the Three Birth Chant. Instead, you can give it to someone who has a full spirit root.

When the right time comes, fight that person."

Ye Mo threw the jade slip away and said in contempt, "This old man is talking bullsh*t! I am a full spirit root! Will I go challenge Xiaoyun after I learn the Three Birth Chant and let her beat me to prove that your cultivation method is stronger? Keep dreaming old guy! Even if Xiaoyun wasn't my wife, I don't think your cultivation method can be more powerful than a cultivation method born from the Earth."

But his undying will was deserving of respect.

Were there actual naturally created cultivation methods? How powerful would such cultivation method be? But where was it? How come he didn't see it?

If it was as the old guy had said, that the Three Birth Chant was best for full-spirit root cultivators, then wouldn't he fit the criteria perfectly?

Ye Mo looked around and saw nothing but the stone tablet. Ye Mo thought and placed his hand on it.

Buzz- Information immediately got into Ye Mo's head.

"From chaos, One was born. One gave birth to Two, Two gave birth to Three, Three gave birth to All." No wonder the three golden pages were hidden in the Dao De Sutra - the Dao De Sutra talked about this.

After some time, Ye Mo woke up. So that was it, the Three Birth Chant meant that Three had given birth to All. From the information he had received, Ye Mo knew that he could only leave that world after reaching chi gathering tertiary stage. But it would be hard to come back in again, and it would have to be after foundation establishment.

That meant he could only come in and out as he pleased once he reached foundation establishment state. The thing Ye Mo wasn't happy about was that he only had the fore part of the Three Birth Chant, not the latter part.

No matter what, with a way to get out, Ye Mo started cultivating. Ye Mo hadn't wanted to change his cultivation method before, but now he had to.

He started cultivating the Three Birth Chant.

When he first started, he found out that he could indeed cultivate it without any kind of obstruction.

As the Three Birth Chant said, all things can be created or absorbed. Ye Mo was already stage 6 when he started cultivating, so he realized that he could convert his stage 6 power to cultivation resource and cultivate to stage 4 chi gathering using the Three Birth Chant.

Ye Mo rejoiced. He hadn't cultivated much, yet he was already at chi gathering middle stage. Ye Mo had realized that the spirit chi in there seemed to be the same as outside, so he had to use pills to ascend faster.

Luckily, he had countless herbs at that moment.

Ye Mo took them all out and started making pills. As the herbs decreased, his pills increased.

When he finished making a full set of Huang Ming Pill, Ye Mo suddenly woke up. Since when could he make full sets of pills? Moreover, the pills' quality was top grade. Ye Mo then realized that the pill concocting method he was using was completely different to what he had learned. He had just so happened to use a different method.

Ye Mo stopped in shock. He knew how hard it was to make pills. He had studied in Luo Yue for years, yet he had just been a normal apprentice. However, the means he was using weren't of an apprentice, they were at a master level.

What was going on?

When Ye Mo made another cauldron of chi increasing pill, he finally understood. He did have a new system of concocting pills.

When he picked up a herb, the attributes of the herb appeared in his mind. Moreover,he could tell when to put them in and all of their innate abilities.

"The Three Birth Chant," Ye Mo murmured. He at last had comprehended what the Three Birth Chant was.

'Three gives birth to All' did not only mean that his cultivation method would develop its special techniques, but that it would also apply to other things. He could develop his own unique concocting method. Based on this, it could be foreseen that it would happen to formation.

"Hahaha!" Ye Mo laughed. Meng Qian truly wasn't humble at all. If he had known that the Three Birth Chant was this powerful, he would have never said that the Primordial Fortune Chant was the number one cultivation method.

That insolent old hag was fearless. Ye Mo sighed. He was sure that Meng Zhan was a very powerful person, yet very ignorant.

Only those who cultivated the Three Birth Chant could know that if 100 people cultivated it, 100 different cultivation methods would come from it. The Three Birth Chant wasn't something static, it developed based on the individual's characteristics and talent.

Knowing this, Ye Mo got excited. Although it required more resources to cultivate than the Primordial Chaos Chant, Ye Mo was sure that he could reach a much higher state with it - even ascension into the immortal realm.

Also, Wu Wen Mountain had a spirit herb garden. Although he hadn't gotten to it, he would return for sure. When he reached foundation establishment state, he would go there. By then, he should be able to go in and out of his golden page world as he pleased.

With this mindset, Ye Mo kept cultivating and making pills everyday.

He didn't know how long it had been. He had eaten all the food in his ring, so he could only eat food pills to fill his stomach and cultivate.

Although Ye Mo had gathered a lot of herbs, having developed a new concocting method meant that he made them all into pills - even the ten cauldrons of big essence increasing pills.

The normal essence increasing pills became completely useless when Ye Mo reached stage 6 again.

Ye Mo couldn't help to sigh. The Three Birth Chant was really a resource-consuming cultivation method.

But luckily, after wasting 80% of his pills, he finally reached stage 6 again.

However, Ye Mo got very worried then. He didn't know how long he had been in the world. Moreover, he was worried that Mu Xiaoyun would go out to find him. He was also concerned that Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue would worry about him. He hadn't expect to spend so much time in there.

There were two essence increasing pills made with earth spirit fruit and five great essence increasing pills in front of him.

He had to reach chi gathering tertiary as fast as he could and leave that world. He had to get back to Ice Lake.
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