Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 747

Chapter 747: First Wave of Battle

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo rejoiced that he had sent Mu Xiaoyun away. If she were still there, he would only be able to choose a direction in which to keep running and go, but with Len Quan and Ling Wushui, he wouldn't even be able to run that far.

But of course Ye Mo didn't want to run. They wanted his life, so they had to pay with their own.

Ye Mo's spirit sense had gotten so strong that under his control, his flying sword could fly all over the place like there was no one there. While it did, he took out another two meter longsword and dashed into the crowd.

Many people were dazed - they didn't know where the longsword in Ye Mo's hand appeared from.

Despite Ye Mo's strong spirit sense and his cultivating-essence-filled sword swooping away all the weapons targeting him, there were still one or two that hit him.

But Ye Mo did more damage. He knew that it would be impossible to kill Len Quan and Ling Wushui in a short time, so he could only kill the rest while avoiding Ling Wushui and Len Quan.

With blood being shed and sword rays clashing, a few half step great heaven cultivator's heads were sliced off by Ye Mo's longsword and smashed into the ground.

Soon, more than 30 ancient martial artists lay dead on the ground while Ye Mo had also incurred a few wounds.

Len Quan and Ling Wushui realized that this battle wasn't going well for either side, so they immediately blocked Ye Mo, stopping his sword from ravaging all those below great heaven.

With their help, the situation soon finally stabilized. Len Quan, Ling Wushui, Qi Kai and another 16 great heaven masters surrounded Ye Mo, thus taking up all of his attention. Meanwhile, half step great heaven cultivators tried to sneak attack from the side. The earth levels had almost been slaughtered completely in that short while, so the remaining ones just retreated and sealed Ye Mo's escape route.

Ye Mo sneered. So what if they did, he still had his flying sword.

"Kill!" Len Quan roared and hacked down with his axe.

Before Ye Mo's longsword could swoop up to counter it, Ling Wushui used the perfect opportunity to pierce down his sword as well.

Ye Mo sighed. How lucky these two didn't have spirit sense. If they did, then he wouldn't be able to survive that easily. These two men's real fighting power was the same as any chi gathering stage nine cultivator's, except for them not being able to use dao magic and spirit sense.

Ye Mo also knew that compared to the random attacks from before, this level-headed and planned way of attacking meant that he would be put under even greater pressure. Qi Kai yelled, "Sect Leader Qi, Elder Jin, attack with me!"

He knew that after the first wave of attacks, Ye Mo had lost his momentum. He would lead the second wave to attack, and if the rest could understand Len Quan's intentions, there would be a third wave and a fourth wave too.

Ye Mo had gotten injured already, but those were just superficial wounds. Now however, he knew he would have to pay a bigger price. With his opponents forming this battle plan, no matter how strong his cultivation essence was, he wouldn't be able to last too long.

Thinking about this, a curved sword suddenly appeared in Ye Mo's hand, and he threw it out immediately. Meanwhile, his longsword blocked Ling Wushui's piercing attack which was the most threatening attack.

Clank- The curved sword managed to block Len Quan's axe, and Len Quan was shook. This was the second time something had appeared in Ye Mo's hands out of nowhere.

The moment Ye Mo's longsword clashed with Ling Wushui's sword, his hand shook a little. He was made to realize that this Ling Wushui's inner qi was very powerful. What shook him even more was that the curved sword he threw out was shattered by the axe. He had made that curved sword when he was bored, and it was a far cry from his flying sword, but that was still a magic artefact!

Ye Mo didn't have time to think much on it though - he knew that now was the time to focus on killing. His spirit sense swooped his flying sword along, and it sliced at the backs of many half step great heaven attackers. At the same time, he pulled his longsword back and then swung it towards Qi Kai.

Ling Wushui applauded Ye Mo's reaction speed and measures. But seeing Ye Mo pull his sword away to attack Qi Kai, he was shook. Was Ye Mo asking to die?

Thinking about this, Ling Wushui rejoiced and pierced with his sword again.

Ye Mo wasn't asking to die of course. The moment he hacked down on Qi Kai, he moved his flying sword and threw out more than ten fireballs at the same time. Although his spirit sense would deplete quickly that way, Ye Mo couldn't care about it that much anymore.

Crack- Qi Kai's sword broke, scaring him soulless. He wanted to retreat immediately, but a sword ray had already arrived at his forehead.

"So strong, this is his real power!" Qi Kai's heart trembled as his mind fell into darkness.

But Ye Mo didn't stop. He spun around and sliced out through Qi Kai's stomach towards Qi Youxin, cutting him in half at the waist.

Splurge- At the same time, Ling Wushui's sword pierced into Ye Mo's ribs.

Ye Mo didn't seem to know that he was injured, and his sword flew out of his hand.

"Argh!" howls of pain sounded, and the great heaven and half step great heaven warriors that had been forced to huddle together by the fireballs were sliced into piles of meat.

Then, Ye Mo waved his hand, and his flying sword came back into his hand. At the same time, he took a bunch of pills all at once. He didn't need to use his flying sword and longsword at the same time anymore. That tactic could only work once anyway.

The rest of the people looked at Ye Mo in shock, not believing what had just happened. In that short span of time, only 11 out of the 16 great heaven masters attacking him remained. The 20 or so half step great heavens were all dead. Ye Mo on the other hand had only paid the price of a sword cut on his rib.

"You- You-" One great heaven cultivator could no longer bear the massacre and bloody scene and ran away.

Ye Mo sneered, and a curved sword suddenly appeared in his hand again. It howled in the wind and pierced into that great heaven master's back. He still hadn't used his wind blades yet, but it wouldn't be useful to use them yet. If he used them suddenly instead, they would be a good surprise card.

That great heaven master, meanwhile, didn't die immediately. He was trembling on the ground as though in extreme fear.

Ye Mo felt fatigue. He had used too much of his spirit sense and cultivation essence. It was lucky that he had the extreme essence pill to supply his energy.

Len Quan's face was green, and there was a sliver of fear in his eyes. He saw that Ye Mo wasn't heavily injured, so he chose not to attack anymore.

"I didn't think you were this strong, but I did know that you weren't cultivating ancient martial arts."

Len Quan said this to imply that he was cultivating something stronger than ancient martial arts and tried to make everyone feel greedy for it.

Len Quan needed time to boost morale now, while Ye Mo was happy because he also needed time to rest.
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