Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 746

Chapter 746: Who Surrounds? Who Kills?

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Everyone took a deep breath at that moment - what power was this? Qi Youxin had also wanted to ambush Ye Mo, but he shivered at the thought now. If he had gone up just then, it would be him laying on the ground now. This fellow was too strong!

"This person has gone crazy and is killing innocent members of our hidden sects! I, Ling Wushui, in the name of the Qian Kun Sect, announce the highest killing order on Ye Mo. Every sect which helps us annihilate him will be seen as a friendly sect of ours and can get a great heaven pill." Ling Wushui was shaking with anger, but he knew he wouldn't be able to kill Ye Mo by himself.

The Taiyi Sect old man also proclaimed, "I, Len Quan, in the name of the Taiyi Sect, agree with Brother Ling. We still have countless masters coming for support as we speak, so no matter how strong this man is, he will die for sure. It is a matter of great importance for the hidden sects to hunt this man down. All those sects who leave and don't want to contribute to the hidden sects can prepare to suffer the consequences."

The Taiyi old man was resorting to threats.

"Hahaha!" A laugh of derision sounded, and an old woman flew over.

Ye Mo recognized the woman - it was Grandma Feng from Ice Lake. She glanced at Ye Mo and nodded, "I didn't think there would come a time when my sight failed me. Not only are you a high level herbal doctor but also a great heaven peak master."

"Elder Feng, your sect is also one of the hidden sects. This person is rampaging among the hidden sects, so for the survival of the hidden sects, I hope you can help us kill him. After this, I can promise Ice Lake will reach the second grade," Len Quan said.

Elder Feng looked at Len Quan in contempt, "Len, stop using wicked rhetorics to trick me. I feel disgusted. The reason why Ice Lake became a third grade sect was all because of Taiyi in the first place."

Elder Feng also looked at Ling Wushui and said, "And your Kun Qian Sect, you're all the same. Schemes and shenanigans! Ice Lake will not join this hunt, what will you do about it? Mu Xiaoyun is our Ice Lake's disciple after all, but even if she weren't - I can still leave whenever I want."

Len Quan's face looked bad, but Ling Wushui actually calmed down quickly and just looked at Elder Feng coldly.

Elder Feng then turned and said to Ye Mo, "Ye Mo, I know that you're a master, and even someone like me can't tell how strong you are, but no matter how strong you are, you can't be sure you will be able to protect Mu Xiaoyun from this many masters. She's my disciple, so if you can trust me, let me take her and then you can focus on these fellows. How about it?"

"Elder Feng, you're crossing the line!" Len Quan yelled.

But Elder Feng turned around and said, "How? Is there anything wrong in me taking away my sect's disciple? If you don't agree, fight me."

"Alright, go on then, but I don't want you to intervene in this anymore than this. Otherwise, hmph!" Ling Wushui harrumphed. He knew clearly that even with Mu Xiaoyun there, it would at most make Ye Mo a little concerned. On the other hand, if Mu Xiaoyun was killed, Elder Feng would be on Ye Mo's side instead.

Elder Feng seemed to have known it would be this way already, so she had turned to Ye Mo and was waiting for his reply.

Ye Mo frowned. It would indeed be the best decision to give Mu Xiaoyun to a master like this woman, but Ye Mo felt like the old woman wasn't simple. She wasn't just saving Mu Xiaoyun because she was an Ice Lake disciple. This was just Ye Mo's subconscious feeling though.

But if he didn't give Mu Xiaoyun to her, Mu Xiaoyun would be in a tougher situation.

"Husband, I will go with Elder Feng. After you're done here, you can come find me. And if you don't make it back... I will accompany you!" Mu Xiaoyun said.

Ye Mo sighed, "Okay, Xiaoyun, leave with Elder Feng. But don't worry, I will definitely come back to find you in Ice Lake. These people are no threat to me, so you just need to wait for me."

Ye Mo suddenly took out an aromatic pill and gave it to Elder Feng, "Elder Feng, this is a top grade medical pill which I made using many precious herbs. It can cure your wound. This is my thanks for taking care of Xiaoyun."

Elder Feng rejoiced and immediately ate it without even looking at it. The pill melted in her mouth within seconds, and she suddenly felt her wounds start to recover already.

Ye Mo was a powerful herbal doctor indeed!

"What a good pill indeed! It's already melting in my mouth and doing my wounds very good." Many-decade-old wounds were being cured right then and there. Elder Feng was overjoyed.

Ye Mo smiled, "You're caring for Xiaoyun well, so you deserve it. This pill is called the knowing will pill. Although it smells a bit bad, it's good for internal injuries. I found the herbs in Wu Wen Mountain a few years ago. It can cure any internal injury, but it will take a day if you don't use your power to digest it."

Mu Xiaoyun felt a bit strange about this. She knew that her husband had a pill called the lotus life pill that immediately removed all internal injuries.

"Xiaoyun, I've left some things with you. You need to cultivate it quickly, okay?" Ye Mo had put the jade slip of the Primordial Fortune Chant and a lot of pills in her ring already.

"En." Mu Xiaoyun regretted not cultivating properly now. If she hadn't spent all her time waiting for her husband, perhaps she would be stage five already.

Ye Mo nodded, "Hold on, I'll make one more thing for you."

Ye Mo took out some ores and some pills and with a few spins, they became a bracelet.

Ye Mo put it on her and said softly, "This bracelet means that I'm always by your side - don't take it off."

"En," Mu Xiaoyun agreed obediently.

Everyone saw Ye Mo casually create fire from nothing and make a bracelet in front of them and opened their mouth wide open in shock. Len Quan and Ling Wushui's eyes couldn't stop flickering either.

Seeing Mu Xiaoyun and Elder Feng leave, Ye Mo then turned to Len Quan and Ling Wushui, "Alright, since you guys want to die, don't blame me. I will now turn this place into a bloodbath."

Ye Mo then released his killing intent, and it almost materialized making many people shiver subconsciously.

"Wait, All Heaven Sect, leave. This thing has nothing to do with our All Heaven Sect," a voice sounded, and the All Heaven Sect disciples all left.

"Master, Ye Mo is also called Mo Ying, that friend of mine. Although I know I can't help him, I don't want our Shu Mountain Sword Sect to attack him." As another voice sounded, Ye Mo saw Liu Lei and nodded. He didn't care if the Shu Mountain Sword Sect left or not, but Liu Lei being just an inner sect member and still daring to say this meant that he was a loyal friend indeed.

Many sects actually wanted nothing more than an excuse to leave, so now that Liu Lei said this, the Shu Mountain Sword Sect's Elder immediately announced that they would be leaving as well.

Many other sects started to leave too.

Seeing more and more people leave, Len Quan roared in rage, "Kill him together, now!" Then, Ling Wushui and him both charged ahead.

Qi Kai also charged along. The remaining people under the Taiyi, Kun Qian, and Gemini Sword Sect and of the Forgery Hall all charged towards Ye Mo.

In that instant, countless projectiles, sword chi and fist chi all came hurling towards Ye Mo.
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