Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 739

Chapter 739: Passed Away

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Casting his random thoughts aside, Ye Mo took two essence increasing pills in one go. Strong spiritual power started rampaging in his meridians, and as Ye Mo digested the power, it kept charging at the barrier that stopped him from reaching stage seven.

With the strong digestive power of the Three Birth Chant, Ye Mo felt that the spirit power was soon gone, and yet he was still far from breaking through to stage seven.

Ye Mo clenched his teeth and ate 5 great essence increasing pills all in one go. Spirit chi immediately started burning in his meridian and dantian.

The explosive power of eating those pills together was rather horrifying for a chi gathering cultivator. Ye Mo was probably the first stage six cultivator in history to dare do that at stage six.

But with the absurd power of the Three Birth Chant, no matter how many spirit chi there was, as long as it didn't burst open his dantian and merdians immediately, it would be digested.

Ye Mo knew he shouldn't be doing something like that as a cultivator, but he didn't regret it. He was more worried than anyone else staying in there any longer.

Luckily, the Three Birth Chant didn't disappoint him.

Crack- Ye Mo could hear the sound of a barrier cracking. The chi that was stuck inside his body found the crack in the barrier and rampaged through it. Ye Mo felt the chi in his body get stronger and stronger.

Ye Mo rejoiced. Although it had been a desperate move, he finally reached stage seven.

Ye Mo stabilised his power and got up.

He stretched his hand and an extremely bright fireball appeared in it. It was more than a few times stronger than before. Ye Mo breathed a sigh of content at his power being so much stronger than before.

He might be only at stage seven, but Ye Mo felt that he wouldn't have to fear even a peak stage chi gathering cultivator.

He thought about those three people whose power he couldn't see through in Hang Shui City. Ye Mo should be fine fighting the three now.

He had to consider things like this, because he wanted to get revenge on the Taiyi Sect.

"Exit!!" Ye Mo howled as he didn't want to stay there for a second longer.

As soon as the thought flashed through his mind, he left that dull grey world.

Finally, he was out! Ye Mo felt like crying. How long had he been locked up for?

Not good! Ye Mo suddenly remembered the Jia Lan Flower. It hadn't lost its potency in the golden page world, but that didn't mean that it would be the same in the outside world.

Ye Mo quickly took it out and put it in a jade box to preserve it. However, he knew that half a month later, it would still lose some of its potency nonetheless.

It would be a waste to make a foundation establishment pill out of it now.

Ye Mo thought regretfully, 'If only I'd left it in the golden page world!'

Thinking about this, Ye Mo tried to go in the world again, but indeed he couldn't anymore. But when he suddenly tried moving the flower with his spirit sense, he surprisingly found that the flower was sent into the golden page world.

Although he couldn't go in, herbs could! Ye Mo rejoiced. After putting the remaining herbs in, Ye Mo started to look at his surroundings.

He found that he was at the foot of a mountain, and there was a small road-like passage.

Ye Mo sent his spirit sense around and found that it had increased greatly. He remembered that at stage six, his spirit sense could reach around 2 km, while now it was 7 km!

Normally, 3 km would be the limit for stage seven cultivators, yet now his spirit sense was stronger than even a peak stage chi gathering cultivator. The Three Birth Chant was strong indeed. Ye Mo sighed and decided to find a way out of where he was.

But then suddenly, he stood dazed. He found that 3 km away, a young nun was laying on the ground in the forest. He knew this nun - it was that Big Martial Sister Luo Yin. Why was she here so heavily wounded?

Ye Mo came up to Luo Yin and put a lotus life pill in her mouth.

But soon, Ye Mo's heart sunk. Luo Yin's wounds were too heavy, and her life force was at its end. Even the lotus life pill could only keep her alive for just a bit more.

"Who are you? Your eyes are familiar..."

Luo Yin opened her eyes and saw Ye Mo, but she closed her eyes again right after. Her face became ruddy, and Ye Mo knew that she was gathering her last ounce of strength. Even if Ye Mo were at the nascent soul stage now, he wouldn't be able to save her without some potent herbs.

Ye Mo remembered how he looked and immediately took a face preserving pill. Now that he was stage seven, there was no need for him to hide his face anymore.

In a short while, all the scars disappeared from his face as Ye Mo used a cleaning spell and showed his original face.

This time, Luo Yin opened her eyes and recognized the person in front of her. She immediately rejoiced, "It's you, Ye Mo! Am I dreaming?"

"No, Martial Sister Luo Yin, I came to the small world. Tell me what happened. I will get revenge for you." Ye Mo felt sad. Although he wasn't close to Luo Yin, she was Luo Xuan's Martial Sister and had taken care of both of them.

Ye Mo put another lotus life pill in her mouth.

Luo Yin signaled for him not to waste his pills. After a long while, she gathered some strength and said, "I know you came in. It was Martial Aunt Jie Xun. She hunted me and Martial Sister Luo Xuan... Wanted to find you Martial Sister didn't want to talk about you She was forced to jump off a cliff. I ran away injured but was stopped and beaten again I ran here"

Hatred showed in Ye Mo's eyes - it was that old hag again! She was too wretched. He let her go last time because he wasn't strong enough to catch her, and now she'd harmed Luo Yin and Luo Xuan. Ye Mo felt regret. He should've found her and killed her first before going into Wu Wen Mountain.

"Ye Mo, little Martial Sister really likes you. She jumped off Shuang Shi Cliff If possible, go find her and bring her back She said you had helped her realize her dream, and that she had no regrets..."

As Ye Mo heard this, he remembered the time when he flew with Luo Xuan. That little girl who jumped off that building for him. Yet such a cute and beautiful girl was forced to jump off a cliff by that Jie Xun.

Ye Mo's heart was burning with rage. He wanted to go up to Jie Xun and tear her to pieces right then, but he knew Luo Yin wasn't going to hold on much longer.

Luo Yin's voice got quieter and quieter, "I regret not listening to Martial Sister Luo Fei and not staying at Luo Yue City I regret I'm still Ye Mo, my family is outside Gan Tong City Shi Feng Village My name is Shi Jingqing If possible, take me back home and check up on them Then give me to Martial Sister Luo Fei"

As Ye Mo picked Luo Yin up, the joy of reaching stage seven was gone already.

Luo Yin finally became completely quiet. Ye Mo sent her into the golden page world and howled. He immediately shot into the sky with his flying sword. First, he would check on Xiaoyun. If something happened to her, even if he slaughtered all the hidden sects, what was lost wouldn't come back.
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