Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 742

Chapter 742: Forgetting to Block the Strike

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Such a pretty woman!"

"Yes, but why is a third grade sect challenging Taiyi Sect? That's like asking to die."

"Pfff- She's not asking to die. They say that she has been chosen by Taiyi Sect. After representing Ice Lake, she will get married into Taiyi Sect. Do you think Taiyi Sect would kill her?"

"Yes, I saw her match yesterday. She's black level peak and she's not even thirty years old. I think she's called Mu Xiaoyun."

"No wonder she's challenging Taiyi Sect. She probably wants to leave them a good impression."


When Mu Xiaoyun claimed her intentions, no one thought she was really trying to challenge Taiyi Sect.

After all, these special grade sects' genius disciples were unbeatable. Moreover, against a special grade sect, it was usually earth level masters and even half step great heaven masters who challenged. It was a special case that Taiyi and Kun Qian had succeeded 100 years ago.

Ji Yilan was worried sick. She knew it was pointless to find Grandma for help, but she still did so.

"Hmm," a skinny old man was unhappy. He scanned the rest of the elders and looked at the bald fat man.

After a long while, he said, "Elder Jin, is this the girl that you spoke about?"

"Yes, Vice Sect Leader Qi." He acted cocky in front of others, but he would never dare to do so in front of the Vice Sect Leader.

Vice Sect Leader Qi's tone was cold, "The first requirement for joining the sect is loyalty. This girl clearly hates our sect and yet, you let someone like her join us?"

Elder Jin was at a loss for words. He quickly said, "She's my disciple's fiance. He wasn't planning on marrying her, but when he realized she is a level one talent and saw her beauty, he changed his mind. So-"

Elder Jin continued seeing that Vice Sect Leader Qi didn't speak, "If Vice Sect Leader Qi doesn't think she's suitable to be our disciple, then she can just serve my disciple. We can't let her gain strength in Ice lake either."

"En," Vice Sect Leader Qi nodded. Even if they couldn't take her as a disciple, they couldn't allow her to get stronger in Ice Lake and empower them.

"Master, I want this Mu Xiaoyun. I want to see her on the stage. She reminds me of that girl I saw outside!" a 30-year-old man suddenly got up and said at that moment.

Hearing this, Vice Sect Leader Qi frowned, "Yuan Zhong, you're too superficial. After all these years, you've only gone from the peak of the black level to the earth level primary stage because you spent too much time thinking about women.

This man heard this and promised immediately, "Master, I'm for real this time. If I can have this woman, I promise I won't go out with other women anymore. The reason I haven't been progressing much is because of the death of that girl."

Vice Sect Leader Qi sighed, "Don't mention that thing again. I feel uneasy about it."

"Master, you worry too much. Our Taiyi is one of the big three, who would dare do anything to us? Also, it's been many years and nothing has happened. I promise, if I get that woman this time, I will give my best to cultivate!" Yuan Zhong promised.

Vice Sect Leader Qi clearly spoiled Yuan Zhong, but he just sighed, "It's better to be careful. Still, this woman-"

Elder Jin saw Vice Sect Leader Qi look over and immediately knew what was going on. This made it hard for him, but before he said anything, the young man behind him moved forward.

He saluted Vice Sect Leader Qi and said, "Vice Sect Leader Qi, Mu Xiaoyun was given to me by my master. If Martial Brother Yuan likes her, she's truly lucky. I'm willing to give this woman to Martial Brother Yuan."

"Very well, what is your name?" Yuan Zhong immediately smiled and patted his shoulder.

The young man said respectfully, "Mo Youshen greets Martial Brother Yuan, I just became a core disciple of Taiyi."

"Oh, so you're Mo Youshen! Not bad," Yuan Zhong applauded Mo Youshen.

Mo Youshen's attitude made Elder Jin breathe at ease, and even Vice Sect Leader Qi nodded. This man knew what was his and what couldn't be his.

Vice Sect Leader Qi said to Yuan Zhong, "Go! But after this, you must focus."

"Yes, Master," Yuan Zhong rejoiced and immediately jumped onto the stage.

His gliding landing immediately rallied a round of applause and cheers.

"See! That is Taiyi's Vice Sect Leader Qi's disciple, Martial Brother Yuan. He's only 30 and he's already at the earth level. He's a true genius!"

"No wonder his kung fu movements are this good!"

Yuan Zhong heard the cheers and of course saluted back to everyone joyfully. Then, he studied Mu Xiaoyun. He loved her the more he looked at her.

"Martial Sister Xiaoyun, I'm Yuan Zhong, a core disciple of Taiyi. My master is Qi Zhen, Taiyi Sect's Vice Sect Leader Qi. My master engaged you to me. Don't worry about Mo Youshen, he agreed to it. I fell in love with you at first sight! Don't worry, I will treat you well."

Mu Xiaoyun didn't seem to hear this. She picked up her sword and attacked.

With Ye Mo's speed, he arrived at the mountain quickly. However, he felt an anti-air restriction again, just like at Wu Wen Mountain. He couldn't fly.

Ye Mo sighed. He was still too weak. If he was strong, he could just ignore it. Yet now, he had to get down and walk.

Ye Mo was also sure that a long time ago, that place must have indeed been a cultivation ground. But as time went by, the spirit chi had dissipated and made cultivation regress into ancient martial arts.

The dependence on spirit chi for ancient martial arts was far lesser than for dao cultivation.

Perhaps there had been here a large sect a long time ago.

Ye Mo was very fast even without flying. Unlike in Wu Wen Mountain, there were no ground restrictions here.

Ye Mo did 15 km and got there in no time. When he was at the bottom of the mountain, his spirit sense scanned Mu Xiaoyun attacking a man with her sword. She was just at stage three, while that man was at the earth level primary stage.

Even for Ye Mo, that wouldn't have been easy when he was at stage 3 three. Mu Xiaoyun had zero fighting experience - how could she be a match for her opponent?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo sped up and darted like a whirlwind. He stepped on countless shoulders to reach the stage.

Clank- Yuan Zhong blocked the sword. However, the fire sparks made Yuan Zhong understand that Mu Xiaoyun was trying to kill him.

Such a beautiful woman, but she attacked so ferociously! This made Yuan Chong want to conquer her even more.

"Watch my sword." Yuan Zhong knew that Mu Xiaoyun could block it for sure, so he only used 80% of his chi.

But when the sword struck down, he and everyone else were dazed. Mu Xiaoyun seemed to be asking to die, she had forgotten to block the sword! Instead, she was looking away with joy and happiness.
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