Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 740

Chapter 740: Outside Chan City

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Although Ye Mo desperately wanted to go back to Ice Lake, when he got in the air, he didn't know which direction Ice Lake was.

Just when he was about to ask someone, his spirit sense scanned a peak. There were two large boulders soaring high up - was it the Shuang Shi Cliff?

TL note: Shuang Shi means two rocks.

Ye Mo immediately landed there. He found the name 'Shuang Shi Cliff' written on one of the big rocks. The other rock had 'Qing Shui Sect' written on it. However, there was no sect around. When he thought of Luo Xuan jumping off here, Ye Mo felt bad.

"Brother Ye, thank you for fulfilling my dream. Although it was just one night, I'm very satisfied."

"It's fine, it was just because I happened to be able to do it and you happened to trust me."

"I just didn't want Brother Ye to be disappointed again. I was thoughtless at the time."

He felt like he could still hear Luo Xuan's words, but she was gone.

Ye Mo was in pain. He didn't want to think about it anymore, so he jumped down the cliff. Ye Mo didn't know if he could still find Luo Xuan.

There was just grass and leaves at the bottom. Snakes too. Ye Mo's heart sunk. If Luo Xuan had fallen there, there might not even be a body to mourn, much less finding her alive.

He expanded his spirit sense and searched for nearly two hours, but he found nothing.

Ye Mo knew he couldn't keep wasting time there. There was nothing. The only possibilities were that either her body was gone, or that she had escaped.

But with Jie Xun chasing after her, Ye Mo didn't think she could have escaped.

Ye Mo went back to the top and wrote on the big rock with his sword, "Ye Mo came here to find Luo Xuan. He left after failing with concern."

Not long after, Ye Mo decided to go to a city. He realized that this was the biggest city he had seen in the small world.

Neither Hang Shui nor Wu Wen were as big as this.

Still, Ye Mo had to find where Ice Lake was.

Ye Mo got off the flying sword. He was going to go inside when he saw in big letters 'Chan City'.

"That woman was really pretty, what a pity she ran away! She was such a beautiful nun. Sigh-"

"I saw a prettier woman than her a few years ago at Huang Shui City. I planned on looking for her, but she ran away."

"That nun was already injured. Otherwise, we would have been no match for her."


Ye Mo turned around immediately. He knew these people were talking about Luo Yin.

"Ah! It's Martial Brother Mo from Taiyi Sect."

"Hello, Martial Brother Mo."

These people saw Ye Mo and came up to him.

Martial Brother Mo? Ye Mo frowned, but he immediately remembered that guy called Mo Youshen. Those men might have mistaken him for Mo Youshen.

"You're Horse Shit!" Ye Mo found out that he actually knew one of them, Ma Shilong.

Ma Shilong was dazed. He looked at Ye Mo carefully and then pointed at him, "You- you're not Martial Brother Mo! You're- you're-"

Ye Mo sneered. He could tell that Ma Shilong had recognized him.

"He actually isn't Martial Brother Mo! His clothes are strange too. Something's not right." The few other people had also realized.

Ma Shilong was dazed for a moment, but then rejoiced. "Not bad, kid. I didn't think you could recover your face. Where's that girl who used to follow you around? If you're willing to give her to me, I might let you live."

Ye Mo couldn't even bother talking. He raised his hand and four wind blades were shot. Ma Shilong's legs and arms were immediately sliced off. He struggled in terror on the ground, like a ball. He was screaming, yet he couldn't die immediately.

The three people next to him were dazed. How had he done that? With merely the wave of hand, Ma Shilong had lost his limbs!

"You dared to kill at Chan City! You're asking to die!" one of Ma Shilong's friends reacted and roared at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered and threw at him another wind blade. A blood line appeared on his neck, then blood burst out and his head exploded into the sky. Yet, his hands were still pointing at Ye Mo.

The remaining two men were clearly stronger than the previous ones, but they started shaking after they saw the means Ye Mo had to kill. This guy had not only killed in Chan City, but also without any restraints.

Ye Mo looked at the two shaking men and asked coldly, "Did you beat that nun? When?"

"Yes, yes, two days ago. We saw her on our way back from herb collecting. I'm a disciple from Shang Qing Mountain, you can't-" the man said shakily.

Ye Mo was bursting with anger. Now that he had met the people who had caused Luo Yin's death, he didn't want to ask anymore. He threw out countless wind blades and the two shaking men were sliced like smashed tomatoes.

Only Ma Shilong was still convulsing on the ground, but it was clear he wouldn't last long.

The stench of blood spread and people moved aside. A slaughter god had killed in Chan City. No one dared to be associated with him.

"Who would dare to kill in Chan City?" Two earth level tertiary stage martial artist rushed there.

Even they felt a little disgusted at the scene. When they saw that the people killed were all from Shang Qing Mountain, their face changed.

Shang Qing Mountain was just a second grade sect, but they were backed up by Qian Kun sect.

"Hmmm- It's you, Mr Mo from Taiyi," one of them said.

Ye Mo thought about the situation. In the end, that Mo Youshen hadn't died, he had just joined Taiyi Sect.

At this moment, a chariot was coming out of Chan City. When he saw it, Ye Mo remembered that it was Goddess Zi Hua's cart. He hadn't expected to see it again today.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense inside. It was Yun Ziyi indeed, but she seemed injured. The cart didn't intend to stop at all when passing by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo suddenly called out, "Goddess Zi Hua, please wait a moment! I have something to ask you."

A cold voice sounded from the chariot, "Mr Mo, I'm busy. If there's nothing special, I'm leaving."

If it had been a few years ago, she wouldn't have even cared about a Taiyi core disciple. However now, the Magical Merchant Association was far weaker than Taiyi. She didn't want Mo Youshen to find an excuse to use it against them.

"Mr Mo!" the two earth level martial artists weren't happy that Ye Mo had ignored them, but they didn't dare to get angry. Mo Youshen was a core disciple of Taiyi, his status was the same as an elder's.

Ye Mo sneered, "Don't take me for Mo Youshen, I'm not him. Is Mo Youshen a Taiyi Sect Member? Great! I am going to kill Taiyi Sect people anyway, he better not cross my wake."

"What? And you dare pretend you're a Taiyi Sect core disciple? Who are you? You're asking to die!" No wonder he seemed strange! It was said that Mo Youshen was a gentlemen, he would never be as rude as this person.

Without thinking, they pulled out their swords and charged at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo lifted his hand and the flying sword landed on his hand. At the same time, a sword ray flashed and two heads flew into the sky, spilling blood.

"My name is Ye Mo."
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