Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 741

Chapter 741: Doing Something for Husband

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"Huh?" Yun Ziyi's hand shook.

"Miss, is he really not Mo Youshen? Is he Xiaoyun's husband then? He says he's Ye Mo." Xiao Ling looked in shock at the bloody scene and the man who had a sword on his back.

"Which arrogant fool dares kill at Chan City's gates?!" a furious voice sounded, and an old man appeared at the gates.

"You're from the Taiyi Sect?" Ye Mo saw the old man's clothes and knew that he was from the Taiyi Sect. He was a great heaven master and seemed a bit stronger than that Elder Min, but he was still only at the great heaven primary stage. To him, that little strength was worthless.

The old man sneered, "You look a little like Martial Nephew Youshen, but no matter what, you must die!"

As soon as the man finished speaking, he saw Ye Mo's sword fly up into the sky on its own accompanied by a sword ray.

"Sword manipulation?" the old man exclaimed in shock. Even great heaven peak masters couldn't do that. Only the legendary state above great heaven could allow you to achieve that.

"You're above great heaven!" the old man could only say this before he quickly tried to hide, but no matter how fast he was, his arm was still sliced off like tofu.

Ye Mo had to congratulate the old man for his agility.

"Let me see how long you can hide." Ye Mo controlled his flying sword again, and it was much faster this time.

The great heaven master's soul was shattered while he was still screaming, "Don't attack, we can talk it-" However, he could never utter that last word. Three sword rays had cut him into four slices already.

Yun Ziyi looked at Ye Mo with a pale face, while her heart was in a tsunami of shock.

It was him, it was him indeed! He was the one who killed Elder Ming in Hang Shui City. He had bought the Earth Spirit Fruit, he had taken out that 500 kg of gold, he was that big beard! He had probably gotten the Jia Lan Flower too.

So he was this strong? Great heaven masters couldn't even stand one blow of his! He could even manipulate his sword, what level of power had he achieved?

She had guessed right indeed, yet she missed the opportunity to connect to him. Yun Ziyi's mind went black. A tornado of a man like him, who was this powerful, how could he supposedly have no talent?

Ye Mo then turned to Ziyi and said plainly, "Goddess Zihua, I believe you know in which direction Ice Lake is. Please tell me. Here is a pill for your internal injuries, which are quite heavy. It's yours. I said I owed you before, so now I've paid you back."

Ye Mo looked at the man on the horse. The man was a half step great heaven cultivator, yet even with him Yun Ziyi was still heavily injured.

Yun Ziyi took the bottle shakily and even forgot to reply.

Seeing Ye Mo starting to frown, Xiao Ling quickly pulled Yun Ziyi.

Yun Ziyi finally calmed down a little and shakily replied, "Mr Ye, are you looking for Sister Xiaoyun? She's not in Ice Lake, she's at Magical Continent Mountain now, 50 km from here, in the hidden sects' grading tournament. She's representing Ice Lake there."

Hearing that Mu Xiaoyun was fine, Ye Mo heaved a sigh of relief.

"Where is it exactly? I'll be going there now." Ye Mo couldn't wait any longer.

Yun Ziyi quickly said, "I'was planning on going there now too, so you can come with me. There is one thingh, however; after this tournament, Xiaoyun will be joining the Taiyi Se-"

"What?" Ye Mo immediately interrupted.

Yun Ziyi quickly explained, "Because there's someone called Mo Youshen in the Taiyi Sect who kept harassing Xiaoyun. She went back to Ice Lake to hide, but Taiyi was too domineering and chased all the way to Ice Lake. They said that Mu Xiaoyun belongs to Taiyi, and since Ice Lake is weak, after some negotiations, they allowed Xiaoyun to join Taiyi after the tournament.

Ye Mo's face grew colder and colder. Xiaoyun knew he had enmity with Taiyi. She would never join it voluntarily, so she must have been forced.

Yun Ziyi saw Ye Mo's cold face, and his intense killing intent made her shiver. She immediately said, "You left for four years. One year ago, Sister Xiaoyun said that she would rather die than join Taiyi, but-"

"Where is Magical Continent Mountain?" Ye Mo asked again.

Yun Ziyi shivered and pointed west subconsciously, "It's 50 km to the west from here. By chariot it takes-"

Yun Ziyi was then suddenly made speechless as she saw in a daze how Ye Mo stepped onto the flying sword and disappeared into the horizon.

Not only Yun Ziyi, but also Xiao Ling and the horse rider were dazed. Ye Mo could fly on a sword? Who was he? Was he an immortal or something?

Yun Ziyi's body was shaking with excitement. After a long while, she came back to her senses and quickly said to the man besides her, "Uncle Tong, quick, we need to go to Magical Continent Mountain as fast as possible.

The biggest mountain in the hidden sects was undoubtedly the Magical Continent Mountain.

It wasn't tall, but it had nine peaks surrounding the mountain.

The mountain top was very flat and had an area of tens of millions of square meters!

For countless years, the tournament to decide the hidden sects' grades had been held there. The hidden sects' resources were limited, and so a lower grade meant less resources, so it meant a lot.

Every twenty years, the second grade and below sects would have their tournament there.

Every 100 years, the special grade and first grade sects would hold their tournament there too. Now was the most busy time of that place as the 20 year and the 100 year tournament were being held there at the same time.

This overlap meant something special: this time, the gradeless sects could challenge the special grade sects, and as long as they won, they would take their place as a special grade hidden sect! Moreover, there was no age restriction on the challengers. They just had to not be an elder.

Usually, people wouldn't challenge you, though, because if, for example, you were a second grade sect, and you lost too many times, you risked being demoted to a third grade sect.

Ice Lake was actually on the verge of losing their third grade title.

Although there were many sects present, there weren't that many people participating. Third grade sects usually just had two members participate at most. Special grade sects could send out as many as five members.

The higher the grade, the more stable the status. Even if one member lost, there would still be others. But this wasn't the case for the low grade hidden sects.

This time, Ji Yilan and Mu Xiaoyun were representing Ice Lake. Elder Feng and two earth level elders had come too, because they would matter if Ice Lake could reach the second grade.

"Xiaoyun..." Ji Yilan looked worriedly at Mu Xiaoyun. Her face had been very cold ever since coming to Magical Continent Mountain.

Mu Xiaoyun suddenly got up and walked up to the stage, but Ji Yilan quickly stopped her, "Xiaoyun, our round hasn't started yet. Now is the challenging time."

"Martial Sister Yilan, I know. I've already helped Ice Lake win two rounds. I want to do something for my husband now."

"Mu Xiaoyun from third grade Ice Lake challenges the Taiyi Sect." Mu Xiaoyun stood on the stage with a blue dress. A light breeze blew on her dress, making her look like a goddess who was about to fly away.
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