Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 744

Chapter 744: Surrounded

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Looking at Vice Sect Leader Qi, everyone jumped up in excitement. Wasn't he practically flying? He was really flying! With him being able to fly over such a long distance, one could see that Vice Sect Leader Qi was very powerful. Every step of progress was very hard to make at the latter stages of ancient martial arts. And flying, or extensive gliding to be exact, could only be done at the great heaven tertiary stage.

If such a master attacked with fury, everyone could imagine what would happen to Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun.

Ye Mo just sneered. He knew this couldn't be true flying, because first of all, there were air restrictions there. Even he couldn't fly. Vice Sect Leader Qi was at most gliding a bit. He was also going from high to low, so the distance he glided ended up being a bit reasonable.

But this gliding was still even worse than Ye Mo's wind control.

Meanwhile, Qi Kai was furious. He regretted not attacking immediately and causing Yuan Chong's death. His fury was at its peak.

After gliding for a while, he landed on the stage and immediately calmed himself down. He knew this person was no ordinary person and perhaps even quite scary. Without fighting, Qi Kai already knew his opponent was no weaker than him.

Yuan Chong was unable to be brought back to life anymore, so what mattered most was how to kill this young man.

Ye Mo didn't even look at Qi Kai. Although he was strong, Ye Mo knew he wasn't the strongest guy there. For instance, he was weaker than the three masters he saw at Hang Shui.

Ye Mo thought that since he was attacking them there, there might be a round of carnage later on. He might even have to face many masters ganging up on him. He wasn't afraid of the great heaven masters ganging up on him, but he was worried about Mu Xiaoyun.

If Mu Xiaoyun wasn't there, he could slaughter all he wanted, but since Mu Xiaoyun was there, he needed to protect her which would keep him from unleashing his full power.

Ye Mo didn't know why Mu Xiaoyun was still stage three after cultivating for four years. With her talent, she should be at least stage five or even six. Although Ye Mo really wanted to send Mu Xiaoyun away right now, he knew there were a few hidden powers lurking. If he moved, they would come stop him. One of them was the one who appeared in Hang Shui.

Elder Jin saw Vice Sect Leader Qi come up himself, so he immediately stood on the side. He was worried that Ye Mo might try to suddenly run away.

When Qi Kai got on the stage, he calmed down and didn't attack immediately. He stared at Ye Mo for a long time.

"Even if Mu Xiaoyun is your woman, you could have just taken her away, why did you kill a Taiyi Sect core disciple?" Qi Kai questioned coldly.

Ye Mo looked up in shock. He thought this vice sect leader would attack him straight away, but the man had calmed down instead.

Ye Mo was seeking revenge against Taiyi, so he wasn't going to have a polite chat with Qi Kai, but he still had to explain his purpose for killing.

He suddenly raised the shield shaped jade card and crushed it to powder.

Qi Kai's face went green.

Seeing Qi Kai still just looking coldly at him, Ye Mo felt that this Vice Sect Leader Qi was quite collected. He pulled Mu Xiaoyun behind him and said coldly, "A few years ago, Yuan Chong and someone else went to the outside and almost killed a woman in Ning Hai. He made that woman lose a year of her memory too."

Hearing this, Qi Kai's face changed drastically as though he'd remembered something.

Ye Mo kept talking coldly, "That woman happened to be my wife. At that moment I swore that no matter who it was that almost killed my wife, I would annihilate him in this lifetime."

Qi Kai's face changed drastically, and he asked after a long time, "You made that necklace she had? She didn't die thanks to it."

Ye Mo sneered, "Hearing you say that much, you must be the other person that went to Ning Hai. This saves me quite some trouble. That necklace was a magic artefact I made, and if it wasn't for that, she would've long been dead indeed."

Qi Kai took a deep breath. He wasn't that scared of Ye Mo at the start but after knowing that Ye Mo made the necklace, he knew that he struck a hard enemy this time. He had been worrying about the person coming for revenge, and now he actually did.

Qi Kai was a great heaven master and the vice sect leader of a powerful sect. He knew a lot more secrets than most people. He knew that there was a way of cultivation countless times more powerful than ancient martial arts, but no one could cultivate it anymore. This person being so young yet so powerful meant that he might quite possibly be someone who cultivates that mystical cultivation method.

If he attacked someone like this, he had to make sure to kill him completely. If Ye Mo got away, the Taiyi Sect would be done for. This wasn't even about revenge anymore, it was about the survival of the Taiyi Sect.

Qi Kai knew that he might not be able to keep Ye Mo there. He was afraid that Ye Mo would get away. If all of the Taiyi masters were there and if the masters of a few more sects joined together, then they might be able to kill him.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo just wanted to find a safe place to hide Mu Xiaoyun and start his carnage.

"Xiaoyun, let's go." Ye Mo didn't want to keep staying on the stage.

"Hahaha! You underestimate us hidden sects too much if you think you can come and go as you please."

Another skinny old man landed on the stage.

"It's Kun Qian's Ling Wushui-Qianbei," someone immediately muttered quietly.

As Ye Mo looked at this old man, he immediately knew that he was much stronger than Qi Kai. This guy was the one lurking in the shadows. He couldn't see his power before but now, Ye Mo could tell that the old man was a great heaven peak master.

"I know now! The one who killed Elder Ming and Wei Wu at Hang Shui City must have been him! It was one man and one woman, both very young, who did it - it must have been them!" the fat Elder Jin suddenly yelled.

Ling Wushui heard this and looked at Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun before nodding, "That seems to have been the case. They even put the blame on Forgery Hall - you're quite the character, aren't you?"

More and more masters started appearing on the stage, and the masters of the Forgery Hall and the Gemini Sword Sect all rushed up.

Qi Youxin from the Gemini Sword Sect glared at Ye Mo wanting to eat him raw. His son had been killed and only today did he find the culprit.

Ye Mo said to Mu Xiaoyun, "Xiaoyun, I'm about to start a carnage here, so stay behind me and never leave me too far."

"En," Mu Xiaoyun nodded.

Ye Mo squeezed her hand and said, "Xiaoyun, don't worry. I was trapped in a place these last few years where I cultivated for the entire four years, so don't worry."

Then, Ye Mo suddenly yelled, "I, Ye Mo, have a feud with the Taiyi Sect. I'm here today for revenge. All irrelevant people, please move aside. When I attack, everyone who hasn't moved away will be my enemy. After the battle, I will make sure to visit your sects one by one as well."

Many people started retreating, not because they thought Ye Mo could win, but because they just had nothing to do with this.

Ling Wushui laughed and said coldly, "I want to see how you're going to visit our sects. I'm Qian Kun Sect's great elder, Ling Wushui. Don't forget to visit after you die. By they way, there's not only Qian Kun Sect here but also Taiyi and Ci Hang Jing Mosque's great heaven masters are present."

Ling Wushui's words aroused a fit of laughter. It was nothing but a pipedream to think of running away from so many masters.

Then, there was a sharp laughter, "Ye Mo, it's you indeed - I finally caught you today!"
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